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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby) Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes.. Ju Kyung's POV Thursday came and her nightmares hadn't set her free. By day she was mostly back to normal, she had a few moments where she was uncomfortable. She said she wasn't feeling well a few times. She thought she got sick from the restaurant he took her too but normally their food was good. The one time he takes her she gets sick? Minjun was reported to have spoken with Taehyun, after Taehyun's shipments burst into flames Taehyun was targeting his warehouses. Ju Kyung had everything replaced already. His stuff was moved to either off shore areas or different locations. He set up his warehouses to be burned down. The few that he needed to disappear anyway. Taehyun said he was going after him. He was already a few steps ahead of Taehyun. Yesterday Jay and him were on the phone talking about business when he asked how Y/n was doing. Most of the guys hadn't heard from her aside from Ju Kyung filling Jay in about her current state. Since she hasn't been answering her phone Jay got worried. He called Ju Kyung first because he assumed any time she stopped talking she was with him. He wasn't wrong clearly. After finishing their business he asked how she was. Ju Kyung didn't mention Taehyun or even that she was hurt, he just said that she was staying with him for a while. Jay knew better than to ask. "Jay, I may need your help with something soon." He said. "What's that?" "I want Y/n to go to therapy." Jay laughed, "Oh man she's gonna kill you the moment she hears that." "Be serious Jay." "I am. You know her; she'll refuse off the back. She'll cuss us out, storm off and she'll dive into work for forty eight hours before she decides to go out drinking with us again." "Look I know the pattern but convincing her alone won't help. It's not like I would be suggesting this if I didn't think she needed it." "Well unfortunately that won't be enough to convince her. I'll do what I can, I support the idea completely but we can't force her to do something she doesn't want to do." "I'm not trying to force her but just letting her go off and do this and be with the men she finds. She'll be killed if she keeps it up." Ju Kyung said. He had been thinking about it for a while now. If he could convince her he maybe able to help her stop picking violent men. She'd find some fight left in her. He still couldn't let go of the night she screamed at him while drunk. No matter how many times he said he loved her, she never said it back. She was probably scared to. He'd be lying if he said the possibility of her not loving him at all crossed his mind. He believed she did though, he hoped she did but at this point he felt just like all the other men she had been with. He'd think back to the night he killed Jooyoung and wondered if he might ever lose it with her. He kept his hands off her neck mostly for that reason. That was a trigger, if he let himself forget, if he let the feeling of a beautiful neck wrapped up in his hands remind him of her, his mind would easily lose itself and go back to that memory. His fingers would close and clamp down hard and before he knew it he would've done something he regretted. Almost every woman he's killed, he's killed by his own hands. He had no desire to strangle or even hurt Y/n but during sex and even punishments the neck was his favorite spot to get. He tried to occupy his lips there rather than his hands and that was working so far but he was bad for her. He loved her but she said it herself, she was addicted to pain and he was a sadist. He liked giving it out. If she got some help, if she could deal with the worst part of the addiction perhaps he could ease back into it. He could give her pleasure with the pain and she wouldn't relapse or panic if he went too far. Right now she was just as broken as could be. He wanted to get her into therapy to work on that. He wanted to be with her for real but being with her the way she was now he believed was too risky. At the most he could have sex with her and entertain her but even that was risky. He didn't want to bring about a habit were she used sex to deal with her emotions. The biggest thing was she didn't deal with her emotions at all. She held everything in and for someone that hadn't cried for years, she had a lot of built up tears and frustrations that she was finally letting out. She still held it in though, unless he pushed it, she didn't want to cry. She didn't even want to admit she was damaged. "If I can get her some help she'll get better. I'm afraid of waking up one day and she'll be gone forever. So help me convince her so she can get better." Ju Kyung said. "Alright man whatever you say. Hey keep your eyes open for Minjun." He warned. "I've got eyes everywhere." Y/n had been quite most of the day though. She hung around him but she didn't speak much. Her hands brushed his arms and his chest while they watched a movie but she didn't speak. When he was helping her get a dress for Jay's party, she seemed disinterested in even looking at anything. She just kind of agreed to whatever he said. Anything so she didn't have to smile. He tried giving her a smile to see if it would do anything. He pressed his forehead to hers and looked in her eyes. His hands cupped her face and he at smiled her. She simply sighed but not much else after that. She didn't even smile back. "Y/n, my sweet bunny what's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing." "Why are you so quiet today?" "It's nothing. We should go or we'll be late." She said. She walked away from him and out the door. He followed behind her and they drove to Jay's party. He gave her a mask and kissed her cheek. "I don't want to stay long." She said. "If you didn't want to go at all we could've stayed home." He said. "We should go. Jay invited us. We just don't have to stay long." "Y/n you've been quiet all day. What's going on?" He asked. She was silent for a moment, staring out the window and letting her breath fog it up. "I fell drained- of everything." She said. She often said that when she was going through a difficult time with