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To start this off I got this idea from looking at some other things on YouTube. I had found some funny ones and decided, hey why not?


Starting out as friends


Yoongi had texted you wanting to see what you were doing and it had surprised you. You had been sure that he and the others would be busy getting ready for their upcoming comeback. He'd asked you to come to the studio for something and it was confusing you.

You got dressed quickly and hurriedly left your apartment so that you wouldn't take long getting to the studio. You made sure your mask covering your face and that your hat was covering all of your hair out of caution. People looked at you as you walked by hurriedly, ignoring them as best as you could.

You stopped at the convenience store on your way and picked up something that would be quick and easy for him to eat. You ignored the people and the store and quickly paid for the food and drinks before heading to Big Hit. The doorman looked at you and smiled in greeting having seen you here so many times before.

You nodded to him before heading up to the studio where Yoongi normally was. As you walked you took off your mask smiling at others as you walked by. People chuckled knowing what you were doing here and why. A sigh escaped you as you stopped outside the studio and blinked hearing voices inside.

“What time is Y/N-noona going to be here?” You heard Jungkook whine.

A chuckle was heard in the room as you opened the door and looked at the group. Namjoon looked up at you and smiled slightly, his dimples deepening as he did. The others followed his gaze as you held up the bag of food in your hand. A soft laugh escaped you as moved the bag away from V who tried to grab it.

“You're all going to get some, just slow down.” you chuckle as you take a seat next to Yoongi easily.

Your friend turned and laid down on the floor his head resting in your lap. You smiled down at him, running your fingers through his black hair as you looked back up at the others. Namjoon had a look in his eye that confused you. You blinked at him as Jin smiled widely at you and Yoongi, commenting softly to one of the other members. You shrugged and looked down at your best friend as he slowly dozed off in your lap under your ministrations to his hair. A soft laugh escaped you as you eased your hand out of his hair, noticing that he grumbled when you did so.

“Eat first Yoongi-oppa.” you told him softly. “Then you can sleep.”

The rest of your time at the studio was spent with Yoongi sleeping in your lap and the others teasing you. You glared at them with flushed cheeks before looking down at your sleeping friend. A gentle smile curled your lips as you watched the black haired male sleep in your lap.


When you got jealous


You frowned, your hands curled into fists at your sides as you watched the girl hang off of Yoongi. You ground your teeth as you bit back the need to snarl at the girl hanging off of your best friend. A heavy hand landed on your shoulder making you look up at the oldest member of the group. He had a frown gracing his lips as he looked at the pair before he looked down at you.

“Don't think anything of it Y/N-ah. He probably doesn't even realize that she's interested in him.” Jin commented.

You frowned as you spoke to the older male quietly.

“She's everything every Korean mother wants for their son, not some outsider from America.” you sneered shaking your head.

Jin sighed softly ruffling your hair gently and smiled at you. You blinked up at the older male, turning away from the sight of your friend and the girl hanging on him. You brushed your hair, which was loose for once, out of your face as you walked over to Jimin, ignoring the stare on your back. You swallowed the bitter feeling in your mouth as you talked to the male that you were the same age of and smiled at him happily.

“I hope you know what you're doing Y/N-ah.” Jin sighed to himself.


Asking you out


It was getting late when you got the text. You frowned as you tugged your jacket tighter around your slim frame, waiting for the male who had inadvertently hurt you four days prior. You'd been ignoring him since the incident, and it hurt you to do it but you know that you would forgive him for hurting you though he didn't know he had. You sighed, shivering as the wind cut through your jacket. You regretted not putting on your heavier sweatpants, rather coming out in your pajamas shorts and shirt with the jacket.

You looked up when you heard your name being called, a frown curling your lips as you did so. Yoongi was rushing over to you, an almost haunted look in his eyes. You blinked and frowned when you are the dark circles under his eyes when he was close enough. He stopped in front of you where you stood, a foot away from you, looking almost afraid to approach you. Your heart clenched painfully, knowing that it was because of your actions that he was like this.

“Y/N-ah.” he whispered, his voice basically nonexistent.

You looked at him quietly, a frown on your lips as you watched him heave for breath. You rubbed your hands over your arms, watching him as you shivered. His eyes locked onto yours and noticed you shivering. His eyes widened as he took in what you were wearing before he ushered you into your apartment building. You shivered as the heat of the building hit your skin and turned to face your friend who was staring at you with wide eyes.

“What is it Yoongi-oppa?” You asked, your voice almost cold.

He looked at you a frown curling his lips as he did so. He seemed to hesitate which confused you. You friends and reached out to touch his arm in concern. He sighed softly, crossing his arms as he looked at you quietly. Things between you were quiet as you watched him obviously put his mind in order.

“Oppa?” You asked softly, looking at him.

