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After the match up game I created a story with a couple that was matched up. Its a little late for Valentines, but better then never.
So winning couple was Chen and Dahyun!

Dahyun couldn't be happier that she was getting to spend the day with her boyfriend. With their comeback coming up it was hard to see each other, but with enough effort Chen had set time aside and Dahyun made sure she could sneak away from the girls to see him. It was close to midnight the day before Valentines day Chen met up with Dahyun at a restaurant close to her dorm. Dahyun was fidgeting in her seat excited to see him. When he approached she stood up and slipped her arms around him making him chuckle. "Did you miss me sweetheart?" Chen asked as he looked down at her. "Its been so long" she whined looking cute. "Not that long, I saw you last week" Chen said as they both sat down  "that's too long" Dahyun whined cutely. "How is your comeback going?" Chen asked nicely. "Good. The teaser pictures are slowly coming out" Dahyun said. "And today we did a Valentines special. We each did about 15 seconds doing a confession scene to our fans" she told him which made him smile. "Have you been practicing for that?" Chen teased. "I did better then my confession to you" she giggled. "Oh really? Show me what you did" he insisted. After a little prodding Dahyun finally gave in. She pulled a box of chocolates out of a paper bag next to her and proceeded to open it and show off the chocolates as she confessed she liked him. A blush appeared on his cheeks which made her giggle. "These are for you" she said handing the box of chocolates to him, after putting the lid back on. "Thank you baby" he said shyly as he took the boxes of chocolate. "I feel like your confessing all over again" he admitted which made her giggle. "Did you boys do anything for valentines day?" Dahyun asked. Chen shrugged. "Did a shout out to our fans, that was about it" he sighed. Dahyun and Chen fell into the motions of talking about their day as they sat there and had their meal together. It was like old habit now to eat slowly and talk more so they could catch up and spend time together. By desert Dahyun was full and didn't want to order anything, but chen was insisting. "How about the chocolate mouse, or maybe the mochi? You like both of those" Chen suggested. "I really shouldn't" Dahyun said even as she was looking at the desert menu and dreaming of eating everything listed. "Your mouth is watering looking at the pictures Dubu" he said using her nicname. "I can't help it. It all looks so yummy" Dahyun announced doing a cute little aegyo act which made chen shake his head even as he smiled at her cuteness. "I'll order for you then" chen said. Dahyun put the menu down pouting, but she nodded her head letting him know he could. Chen ordered the mochi and the server left to go get it. "You are too hard to say no to" dahyun told him. "Dubu, you would have said yes to desert if I waited long enough" Chen told her which made her chuckle. When the server came back with their order on the plate was three mochi balls and dangling off one of the toothpicks was something sparkley. Dahyun zeroed in on it and reached out for it. "Happy Valentines Dahyun" Chen said as she stared at a necklace with a star dangling on it. "But but" she stuttered looking at him which made him smirk. "I couldn't resist getting you something sparkling" Chen told her as he took the necklace out of her hands. She wanted to snatch it back and proclaim it was hers and she loved but chen was standing up and moving around her. Shifting her hair to the side he put the necklace on for her and laid a feather like kiss in her neck and whispered her name into her ear. "I love it Chen, thank you" she said touching the little star.