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-Got7 JB and Mark
hello everyone its been awhile since I've posted a Fanfic on here hasn't it. well this oneshot was requested by @namjoonxme and here it is.
also it's for the house of disquietude thingy so I hope it's good and also thank you to my dear Diana for editing it for me. alright hope you all enjoy.
Part 1 JB walked the trodden path he was familiar with. It was still the early hours of the morning, and he only had a little bit of time to spend before they would begin to search for him, but this was the only time he could find to visit…Mark.
Finally reaching the top of the hill, where a single stone marker was laid, he placed the flowers he had brought upon the ground in front of the tombstone and then laid down beside it on the soft grass. “I’m sorry I haven’t visited you as often these days. I haven’t forgotten about you, but you know my father, it’s difficult to get away from him…” he sighed.
As he laid down beside the stone, he recalled the fateful events that led up to the death of his beloved. It started a year ago… - Centuries ago, when there was still a ruling class that decided people’s fates with arranged marriages and looked down upon the peasants, a beautiful and tragic love story became the talk of legends. The young prince, the heir to the throne, fell into a forbidden love with not just a peasant, but a man. the sound of a moans forcefully escaping A loud grunt following behind. the smell of musk and perfume mix in the air and The rays of the moon streamed down to bathe the lovers in its soft light. Bodies moved in rhythm, soft moans and the slap of skin on skin breaking the silence of the woods around them. It had only been 6 months since that fateful day when Crown Prince Im Jaebum laid eyes on the hardworking peasant, Mark Tuan, but it felt like an eternity. They fell easily into the dangerous game of love – but they did it without hesitation. Regardless of the risks, they still met secretly with midnight rendezvous, away from the disapproving and damning eyes of their friends and families. Despite the political implications, the moral sin they were committing, they still fell in love and gave into it. Their love was brilliant and beautiful, but heartbreaking and short-lived, for these things cannot be hidden forever. But they took chances they risk it all even though they knew they’d lose it all. But they took the chance on their forbidden love knowing that the moment it was discovered they'd lose everything. their love, their friends, their family, their home and their happiness. But that the thing about love you risk it all just to be happy, just for that given moment that the thing about love until it's over... and that how their love story ends... "NO!" JB cried out.
Mark fell to his knees, gripping his abdomen in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding from the sword that had just gone through his body. JB rushed to his lover, cupping his hands on Mark’s cheeks, not caring who was watching, “Mark, look at me…please,” he begged. Looking up into JB’s eyes, Mark tried to smile for his prince, for his best friend…for his lover. JB wanted to shake Mark and ask him why he was so determined to focus on JB. He never worried about himself, only JB. Why did this have to happen? Was it so wrong to just be happy and in love? Were they both so naïve to believe that this could last? A forbidden love between the crown prince and a peasant, let alone a man?”
Mark wanted to reach out and wrap his arms around JB, to tell his beloved that he had long ago prepared for such a fate. He had always known, by daring to want happiness with the crown prince, that he would be killed someday. It lasted longer than he thought it would, but had been shorter than he wanted it to be. Mark was finding it difficult to focus on JB’s face before him as the bleeding continued. JB brushed back Mark’s hair from his pale, sweaty face, “Please…don’t leave me.” Mark wanted to tell JB that he loved him and to give last confessions of love, but he would not do so in the company of his killers. Instead, he said the only thing that could be said, “I’m sorry
“Move!” a gruff voice said and suddenly JB was yanked away from Mark and thrown to two other waiting men, who easily held him prisoner between them. He tried to escape, but they were too strong. He shouted and begged for them to be merciful, and when that didn’t work he tried to use his power as the crown prince to order them to grant mercy. But power is a fickle friend, and these men did not heed his commands.
The gruff man, one of the king’s personal guards, looked at Mark as if he were vermin that needed to be crushed. Mark was familiar with these looks of repulsion and so he knew how to react: he smirked up at the man. “You disgust me,” the guard said. Mark chuckled painfully, blood leaking out of the sides of his mouth as he stared at the guard, unafraid. The man got angry and kicked Mark, knocking him down to the ground like a rag doll.