“I'm just going to spit it out.” Yoongi told you, his mouth set in a firm line. “Go out with me Y/N.”

Your eyes widened as you looked at your best friend, a hand coming up to cover your mouth at your shock. Yoongi was staring at you intensely as he waited for an answer. You watched as your silence seemed to make his shoulders hunch before you snapped out of it.

“Ne, Oppa.” you said looking at him gently, a tiny smile curling your lips.

He looked at you with wide eyes as you smiled at him gently. A soft laugh escaped you as he wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, lifting you into his arms. You rested your forehead on his, taking comfort from having him close.

“Jeongmal gamsahamnida.” Yoongi whispered, his voice catching in his throat.

You smiled and closed your eyes taking in his smell and sighed softly. You were just happy that things between you weren't bitter or uncomfortable.


On a Date


Jin smiled as he finished curling the last of your hair, his eyes bright. Jimin chuckled from his place sitting on your bed looking between you two. Next to him Jungkook rolled over onto his stomach as he looked at you with bright eyes.

“Noona do you know where you and Hyung will be going?” Jungkook asked, as he pushed himself up into a sitting position.

You shook your head as Jin stepped back and looked at you with a wide smile. You turned to look in the mirror and your eyes widened in shock. The curls that Jin had made were pinned up artfully with a few falling around your face to frame it. You bit your pink painted power lip as you stood up, a tiny smile curling your lips. You smoothed out the skirt of the blue dress you wore and slid on your necklace and ring.

Jin held out the white jacket that you grabbed and slid it on over the halter top dress you wore. When you turned to face the boys on the room you saw Jungkook’s eyes widen in shock.

You smiled at the boys, a little nervous as you smoothed out your skirt. You noticed your hands were sweaty which made you bite the inside of your lower lip. You grabbed a towel and wiped off your hands sighing shakily. All of you jumped when the doorbell to your apartment rang and you turned around.

You went to the door and let out a shaky sigh as you opened it. You blinked and bit your lip at the sight Yoongi made dressed nicely. He had on a white dress shirt, a pair of black slacks and black dress shoes. You blinked as he looked you up and down with wide eyes before he handed you a bouquet of flowers. You blinked as you took them and smiled widely at him before stepping aside.

“Come in so I can put these in water.” you spoke as you headed toward your kitchen.

You quickly put the flowers in a vase with water and headed toward the living room where the boys were talking quietly among themselves. You smiled at them as you took Yoongi's arm and leaned into his side.

“She is not to be out later than 11 Yoongi.” Jin said sternly.

You giggled softly as Yoongi nodded before leading you outside. Things were quiet between the two of you as you walked to wherever Yoongi was taking you for dinner. You blinked when a little while later you found yourselves outside of a restaurant that you knew you wouldn't be able to afford normally.

The both of you entered, Yoongi giving his name to the Maitre D’ who didn't even blink at the two of you. You looked at your date, a slight frown curling your lips. You noticed that Yoongi was wiping his hands on his pants making you smile as you were lead to your table.

The date was longer than you had expected, having lasted three hours. You talked about anything and everything that came to mind while the two of you sat there. You noticed that you had blushed a few times because of some things he had said but you'd brushed it off in the end. It was when you two were getting up to leave when you heard a squeal.

“Look it's Suga!” you heard someone say excitedly.

Yoongi and you looked at each other before your date grabbed your hand and hurried you out of the restaurant. You laughed loudly as the two of you ran away from the crowd of fans and back to your apartment. It was when you two stopped outside that you started to breath heavily. You giggled softly as you tried to breath.

A hand on your shoulder made you look at your date had a tentative look on his face. You frowned and opened your mouth to ask him what was wrong before he leaned forward and kissed you gently. You felt your eyes widen and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck. You smiled against his lips before pulling back.

“Good night Oppa.” you said mischievous before hurrying back into your apartment.

You left him behind and entered your place quickly, placing your face in your hands to calm your heated cheeks. You lifted your face and looked around noticing that the boys had left and headed back to your room. You sighed shakily before throwing yourself onto your bed. You looked at your phone when it vibrated and smiled at the message from Yoongi.

Good night Y/N-ah, I hope that you had a great time tonight.


When he got jealous


Yoongi frown as he watched you interact with the guys. You had a bright smile on your lips as you laughed at something that one of the other members said. Namjoon placed his hand on Yoongi's shoulder and looked down at the other male.

“There's nothing going on Yoongi.” Namjoon told him honestly.

“I just wish she would be this open with me.” Yoongi sighed looking at you as you blushed at something Jungkook said.

A frown curled his lips as he shook his head. He swallowed the bitter feeling in his mouth. He nodded as he looked at his leader and let out a shaky sigh. He looked at you again, a tiny smile curling his lips as he watched you joke around with the guys and looked on quietly, fondly.