her boyfriends. He wondered if he did something to her. She wasn't speaking to him. She was probably still worried about him going after Taehyun. It was like she was waiting for the other shoe to drop. She was waiting for him to come after her again. He leaned over her and grabbed her hands; he pinned them against the seat and looked her in the eyes. She just looked back at him, he was silent himself and he just stared her in the eyes. He leaned in slowly and caught her lips softly. He kissed her slowly and lovingly. One hand released her wrist and his hand came to the side of her neck and ran up the side of her face until he was cupping her cheek. Her hand went to his hair gently but he noticed her grip was light. He pulled away from her slowly. "I love you my sweet bunny." He said. She stared back at him then looked down. "I know." Was all she could bring herself to say. They got out of the car and walked inside the building. The room was flooded with bodies. He walked in with her on his arm, the music was loud enough to cover the room but it was easy to hear the chatter of the crowd as well. Everyone that worked for Jay was here. Any of the people that he had business deals with were in the room. Ju Kyung kept Y/n close while he looked for Jay and Chase. "Come on baby I see them over there." "Will you continue to call me baby around them?" She asked. "Do you not want me to?" He asked. "If I'm not yours then you shouldn't." He sighed and looked at her. He pulled her close and grabbed her face and kissed her. He kissed her hard in front of everyone, something he'd never do with any other pet. She didn't realize how special she was too him. His tongue grazed over hers and took over it. He ravished her lips and devoured them with everyone as his witness. "You're always going to be mine baby." He said softly. "I wish I could believe that." She said. "What do I have to do to prove it to you?" "I want to be your girl. I'll be your pet if that's what it takes. All we have to do is renegotiate." "Y/n." "Would you believe me if I said I was happy with you? I know I haven't said it back, I know you keep saying you love me and I haven't said it back but I do want you. I'm happy with you but I don't want to feel like a charity case- I want to feel like yours." She said. She moved into his arms and her hands came to his chest. She looked up into his eyes and all his could do was brush his hand across her cheek. Her eyes behind the mask were even more defined, dark pools that said she'd been scarred and broken down by everything and nearly everyone in her life but she was holding onto something. She wanted something more and she wanted him. All of him. "If I can't be all yours then what's the point of us staying like this? My need for you isn't as strong my want for you." She said. "Y/n- okay... Okay I'll make you mine. All of you belongs to me and only me." He said. She nodded. "I'm yours." she said. He nodded and leaned down to come and kiss her. "Ju Kyung you made it!" Jay said interrupting him coming down for a kiss. He looked up at Jay and let go of Y/n's face. Jay looked down and hugged Y/n. "Hey girly, I've missed you. Nice hair cut." He said. She gave him a small smile. "Thanks Jay." she said. "Alright come upstairs the both of you, it's cozier up there." He said. Ju Kyung nodded and grabbed Y/n's hand. They walked up the large steps to a separate section that sat high above the large dancefloor below. Hyun Jung, Hyukwoo and Chase were hanging around the corner table. Jay walked Ju Kyung and Y/n over to meet one of his business partners. "This is Lee Seonghwa, Seonghwa this is Y/n and Ju Kyung." He said. Seonghwa shook Ju Kyung's hand and then reached out to Y/n. Y/n went to go shake it back but Ju Kyung quickly pulled her back. She looked up at him and he shook his head at her. She wrapped her arm around him and he brought her into a hug. Jay smiled but Seonghwa looked confused. "I don't want you touching her that's all." He said. "What's been going on with you Y/n? How is work kid?" Jay asked. "It's good right now. Mr.Lee's profits have spiked up twelve percent already. He's happy about the companies services." "That's great looks like you're just as good at business deals as we are." Jay laughed. She smiled but clung onto Ju Kyung. The rest of the night went by with Jay and Ju Kyung discussing other kinds of business. Y/n happened to slip away from him when Jay pulled him away to talk to one of his men. He realized she had walked off and he looked around upset. "Where is she?" He said. "Relax Ju Kyung this place is guarded, she probably just went to the bar." "Jay every second she's out of my sight she's in danger you understand that? Help me find her." He snapped. Jay nodded seeing his worry. Taehyun shouldn't have gotten in here. Minjun shouldn't have been able to get her. Their men shouldn't have been able to touch her but if they did, he was going kill them all. Ju Kyung made his way through the crowd and he went to the bar first to look for her. He asked the bartender if they had seen her and he mentioned something about her ordering a glass of ice water. She only took a sip before she ran off. He pointed Ju Kyung in the direction she ran off to and saw the restrooms. He sighed thinking she was only in the bathroom but he didn't have eyes on her in there. He knocked on the door first but he couldn't hear anyone else call back. He pushed the door open slightly and called her name. There was no answer. He sighed, "Baby answer me or I will come in." He said. He was hoping that if she was in there it would get her to respond. She didn't. He had to be sure she wasn't in there so he pushed the door open to the ladies room and walked in. He turned the corner that blocked the sinks from his sight and heard the sink running. He called her name again trying to get her to respond when he saw why she wouldn't or rather couldn't. He saw her laying on the floor, the sink was still running. She passed out, she said she wasn't feeling well. She had been silent all day, she had eaten but he wasn't sure how much. She barely drank though she didn't have any alcohol either. He quickly came to her side and lifted her up. He slapped her