JB shouted desperately as he watched the love of his life being beaten so harshly, “PLEASE! Stop! Andwae! Please no stop!” he cried. The guards finally released him and he rushed forward to the lifeless body on the ground. His knees fell into pools of thick, red blood – the blood of his beloved. He wrapped his arms around Mark’s body, not caring if he became drenched in the blood, only caring for his lover. “Wake up…please, wake up…” he begged, his chest tightening as the reality of the situation began to set in. “You can’t leave me, you promised. I need you, please wake up,” he buried his head in the neck of the body in his arms, “I can’t live without you, please Mark, wake up…” he wanted this nightmare to end. JB buries his face into mark neck as he cried desperately in pain while his hands were covered in red. “I love you…so much” Suddenly, a hand fell to his shoulder and he looked up at his father’s disappointed stare. JB’s blood boiled in anger to see the man who ordered his lover’s execution. “Let him go,” the king ordered. “Andwae.” “I said let go of that thing NOW!” “I won’t let him go!” JB suddenly went flying from the king backhanding him. He didn’t mean to let go, but as his hands went up to his face, the guards picked up Mark’s body and dragged it out of the courtyard. JB stood up and tried to stop them from leaving, “Please, please…I’ll do anything you want but please…I beg of you father…” The king softened at his son’s pleas and nodded to the guards. They dropped Mark’s body on the cold stone and JB rushed rushed over, holding Mark in his arms. He rocked back and forth, silently hoping to hear a heartbeat.
-6 month later-
The servant stood at the entrance into the gardens and cupped his hands together, “Young master?!” he cried, hoping to hear a response. “Have you found him yet?” “No my lord, but I will keep looking,” he replied with a bow. “Where is he this time? Honestly, he hasn’t been the same since that…thing happened,” the queen huffed.
“Please my lady, you must rest. I will ensure that all of the servants are busy locating the prince. After all, it would not look good if he were to miss another arranged meeting for his future wife.”
“We trust you will soon find him,” the queen agreed and left with the king to reenter the palace. “Of course, my liege,” Mr. Wang bowed and began the search once again. - JB, hiding in the lower levels of the castle, paid no heed to the calls of the servants, and continued to hide. He hated his father for many reasons, but forcing JB to attend arranged parties to find a wife, especially so soon after Mark’s death, was despicable. His father had become more strict since finding out about Mark and JB’s relationship and the castle was now smothering him.
- The sound of movement alerted him to a person nearby and he put out the candle quickly, casting the room in darkness, “Relax, it’s me.” “Jackson,” he acknowledged, walking over to his friend.
“You should clean up in here, it’s getting messy.”
JB chuckled and walked back towards the desk where he had been seated and relit the candle. He sat down again and continued looked down at his book.
Jackson cleared his throat and JB sighed, “Yes?”
“I have been sent to find you. Your parents are demanding your presence.”
“Then tell them you can’t find me.”
“They will eventually catch on, I can only lie so much.”
Silence fell between them until JB sighed again, “Fine.”
He shut the book, got up, and left, leaving Jackson to blow out the candle – after all, although he was a friend, Jackson was still a servant.
Jackson watched JB walk away and wished that there was something he could do to help his prince, but he would not be consoled. These days, he would slouch and drag his feet wherever he was ordered to go. His smiles were empty and lifeless without the spark of love and life in them. Jackson had known about Mark and JB’s relationship, but had been sworn to secrecy. He sighed and turned back to the desk. However, in a very uncoordinated fashion, he tripped and ran into the desk. Luckily he caught the candle in time, but the book which had been on the desk fell to the ground, opened upside down to expose the pages. Jackson didn’t want to get in trouble, so he set down the candle and picked up the book. Unable to help himself, his eyes scanned the open page. It was a journal, the writing clearly belonging to JB. …' want you to find me and save me.' The book shut awkwardly, and he realized that there was a silver ring in the front part of the book. Upon closer inspection, he found that it was engraved with words: “…and I’ll die without you…” Jackson whispered out loud.
He wondered where the other ring was, the one that matched the phrase, but was unable to find it in the room. - JB watched the sun rise and closed his eyes, “…I miss you.” Arms suddenly wrapped around his shoulders. Familiar, warm, strong arms that belonged to only one person, “Where have you been?” the voice whispered in his ear. “I couldn’t leave. I am always watched.” “Mhmm,” lips lightly grazed his neck. “Seriously, I’m not lying,” JB insisted. “…I miss you Jaebumie,” the soft words echoed in JB’s ear. “I miss you too,” his breath hitched at his confession. He felt Mark’s arms embrace him tightly and then they disappeared again, and JB was alone. He opened his eyes, tears falling freely down his face, “I’m not alive without you,” he kissed the silvery ring in his hands, and placed it on the tombstone. THE END
al rightly then hope you liked comment below tell me what you think and if you wish to be added to my taglist let me know on the comment section thank you.

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