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Ok so these are just some romance dramas I feel may get overlooked, Underrated (even if the stars are high on dramafever), and under appreciated on my opinion. I really don't hear people talk about these dramas but these are dramas I have thoroughly enjoyed and would give each a rating between 8/10 some higher. lol

It was honestly a great drama if you manage to get past the first two episodes and I'm glad I have a three episode rule before I quit a drama otherwise I would have missed this gem of a drama..
seriously a really good and entertaining drama. a little on the older side
definitely this one had me laughing so much. i
seriously this drama was a 9.5 for me and I'm getting ready to rewatching. it was a great remake of the Taiwanese drama.
I've watched this drama three times. it's pretty lengthy but it is so well done and the stories so believable, realistic, and relateable. solid 9/10. it is slow in some parts but like I said it was enjoyable to watch and I could relate to all the characters and I loved the family dynamics.
Really I just noticed I have a thing for age gap romances....but this one had a little intrigue and mystery to it ad really held my attention each episode
An older drama but still offers so much. really enjoyable, and again another with an age gap romance but the chemistry was smoking hot.
this drama Is a 10 for me. This drama was so great and had me on the edge of my bed sometimes and touched a lot of emotions. it definitely will not leave you disappointed. The whole doppelganger thing always intrigues me.
a solid 8/10 and the bromance in this one was my favorite relationship but the development if each character, story, plot, sub plots, and the love interests was really well done.
this one I linger between 7.5 and 8/10. I'm not quite sure why I can't pick which score to give it but it is a good drama that was entertaining. Rain was of course fabulous and Krystal was impressive I did feel that it was la king some thing, it fell kind of flat for me and I still haven't figured out why, I may have to watch it again to figure out why.
Be forewarn this drama will leave you in tears. Still one of my favorites. This is where I fell in love with Yoo ah In. It has something for everyone trust me.
this movie will slaughter all your feels. a definite 9 for me.
another old drama that gets overlooked. It is definitely a great plot, and the development of the story goes at a steady and believable pace. the characters all develop and grow and the small side stories link with the bigger plot and the story will have your emotions close to the surface.
Don't be fooled there is a love story in this drama at first nit recognize able but soon you feel your heart yearning. this drama is adorable, cute, charming and funny. A solid 8.
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Moorim School was my first K Drama. It's so good and Hongbin's acting was just amazing! I wanna watch it again someday but I'm trying to focus on new ones now.
that Drama really made me look at Hongbin with new eyes, he really is a good actor. i feel how you feel, id watch it again but i have so many others on my list to start first
I love I Can Hear Your Voice it is one of my favorite dramas I have seen it 3 times
I think another one that is Underrated is Marriage Not Dating. I don't hear up it much but it has good ratings. It's my favorite romance drama and it's so good!
okay Randomly this reappeared on my timeline(cuz i clipped it) i started Fools Love yet had been avoided going to ep 3 because it wasnt catching me as much as the others i recently started. thank goodness i decided to click this reappearance. now ive been given hope about it. gonna give it another try! thank you for this. i should probably have an ep 3 rule 😊
I have watched some of these such as Pure Love, Pretty Man and Fool's Love, they were all great. I will have to check out the others on this list.
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