cheek lightly trying to get her to wake up. She wasn't coming to. He checked her pulse, she was still breathing but she wasn't waking up. He lifted her up in his arms and took her to the door. A few women were walking in and slightly freaked when they saw him. Seeing her passed out in his arms though, they asked if he needed any help. He just wanted to get her out of there. He made it through the crowd with her in his arms. Jay found him along with Chase and they helped get the crowd to spread out. "What happened?" Chase asked. "I don't know I found her in the girls room passed out. She's still breathing." Ju Kyung said. "Are you taking her home?" Jay asked. "No I'll take her to the hospital first. I have no idea why she passed out besides she said she's been feeling sick lately." "Give us a call when you find out what's wrong with her, okay?" Chase said. Ju Kyung nodded as his car was being pulled up by the valet. Chase kissed her forehead which Ju Kyung tried to fight back the urge to snap at him. They were friends and Chase would never hurt her but any man touching her now would be a bad thing to him. Jay opened the door for Ju Kyung so he could get her into the passenger side. He closed the door but stared at her for a second. "What is it?" Jay asked. "She must not be dreaming." Ju Kyung said. "Why do you say that?" Chase asked. "Because she's usually restless in her sleep. Right now she just seems out, she doesn't even seem at peace." He said. "Focus on getting her to the hospital right now and then worry about her dreams." Chase said. Ju Kyung nodded and got into the car. He drove her to the hospital. He seemed to have left a well enough impression the last time he was there with her because the front desk specifically asked for a female nurse and doctor to attend to her. They led him back to a room for her while she laid on the bed unconscious, a nurse came over to help. "Ren?" He said once he saw the nurse. She stared at him and then bowed her head, "Ju Kyung or would you prefer I still call you Master in our private moments?" She said. He shook his head. Ren was the last pet he had before Y/n. She was a puppy, she didn't seem to be a pet at the moment. Perhaps it was because she was working but not many pets served multiple masters. If she was still willing to refer to him as Master she might not have had an owner. Ju Kyung just shook his head and she nodded and tended to Y/n. Her hand grazed Y/n's face gently and she smiled at her, "She's beautiful, is she a pet as well?" She asked. Ju Kyung nodded. "I know you don't like to talk about it outside of the club." She said. "I left the club." He said. "Really? I never expected you to leave. What will she do now with no one talk to about it? That's what helped me." She said. "Will you talk to her? I'll leave you two alone in the room but no men. I kept her away from the other pets, I kept her from almost everyone. She never really talked to the pets she stayed with me. Will you talk to her for me?" Ju Kyung asked. She looked at him surprised. "Wait you kept her from everyone? Why?" "I kept her from Hyunsu mostly but Queen and Catlynn played with her." "Catlynn was never bad I enjoyed being around her for shows and Queen was just sex craved. Hyunsu was the one I liked." "I know." He said remembering her fascination with Hyunsu and his pups. "Why was she different?" Ren asked. He leaned over to brush Y/n's bangs back. The kiss Chase laid on her forehead still bothered him. He placed his lips on her forehead in a soft kiss to erase the one Chase gave her. "I need you to wake up bunny." He whispered. "You're in love with her." Ren realized. Ju Kyung straightened up and then nodded still looking down at Y/n. Ren laughed a little. "I never thought you could fall in love. Does she love you back?" "I don't know she hasn't said it back. I think she does she just doesn't know how to say it." "It's pretty easy to say. Trust me enough assholes have said it to me without meaning it." "She doesn't know it. She's been abused by so many men- even me to an extent. I've made her cry more than she's ever wanted to. She knows I love her but all she knows is abuse, she addicted to it so she doesn't understand it. She doesn't know how to fall in love." He said. Ren sighed, "Poor girl. Look, right now we just need to take vitals. Dr.Park will be in to check up on her. I'll talk to her once she wakes. Has anything been going on with her physically?" "We were at a party and she was complaining about not feeling well. She's eaten little today. She wouldn't eat when I asked her too." "She's dehydrated too." "She was tipsy a few days ago and threw up, normally it takes a lot more for her to throw up." "Any possibility she's pregnant?" Pregnant? "No she couldn't be she said she was on the pill." Ju Kyung said. "Well if she missed a few days or even stopped taking it it's possible she did get pregnant." Ren said. There's been a lot going on and he didn't remember seeing her take it the days that she was staying with him. Did he get her pregnant? "Shit." He whispered. Ren sighed, "Look once she wakes up we'll have her take the test. We can also do a blood test but that won't come back for another few days. I'll let the doctor know and then I'll be back okay." Ju Kyung nodded. Ren turned around to leave but then turned back to look at him. "Ju Kyung this is the first time I've seen you care about someone so much. If she's changed you this much then I'm happy for you. You really love her so I'll do everything I can to help you." She said. "Thank you Ren." She nodded and walked away. Ju Kyung turned to Y/n and kissed her forehead.... Y/n's POV Your eyes started to peek open as the sound from around the room started to come into your ears. Your eyes opened up to a white ceiling and an even brighter white light. You groaned as you tried to sit up and you saw Ju Kyung come to your side. He held your shoulders as you came up, "Careful, careful, just move slowly." He said. "Ju Kyung? Where are we?" You said bringing your hand up to your head. "The hospital, you passed out in the ladies room at Jay's party." You thought for a second. You started to remember what happened. "That's right I went to the bar