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Que tal peeps!

Awe! I had to post this as I'm getting ready for work! Yasss this ish about to be hot! Honestly anything with Namjoon aka RM will be hot asf. I'm not a Wale fan but he will bring that American Hip-hop flavor and I know that he's not a sell out rapper like most American rappers.

Wale tweeted that he was on his way to Korean. Shit.....Wale pick me up...come through in the way lol! Anyhow we know Bighit is not sloppy like SM and accepts diversity I'm that is with happen with wiz K and Tae... (ya know who she is) will not happen.

Video update below!


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It's going to be lit asf!
OMG I LOVE WALE!! This will be lit!!!!