Why you broke up


Tears rolled down your cheeks as you laid in your bed, the message from Yoongi on your phone flashing through your mind. You'd been out with your cousin a few days ago, and many people knew that you were together with Yoongi. When reporters saw you with your cousin many speculated that you were cheating on Yoongi with your cousin.

You hadn't seen your cousin since touch moved to Korea and had been excited to see him. You'd forgotten to tell Yoongi about him coming to visit and he'd seen the pictures of you with your cousin. He'd texted you immediately, telling you that you were done and didn't even try and listen to your side of the story.

A soft sob escaped your throat as you curled into a ball in your bed. A hand carved through your hair making you jump and look up through tear filled eyes. You looked at Jin with pitiful eyes as he pulled you into his arms. You rested your head on his shoulder and cried loudly, letting it out.

“Shh, Y/N-ah.” Jin whispered looking over at Jimin and Jungkook.

The pair had sad eyes as they looked at you crying into Jin’s shoulder and frowned looking to each other. Jungkook looked pissed, which surprised Jimin but not really. Jungkook had always been protective of you, especially because you were dating Yoongi. He knew the problem a civilian could face dating an idol. The last thing your heard before you passed out was Jungkook yelling into a phone.


When he won you back


You laid in bed with your head in Jungkook’s lap, a blank look on your face. You were curled up in a ball, facing the wall next to your bed. The maknae was carding a hand through your hair which made you calm yourself. A soft forlorn sigh escaped you as you heard your door open.

Turning you blinked at the sight of Yoongi who stood in your door. He took in the way your face was puffed up and red, with tear tracks in your cheeks, a broken look in your eyes. His eyes widened as he hurried over to your bed, dropping to his knees at your side.

“Y/N-ah.” he whispered, an almost unbelieving sound to his voice.

You start at him blankly, not reacting and he frowned. He reached out to touch and Jungkook slapped his hand away from your face.

“You've done enough Hyung.” Jungkook growled.

Yoongi frowned at the younger male as he looked at him before looking back at you. You frowned slightly in confusion as you looked at Yoongi and blinked. He reached out and laid a hand on your cheek, his eyes soft and warm.

“I'm sorry for any hurt I might have caused you, Y/N. I'll prove it to you.” he said before he left your apartment.

For the next few weeks you were wooed by Yoongi once more. You came home from work to find flowers waiting for you with cheesy messages and even chocolate sometimes. It was when you got home one day and found a simple note on the door stating that your present was inside on the table. When you went in a soft gasp escaped you at the sight of the silver bracelet in the box on the table.

With shaking hands you took the bracelet and slipped it onto your wrist, marveling at the way it reflected in the light. A tiny smile curled your lips as you looked at it before a note caught your attention.


I know I messed up, but I hope that you can forgive me. I have a hard time getting close to people and when I got close to you, even dated you a scandal broke out about you not even a month later. I know I should have talked to you about it but I was worried that you wanted to break it off with me, so I did the unforgivable. I broke it off before you could and broke your heart before you could break mine. Everyday I wake up and wonder what might have happened if I hadn't reacted the way I did. Then I remember I could have avoided it if I had just talked to you. I don't really have much more to say than I'm so sorry Y/N-ah. Thank you for being with me while you were. If you want to get back with me, just let me know through one of the guys I'm sure you don't want to talk to me in person.


Tears welled up in your eyes as you read his message and clenched a fist in the fabric of your shirt. You bit your lower lip and looked down at your phone and slowly picked it up before texting Jin. You told him to tell Yoongi that you would gladly go back to him. He'd definitely won you back after everything he'd done the last few weeks. You smiled as a few tears trickled down your cheeks and looked at your bracelet. Bringing it up to your mouth you kissed it before going into your room.

Hurriedly changing into street clothes and throwing on a jacket, you ran out of your apartment and toward Big Hit. When you got there the man at rhetoric entrance looked at you shocked as you hurried inside. You made it up to where BTS usually met up and stopped outside. Looking inside you noticed Jin opening his phone before shoving it in Yoongi’s face. Yoongi's eyes widened in shock as he looked at it before he rushed to the door where you were. The door opened and you looked up at Yoongi, hair a mess and still wearing your heels from work. You threw your arms around his neck, taking a deeper breath as his hands locked around your hips.

“Y/N-ah.” he whispered in your ear. “Thank you.”

You smiled and nuzzled into his neck happily, closing you eyes as you basked in his warmth. You tighten your arms as you relaxed in his hold, hearing the others cheer in happiness. A soft laugh escaped you both as you two looked at the others, matching smiled on your lips.

This is happiness then? You thought as you listened to the others as you stood there Yoongi's side happily.

Authors note: This is just the starting point of the chapters. if you wish to be tagged in the next one please tell me in the comments!

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thank you lol. Jungkook’s chapter is next I'm in the middle of writing it now