for some water but I only took a sip before I felt like throwing up." You explained. "Did you throw up?" "Yeah. I-I went to wash my face but the room started spinning and I passed out." Ju Kyung nodded and brushed your short hair back. You hadn't been feeling all that well the past few days. The party was going well and Ju Kyung had kept you close by his side but the moment he lost focus of you, you snuck off for water. You tried not to complain to him and you wanted to be there for Jay but you just couldn't act like yourself. Your earlier comment was the truth, you felt drained of everything. You were just done with the fear and the pain but you were too used to being hurt, that part of you missed it. You didn't want it but you felt like nothing without it. You were trying to figure out what to do with yourself. You felt some happiness hearing that he'd make you his girlfriend. The memory of that made you smile a bit. "What?" He asked. "I'm yours." You whispered. "You already knew that." He said brushing your bangs back. "Now it's really true." He looked at you softly and kissed you. "You're my entire world Y/N." He whispered to you. You smiled and nuzzled your nose up against his. He smiled at the bunny kiss you gave him. "You're so damn cute." He said. Dr.Park walked into the room to see you two close, your foreheads pressed together and smiling at each other. She smiled at you two and said, "Looks like the sleeping beauty has woken up." "Yes she has." Ju Kyung said. "Ms.Y/n how have you been feeling?" She asked. "Um, sick mostly. I've been a bit nauseous for a while." You answered. She nodded, "You were also very dehydrated when you came in, that's why you have the IV in you now. Have you been drinking water regularly?" "No not really. I just haven't felt like it." You answered. "Well it's important that you do okay. Now I'm going to need you to pee in this cup." She said. She handed you the cup but you looked at her confused. "Why?" You asked. "Pregnancy test. I just need to make sure before I go any farther." "Well I shouldn't be pregnant I'm on the p-" you stopped. You thought about it for a second. You stopped taking it once you were on your period. You didn't remember taking it the night of the dinner and you were too upset and depressed to take it the day after. The more you thought about it the more you realized you hadn't taken it for two weeks. "Oh my god." You said in realization. "You haven't been taking it have you?" Ju Kyung asked. "He's gonna kill me if I'm pregnant." You said. You were hooked up to a monitor as well probably just as a precaution but it gave away your growing panic. Then your breathing kicked out of order. Ju Kyung grabbed your face and made you look at him. "Listen, listen to me Taehyun is not going to touch you." He said. "He will, he will. He'll kill me Ju Kyung." "Y/n he's not going to touch you." "He will- - he wants to take everything from me he won't stop until I'm dead." "Y/n he's not getting to you. I'll protect you okay. I'll keep you safe. You may not even be pregnant okay. You need to breathe, just breathe for me." "I- can't." You said shaking. Dr.Park placed a hand on your back to try and calm you while Ju Kyung tired to focus on getting your breathing in order. If you were pregnant and Taehyun found out he'd kill you. He wouldn't even play with you first. He'd just be too furious that you were pregnant and want you dead. Ju Kyung had you focus on him, "I love you Y/n, he's not coming near you alright. You're safe with me. You're okay. I'm always here for you baby so please just calm down." He said. Your breathing came back in order but tears still ran down your face. He wiped them away but they were quickly replaced. Dr Park left you alone for a moment and gave you a bottle of water to drink to help you use the bathroom. After finally calming down and drinking the water you, you went to use the bathroom. She came back so she could do the test but also took a blood sample to run to the lab. Even if the test came back positive, she wanted to be extra sure. The first test would just determine her next few steps. You sat in silence on the bed with your hands on your stomach. Taehyun had tied you up and beat you. When you told him you were pregnant and that he took that baby from you, there was no sense of remorse. He was happy the baby was gone and he was happy you were suffering. You drank with Catlynn too, you were being too destructive. You curled up into a ball to hide your face. "Y/n. Baby don't worry about it okay." Ju Kyung said. "I keep screwing up no matter what I do. I forgot to take the pill after the incident with Taehyun. I don't even remember if I took it that morning. You asked me to be on it. You didn't want to baby." "My sweet bunny. I love you and you ended the contract remember so I can't get upset if you stop using the pill because the contract is over." "But I stopped while the contract was till in effect." "I'm willing to over look it." He said. "If I am pregnant what will you do?" "Take care of you, nothing changes. You're mine remember?" He said. "The baby?" "Is mine too right? I take care of what's mine, stands to reason I take care of my baby too right?" "You don't want a baby though." "It doesn't matter what I want. Ideally I'd have a kid a little later but if it's here now I'm taking care of it. My tiny bunny." He smiled. "Or a duckling." You said. He chuckled, "A duckling is cute." You gave him a small smile and he took your hand in his. He laced his fingers with yours and cupped your cheek. He kissed your lips and said, "I love you." "I love you too." You whispered. You took in a deep breath and your eyes opened. You said it. You actually said it! Ju Kyung stared at you registering it too. His eyes were wide and yours were watering. You stared back at him and swallowed. You weren't shaking, you were calm. You were just amazed it came off your lips. As was he, the hand on your cheek then pulled you down to crash your lips onto his. He kissed you deeply and so hard, it was amazing. You pulled away though, "Ew Ju Kyung I threw up earlier tonight." He laughed, "Say it again." "I threw up earlier tonight?" He laughed, "Not that, say you love me again." He