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Morning Fam^^
So this is my first piece for the House of Disquietude and I hope you all enjoy it! It's pretty intense... LOL. My bad XD

(A/N): (TRIGGER WARNING: There is violence and slight language in the piece! Wanted to give a heads up!)

Inspired by Suzy's 'Yes, No, Maybe'. Enjoyy XD
Joy was supposed to be a bright personality. One that everyone loved. However, in her past, there is something she keeps hidden - something her members don't even know about. It is rather dark, and as much as she would not like to admit it, she isn't bothered by what happened, and matter of fact...she rather enjoyed it.

2 Years Earlie

Joy had just finished a performance and the thing she wanted to do was to see her boyfriend of a few years. She loved him dearly, even though he has not been the greatest. She only hoped that he loved her as much as she did to him as she was still unsure about what she really meant to him.

Joy climbed the steps to her apartment humming along to their newest song. She grabbed her keys out of her purse and swiftly opened her door, shutting it softly behind her.

"Honey?" She called out into the dark apartment, taking off her heels. She hung up her jacket and set her purse at the table, wondering where he was. "Ahh, come on Sungjae...you know I don't like these types of games." She whispered, getting slightly scared from the eerie vibe she was feeling. She searched in the bedroom and saw no visible signs that he was home. 

However, just as she was about to leave the tiny room, she heard a small laugh coming from the bathroom. She glanced over and noticed that the light was on. Joy walked over quietly to the door, wanting to hear if her suspicions were right.

"Ah, not there!" The unknown voice squealed, laughing right after. "You know I am ticklish Sungjae~" 

"You love it. Don't deny it," His voice echoed, haunting Joy's ears. "Just keep it down a bit or the neighbors will hear us, okay?" He asked sweetly. 

"What. Afraid of your little 'girlfriend' finding out?" She made sure to emphasize the word, trying to sound angry. 

"You know it isn't like that. You are the one I like, Chorong. It's just... I need to find the right time to tell her. You know how she can be..."

"Bitchy? Crazy? Over possessive?" 

"Well, let's just say that it is going to be hard is all," He somewhat agreed. "But enough but her, okay? Let's just enjoy this time for now!" He said and right after giggling rang in Joy's ears once more. Joy was beyond pissed. Her hands were curled up into fists, trying her best to not go in there and beat the sense out of both of them at that very moment.

Instead, she dragged her feet over to the bed and sat there, wondering what to make of all this. She had caught them together before but after freaking out that time, Sungjae said he would cut off ties with Chorong. But it looks like it was the exact opposite.

Joy wasn't even crying. She just stared blankly at the door, weighing her options. And after hearing that annoying high-pitched laugh one more time, something in her...snapped. 
It was at this point, Joy got up from her bed, and went to the kitchen. Almost in a lifeless state, she searched through the kitchen drawers until she found what caught her eye.

She grabbed it by the handle and caressed it gently with her other hand, being careful not to cut herself. She then gently shut the drawer and turned back to the bedroom. 

Step by step, she neared what she thought was the love of her life and the cheater. She stood in front of the door, waiting for when she felt the time was right. And that laugh set her off once more, making her head twitch. And that was it.

Joy kicked the door open and the two lovebirds froze. They were scared and startled by her sudden appearance. But that didn't matter to her. She only had one goal in mind. Revenge.

She stepped over to the tub and grabbed Chorong by her hair. She started screaming as Sungjae tried to calm Joy down. After getting her out of the tub, Joy threw her on the ground, Chorong's head hitting the ground hard. 

"CHORONG!" Sungjae yelled, getting up to reach for the unconcious girl. But Joy was a lot faster than he was. She snapped over and put the weapon against his throat, keeping him quiet as he fell back into the tub.

"So, I see that it wasn't a one time thing, was it Sungjae?" Joy spat, showing her disgust. Sungjae started to shake.

"J-Joy, calm down. W-We can talk this ov-"

"Talk it over? You really want to talk? Now? " She repeated, not showing any signs of letting him go. She stared him down, enjoying his frightful state. 

"P-Put the knife down, Joy." He tried to calm her but she was far from gone. 

"Like hell. And let you get away? Nice try, Sungjae. But you don't get a third chance. You already tried my patience and this is how you thank me?  I guess, once a cheater always a cheater," She spat, wanting to say what she wanted to. She then tightened the grip and nicked his neck in the process. At this point he was crying and Joy felt a sudden level of excitement from hearing his pain. The same pain he had caused her this last year. Joy started to smile a little bit, leaning down to kiss his forehead gently before getting up and heading over to the unconscious Chorong. 

With no hesitation, Joy lifted the knife and plunged it into her bare chest, making Chorong gasp. She started to wake up and her eyes filled with fear at the sight before her. Joy gently lifted the knife from her chest and went over to her stomach and did it once more. 

Sungjae was too in shock to help or even move as he watched it all happen. Again. And again. It happened at least 5 times before she started to go over the top. 

After the 12th time, Joy heaved heavily, feeling the adrenaline and excitement from killing a person for the first time. But Chorong was not the stressor. Sungjae was.

Joy quickly turned over to him and quickly did the same. All that could be heard were his screams and the sound of the weapon penetrating his skin. 

She went insane as his voice slowly died out and she continued, the tears finally starting to pour out. Too many times to count, Joy finally came to a stop and dropped the knife into the tub. 

As if regaining some of her sense, she became scared at the sight in front of her and started to shake uncontrollably. Her hands went to her head and she screamed, holding onto her head to help her calm down.

After a minute, she stopped, starting to feel numb once again. She slowly rose to her feet, and stepped over Chorong to get to the sink. She turned the faucet on, and let the blood run from her hands into the drain. She watched it go down, rubbing her hands to get the spots that weren't as easy to get off. She glanced in the mirror and saw that there was blood on her clothes and face as well. 

To hide the evidence, she rinsed her face in the water as well and changed clothes, leaving the tainted ones over the girl. With no remorse for Sungjae, Joy left him in the tub, glancing at him one last time before turning to walk out of the room. 

She closed the door behind her and left her apartment with a weight lifted off her shoulders. She felt lighter, smiling as she left to stay in a hotel. Despite everything that had happened, she should have been sad but she wasn't. No. Instead she was rather...

This is what happens when you watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds O.O
Welp... hope it wasn't too bad! *escapes before you all kill me* LOL

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Oh shit!!!! She done snapped!!!!
I actually really like this.. hmm
I'm so T R I G G E R E D...is this in a collection of yours? It didn't even get to any action...this damn update smh
Yeah it is in my oneshot collection but since I was invited into the House of Disquietude expect some more angst here soon! *laughs evilly* 😂😂😉