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Gunhee recorded some crazy guy changing in the beauty salon, and the guy complains too much. Jun director has been working with me for 10 years. She's like a mommy to me. This time, ChangJung-ee hyung is suddenly doing it too. I hate wearing T's on top of jackets ㅡㅡ The scene of me smiling happily after they gave me different clothes was unable to overcome the 14 seconds limit of Instagram and was cut. (7 hours ago) If Ryeowook has Hyungsik, Donghae has Minhyuk. With <The Heirs> ChanYoung-ee. After doing some deals with Kim EunSook noona, I did a cameo for . Check on on how I became close with EunSook noona and why I recorded (the drama). Please also watch a lot. It's very funny. Let's hit 90% viewing rate when I appear on it. (7 hours ago)