smiled. You swallowed cautiously and said, "I love you." "You're such a good girl." He said petting your head. You melted into his hand when he petted you. Dr. Park came in sometime later and Ju Kyung was kissing your neck and whispering to you while your hands were resting on your stomach. You sat up when you saw her come in. She smiled seeing what you and Ju Kyung had been doing. She then focused on you. "How are you feeling now Ms.Y/n." She asked. "Nervous." You said. She gave you a little smile, "The test came back positive." You took in a deep breath, "I had alcohol, not a lot but I drank." "We'll keep an eye on it or rather Dr.Lee will. She's an excellent doctor. As far as the throwing up and fainting I'd say it's typical pregnancy symptoms but you need to start eating right and drinking more water. Take care of yourself Ms.Y/n and your baby will be healthy too." You turned to Ju Kyung, "We slept together the day after I got drunk right?" "Yeah in the bathtub I think." "Maybe that's when it happened. We didn't sleep together that Thursday either so everything I did the day after I shouldn't have been pregnant. Which is a relief because I was stupid drunk." You said. Ju Kyung kissed the side of your head. "I'll keep an eye on you." He said. You smiled at him. "The medication I gave you I want you to take once a day from now on and only half of what I prescribed. The baby shouldn't have been effected but I want to be safe and take the dosage down." Dr.Park said. You nodded. "Ms.Y/n- I don't want to pry but if there's something or someone in your life threatening you and your baby I strongly encourage you to get some help and you too dad. Keep her stress low for both their sakes." She said. Ju Kyung nodded. She told you to start taking prenatal vitamins and then allowed you to leave. She gave Ju Kyung Dr. Lee's office number and he took you home. Ju Kyung was mostly silent the way back to his place. The moment he got you in the house though he attacked you. He started to pull off your dress and then he tossed his jacket to the couch. He kissed you hard while he pulled off his shirt, the buttons popped off in his haste to get to you and he pulled you close to get to your neck. The feeling of his tongue made you moan deeply. He picked you up and walked you up the stairs. "Ju Kyung." You moaned breathlessly. "Do you want to be my pet tonight?" He said once he got to his bedroom door. He pressed you to the door and kissed your lips in little pecks but you wanted his lips to stay there "Yes." You whispered. "Hello Velvet." He said. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his waist. "Hello Master." You said. "I love you my sweet bunny." He smiled. "I love you too Master." "You're amazing." He smiled. He opened the door while kissing you and kicked it closed. He walked you to the bed and gently laid you down. "Take off your panties." He said. "Yes Master." You nodded. You slipped off your panties and he slid down to his knees. He took off his tie and said, "Give me your hands." You pulled your hands down and he tied your wrists together. He looked you in the eyes, "You like that?" "Yes Master." You said turned on. He smiled and said, "What's your safe word bunny?" "Cotton." "You know to say it if you want me to stop." "I won't want you to stop Master." He grinned at that and grabbed your legs to yank you down the bed. His tongue found your heat and licked up your folds. You moaned lightly feeling his warm tongue get to you. His thumbs spread your folds and licked you up and with each lick you moaned more. "Bunny you're so wet." He said. You bit your bottom lip, bringing your hands down to his head. His tongue toyed around your rim making you squirm. He kissed your clit softly and playfully then came up over you. He slipped two fingers inside you and kissed you while he moved them. You moaned in his mouth while his thumb rubbed your clit and he fingered you. "Ah! Master." You moaned coming off his lips. "I want to get my bunny some toys. What should I get you my sweet little pet? Maybe a tail for your little ass? Maybe nipple clamps? Perhaps you'd like me to get a toy that vibrates in you and on your little clit." He teased. "Master I'm gonna cum." You whined. "Don't cum Velvet. Just listen to my voice." He said. His voice was going to make you cum too. You tightened around his finger and he laughed, "Every time I tell you not to cum you get so tight baby." He said. You grabbed onto the pillow and bit your lip trying your best not to cum just yet. He was building you up so quickly. He came back down to kiss your clit and the light sensation of his lips against your sensitive nub had you ready to burst. He was teasing you and making you squirm. Your hips wiggled with each light kiss he gave until you had to beg for him. "Please!" You squealed. "Please what baby? What do you want Velvet?" You were out breath and panting hard but your voice came out needy and in haste. You spoke quickly while your hands came down to his head. "Please please. Lick me, use your tongue. Please let me cum." He smiled at you and licked up your clit and you threw your head back in satisfaction with a pleased groan. Your legs pulled up and open you up more to him. His finger curled inside of you making you scream. Your hands pushed his head down on your clit. "Oh my god yes! Ju Kyung, fuck!" You screamed shaking. "Don't you fucking cum Velvet." "I'm gonna die." You said looking down at him. He smiled and kissed your clit again, making you whine. He pulled away from you and pulled his fingers out of you. He stood up and started to undo his pants. "Keep touching yourself, just don't cum." He said. You brought your tied hands down to your heat and your fingers pushed inside yourself shallowly. You could feel yourself tighten more trying not to come but you wanted your fingers deep. He dropped his pants making you take in a shaky breath. His erection stood up thick and beautiful, ready to destroy your body. The longer you stared the closer to getting off you were. "Like what you see baby?" He said. "Yes Master." He was rubbing himself while he watched you toy with your rim. His eyes were dark watching you, he was so intense. His chest seemed tight and tense and your tongue wanted to float across it. You wanted to lick his dick. You licked your lips already anticipating his large rod in your mouth. "Looks like you want a taste, don't you Bunny?" He said watching you. His voice was deep and husky, so fucking sexy. Your heat was aching for him, your mouth was hungry for him. You nodded at his question and he smiled. He swatted your fingers away from your core and pushed his fingers in you to collect your juices. You inhaled sharply but moaned loudly. He pulled his fingers out and pushed them in your mouth. "Lick it up baby." He said. Your tongue went to work licking his fingers and wrapping around them, tasting yourself completely. He pulled them out of your mouth and dipped them back into you making scream. "Master I love you." You said. It came out unintentionally but it was just as true as the first time you said it. You didn't completely understand it. The way you felt about him was real though, you didn't want anything happening to him. You didn't want him to leave you, you wanted to stay by his side always. "I love you too my sweet bunny." "Don't leave me." You begged. "I wouldn't dare." You were panting and struggling to keep your eyes open but the sheer pleasure was soaring through your body. "You still want a taste my little pet?" "Yes Master. Please let me lick you. I want you in my mouth." You quickly said. He hummed nicely at the way you begged for him. You were so needy. He helped you up so you could switch to all fours and once your mouth was in front of him you opened it to take him in. His hand came to the back of your head and he started to thrust into your mouth. Your head moved up and down with him making you gag as you came down on him. Your tongue moved up and down along his shaft and your slurps gave him more of a reason to moan. He fucked your throat faster getting those sounds to come out more. So lewd and wet, he was cursing but loving every inch you took into your mouth. Your cheeks hollowing to suck on him harder. Then him popping out of your mouth so you could lick him up, your tongue swirled around his tip and you kissed the head before he cursed and shoved himself down your throat again. "My fucking little bunny. You're so dirty." He said before reaching over to slap your butt. You stayed down on him not moving but your tongue wiggling under him. "Shit!" He cursed. He pulled out of your mouth and kissed you hard and wildly. He then made you turn around so he could find your entrance again. He immediately started fucking you in the doggy style. He moved hard and rough but it felt so good the way he rubbed your insides. He was ravishing your body, working it out, destroying it but loving it. Every taste of him was more delicious than the next. Each thrust was more powerful rocking the bed and having the head board slam against the wall. "Master. Master!" You moaned loudly. "Fuck yes. I love you bunny." "Ah! I wanna cum. Let me cum please!" You begged. "No baby, wait longer." "Ah!" You whined. He pulled out of you and flipped you onto your back. He pulled at the tie to release your hands and he pulled you down a little, wrapping his arms around your legs. Your hands quickly came up to wrap around his neck and he started pushing into you. He still fucked you hard and you loved it. He kissed your neck and his heavy breaths stirred you more. You got tighter wanting to come, so close to cumming but he didn't give you permission yet. He was torturing your body and you weren't able to handle it. "Please, I'm gonna burst, let me cum." You plead while trying to breathe. "You're so fucking tight baby. You're gonna rip it off me." He chuckled in your mouth. "Master please! I need to come." You cried. "Scratch me Bunny. Scratch my back and fucking cum on me. Cum so fucking hard." He said. His hips moved powerfully and your nails dug into his back scratching at him. Your body was closing into its release and the more your breathing sped up the faster he went. "Ahhh! Ohhh. Myyyyy. Gooooodddddd. Master! Fuck!" You came hard and screamed as you did. Your finger nails scratched down his back and your legs gripped around his body. He was still riding into you but you came so powerfully he soon found his release. "Fuck!" he groaned. His moans were heavy but he continued riding into you and he kissed you trying to ride down the highs. It took a while, your body was still sensitive and trying to come down. His hands teased your nipples while he kissed you and his breath was so hot. "Marry me." He said breathless against your lips. "What?" You said not believing what you heard. He was still riding into your body and kissing your neck. He pinned your wrists down and continued fucking you like there was more to come. He repeated himself, "Marry me. Stay with me forever bunny." "Ju Kyung." "Y/n, stay with me. Be mine forever. Be my wife baby. Marry me." He said. He said this while still fucking you which had you more amazed because you believed he was serious. "What about Taehyun?" You asked. "Taehyun is being dealt with," He finally slowed down. He sat up but he still moved in you just slowly. His finger went to play with your belly button while he talked, "Marry me and you'll be mine forever. You and the baby, you're both mine and no one will ever hurt you. I'll cut his hands off, I'll make him suffer, I'll kill him if he touches either of you. I want you in my life forever Y/n. I want you to be my wife, not my pet." He said. He leaned down to kiss you softly having finally ridden down his high completely but he stayed connected with you. You cupped his cheeks and said, "I like being your pet." "You'll always be my bunny, you can stay my pet but I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" "Yes." You whispered. Even if it was a whisper he heard you and smiled big. He kissed you softly, lovingly and deeply. He kissed your neck and came down to your stomach. "I love your mother so much. She's going to be my wife and you're going to be my baby. We'll be a family and no one in this world will ever lay a finger on you." He said. "Ju Kyung it's a fetus it doesn't even have ears yet. I don't think it hears you." You said. He kissed your stomach and crawled back up to you while he said, "But you hear me," He kissed you. "No one will ever hurt you. No one is touching my babies." He said. "I love you." You said softly. He smiled making you even more relaxed. "I'll never get tired of hearing that." he said. He kissed your chest and wrapped his arms around you. You soon fell asleep... "How could you have his baby? You're a slut! A fucking slut!" Taehyun pushed you down and wrapped his hands around your neck. Your hands started to fight and scratch at his face as you tried to scream. "Get off!" You yelled. He grabbed your hands and slapped your face. He tied your hands down but you struggled and kicked. He was siting too high for you to knee him in the dick. He tied your hands up to a railing, you didn't even know how it got there but you continued to fight and struggle. He slapped you in the face again, "You stupid fucking bitch!" He screamed in your face. "Fuck you!" You screamed back with tears stinging your eyes. "You're not having his baby." He growled in anger. He grabbed a knife and you started to scream. "No, no, no! Stop it!" He covered your mouth with his hand and he grazed the knife over your stomach. "Don't worry you'll die together. Then I'll send Ju Kyung right after, one happily dead fucking family." He said. He pulled back his hand and then rammed it into your stomach... "NO!" You screamed jumping up. Your hand was in front of you and you were throwing the blankets off of you. "Help me!" You cried. You were shaking and crying hard. You heard rapid footsteps coming to the door and then it swung open. Ju Kyung immediately came to you and wrapped you in his arms. "Shhhh. Calm down its okay I'm right here." "The- baby. He - - he's gonna take- my baby. I can't do this-." "Shush shush. Y/n baby look at me he's not here. It's just me and you, you're fine. The baby is fine. It was dream, none of it's real." You were still crying hard to the point it was hard to talk. You were rocking back and forth he pulled you into his arms you cried into his chest, "He's gonna take it from me he's gonna take the baby. He'll kill me." "Y/n listen to me, Taehyun is being taken care of. He's not going to touch you or the baby. I have eyes everywhere baby he's not getting close to you again." "I don't want him near me. He can't find out about the baby." You said. "He won't touch you or the baby." "Ju Kyung listen to me." "I am baby." His said cupping your face. He kissed you softly, he pushed his forehead head against yours, "Taehyun will find a way. He will. He's already upset at me he's gonna come back to me; he's going to kill me and the baby. He's going to take everything from me." You said shaking. "Y/n what did I promise you and the baby last night. What did I tell you?" "No one will ever hurt us." You said sniffing. "I need you to trust me. I protect what's mine, I'm not letting him take either of you away from me. Do you understand me? He's not touching you." He said. You nodded and he sighed and brought you into his chest. You started to calm down slowly. "You need to eat." He said softly. "I'm not hungry." You mumbled. "You've got a little one inside you dependant on you eating well Y/n. Please come downstairs and eat." He said. You sighed and nodded. He helped you stand up and smiled at you. You stood up on your toes and kissed him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held him tight and close to you. "I love you." You said in a tiny voice. He kissed your neck and you could feel the smile on his lips. One hand was wrapped around the small of your back and his other hand came to the back of your head to cradle it. "I love you too baby. I love you so damn much." He said into your shoulder. You pulled away from him slowly and he dipped down to kiss your stomach. "I love you too my precious baby." He said. You smiled small and he took you downstairs. You noticed the watch on his wrist and smiled, "You're actually wearing that watch." "I've been wearing it since you gave it to me I'm surprised you just now noticed. Then again a lot has been going on." He said. You got to the top of the stairs and he lifted you up in his arms and you wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled at him. "What are you doing?" You said. "Carrying my sweet little bunny downstairs." He said. He walked down the stairs with you in his arms and he set you down on the ground. "There's someone I want you to talk to. She was supposed to talk to you last night but she had other patients to check up on and wasn't able to." Ju Kyung said. "Who?" "She was an old pet of mine. Her name is Ren, here's her number. Please call her sometime. I kept you away from all the other pets Ren was the best one and she's willing to speak with you." He said. "About what?" "Anything you want. One thing that remains the same is that I don't want anyone knowing I've had pets Y/n and it's even more important that people don't know you were a pet. I love you and if you're going to be with me I have to change enough of my habits to be good to you. She can tell you about me, how I've been to past pets." You looked at the card he gave you. "Are you hoping she'll convince me to stop being with you?" You asked. He shook his head. He walked over to cup your face and he kissed you softly. "She can tell you what it was like for her. She's seen the worst sides of me. I don't want you leaving me Y/n," He dipped low and wrapped his arms just below your butt. He lifted you and you held onto his shoulders. He sat you on top of the island and said, "I want to be with you for the rest of my life but I want you to know how bad I've been, how bad I've gotten. There maybe days I go back to that and I'll seem like an entirely different person. I promise you I'm not the Devil but I'm no where near angelic either. As a pet, she can help you understand those sides of me better than I could. You can talk to her and to Catlynn about these things. In exchange I won't punish you anymore." He said. "I liked the flogger and the crop." You said with a small smile. "I'll use them for special occasions." He said. You leaned down to kiss him. The sound of the front door opened up and Ju Kyung stopped the kiss and you looked back. He had his hands on your waist ready to pull you down but it was an older woman that walked in. "Mother?" Ju Kyung said. "You'd sound less surprised if you'd come by and see me more." She smiled as she walked over. He chuckled and helped you down before he walked over to give her a hug. "Hello my sweet little Duck." She said. Is that where he go that from? "Who's the cute little lady?" She said looking at you. Ju Kyung looked back and sighed, "Um, this is Y/n. She's my um- fiance." "What? You're getting married and this is the first time I'm meeting her. Geeze some son of mine," she playfully scolded. She patted his cheek and walked over to you. You tried to be cordial enough and smiled. She gave you a hug and said, "Congratulations my dear. I bet Yoo will be happy to have a sister." "Yoo? That's your brother right?" You said to Ju Kyung. He nodded. "Where did you get that watch?" She asked. "It was a birthday gift from Y/n." "That's really expensive now. It looks just like your father's." She smiled. "Yeah it does. How's dad?" "Good, good. Anyway I came here to see if you'd come visit us some time. We haven't seen you in a while we miss you." She said. "I'll come by and visit you guys of course. I've just had a lot of work lately and things have gotten a little crazy." "Well now that your engaged let us throw you an engagement party. She can get to know the family. Would you like that dear?" She said looking at you. "Um mom I don't want to over stimulate her right now." He said. You looked up at him wondering why he was being so defensive. "It won't be a big party sweet little Y/n you should see the house he bought us. He paid it off and got us a new car. His brother got us a pool in the backyard. They've been so loving and generous to us with their money but we miss their company more." she played the guilt trip well. "I don't mind going." You said to Ju Kyung. "Are you sure?" He said bringing you close. You nodded. "Okay. Hurry up and go eat, you need to eat." He said. He kissed your forehead and you smiled. "Well I'll take you out for breakfast okay. I'll tell your father to come along he can meet her too. He'll adore her." His mother said. "Mom isn't that a bit much?" He said. "Don't be silly it's not like you have any food made right now, look at her having to eat an apple. Come on we'll take her out to eat. Y/n go get dressed it'll be fun." She said. You nodded and headed upstairs but he caught your arm and said, "Hey, are you sure you'll be alright?" "Yeah, I've got you right. I'm yours." You said. He nodded and pulled you down a little so he could speak against your lips. "You're all mine." He smiled before he kissed you. You headed upstairs to get something appropriate on. You were running out of clothes and you hadn't been home for a week. You came downstairs and Ju Kyung welcomed you in his arms and you and his mother walked side by side headed for the door. When Ju Kyung opened the door though, Chase was standing there. "Chase?" Ju Kyung said confused. You moved up to see, "Cha cha, what are you doing here?" "Oh thank god you're here Y/n." He said relieved. He quickly hugged you and you hugged him back. The way he hugged you felt like a security hug, it had you even more confused. You saw the look Ju Kyung had on. He knew Chase would never hurt you but men touching you in general bugged him. You pulled away from Chase to get him back in the safety zone and said, "Cha cha what's going on what are you doing here?" You asked. "Me and Jay went to stop by Y/n's place to see how she was doing but the place was completely burned down." "What?" You said shocked. "The police are everywhere, Jay stayed behind to see if you were in it. I came here to see if you were with Ju Kyung." Chase said. "I'm gonna kill them." he mumbled. "Oh my god." You started breathing heavy. Ju Kyung quickly grabbed you, "No, no. Don't do this to me okay. I need you to stay calm." "It was him wasn't it, you know it Ju Kyung. He's gonna-" "He is not touching you. He's just trying to scare you, he's trying to scare me. He's not going to get to you babe, okay? Come here." He said bringing you into a hug. You held onto him trying not to cry but you couldn't help it. "Mom she's needs to eat, can you take her to eat." "No, no don't leave me." You begged. "I have to deal with him." "He'll hurt you." you cried. "Listen to me Y/n, you trust me don't you?" You nodded crying. "You remember what I said. No one is hurting my babies okay. Not you, not the little one inside you. I need you to focus on getting something to eat, okay? Eat and get your strength up okay and I will be back to get you." "No don't go." "I have eyes everywhere baby. My men are always watching you. You're both safe. If I don't go now he will keep trying to get to you." He said. "Ju Kyung he'll- push you to do something bad please don't go." You said. He kissed your forehead, then he kissed you. You tried to hold onto him but he was going to go anyway. "Eat. You should obey me remember?" You nodded. "Good girl." He whispered. He petted the back of your head and kissed your stomach. "I'll be back for you both. Mom please make sure she eats." Ju Kyung said. His mother was watching the intense ordeal just like Chase was. All this was new information to them, as far as the baby being on board. Chase and Ju Kyung's mother both probably wanted to know who was after you and who you were afraid of. Chase had never seen you so scared before but where Taehyun was involved and where this baby was involved you were terrified. His mother just nodded at the request. "Make sure you keep her calm she needs as little stress as possible. I will be back Y/n I promise you. Chase tell Jay to come me meet outside of the west corridor." Ju Kyung said. "Wait your going West? Ju Kyung." "Don't argue you with me Chase please. He could take everything away from me and it wouldn't matter but she is the one thing I can't lose. Tell Jay to meet me at the West corridor." Ju Kyung said. He walked out and you and his mother followed behind. She led you to the car and you watched him stalk off towards his car furious. All you wanted to do was scream for him to come back...

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