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If you do not like sexual topics you do not have to read this. (19+)

I popped the cake batter in the oven and got ready for when my fiancee gets back from his music video set. It was their last day for filming and I wanted to congratulate him by baking him a cake. I am also planning on doing something special for him. He said the filming will be off around 5 so I have enough time to prepare for his gift. After the cake was done I had about 20 minutes before he got home. I got changed into my special lingerie set that I had prepared for him. I am gonna tease him later on when he gets home.
"Welcome home honey!!" I jumped on him.
"Hey, the filming went really well, they said."
"That's good, how are you feeling now?"
"Just a bit tired."
"Hold on..." I stopped him and ran to grab the cake.
"Congratulations Yoongi." I held the cake to him.
"Thanks (y/n) I can't wait to eat it." We both sat down at the table together. I cut two small peices and gave one to me and one to him. I took a small bite and winced.
"This tastes really bland, I think it needs some more sugar, don't you?"
"Yeah, me too." He smirked.
"Hey, can you give me some Suga?" I looked at him with lust filled eyes.
"Yeah, follow me, i'll lead you to the sweet Suga." He grabbed my hand and we ended up in our bedroom. He threw me on the bed leaving the door open. He kissed me roughly while trying to take my shirt off, but he was having a little trouble. I helped him take my shirt off along with my pants. He was surprised at what was under my clothes. It was black lacey and thin. It revealed most of my skin, covering my important parts.
"Fuck babygirl, you know this is my favorite."
"That's why I wore it."
"So you planned this?"
"Yup." He kissed me softly and touched the thin fabric of my lingerie. Yoongi always loved to tease me and have me squirming underneath him while he pleased me. He was an alpha whenever it came to romantic intercourse or just playing around.
"Now baby, you know that if you want something you gotta ask."
"Can I have some of your sweet sugar?" I asked seductively while licking my bottom lip.
"Go ahead baby, have a sugar rush." He stood up and sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for me to please him. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his knees. I grabbed the waistband of his black boxers and pulled them down as well. His package stood tall in front of my eyes.
"(y/n), I want you to make me cum." He moaned as I stroked his length. I continued to pump his shaft as I kept hearing him moan. I then put my mouth around his package enclosing my mouth around him. His quiet breathing grew faster as I licked his sensitive areas and his tip. His moaning escalated as I hummed from the back of my throat, sending small vibrations all over him. I felt his warm liquid seep slowly into my mouth, I let go of him and let him drip all over my tongue. I continued to pump him as his stream kept flowing. His load was always more than enough for me when he came to his peak. His liquid oozed all over his shaft covering my hand as well. I let go and licked my hands that had his cum on it.
"Why do you have to be so sexy?" He asked dominating me and pinning me to the bed.
"I can't wait to fuck you so hard baby." He whispered, which made grow moist down there.
"Why do you have to wait, just do it now." I smirked while stroking his cheek.
"I gotta please you first." He kissed my neck, and sucked on it.
"Babe, your gonna leave a bruise." I breathed out.
"I know. I want everyone to know your my babygirl."
"I think everyone knows already..." I pointed to the ring on my finger, remembering when he proposed to me.
"They better after this." He bit softly creating marks all over my neck and chest. He didn't stop the love bites until he reached my lower region. He kissed the fabric covering my heat then started to pull it off, leaving the stockings on.
"Fuck baby." He licked his lips staring at my glistening folds. He kissed my clit, and I already wanted to clamp my legs shut. I looked at him and we made eye contact, before he started to lick me. We were still staring at each other until I bent my head back from the pleasure. My breathing grew louder and moans overtook me. My fingernails dug into the matress gripping and pulling at the sheets. His tongue moved faster twirling and flicking at my sensitive parts. He used his fingers to spread the lips and dig his tongue deeper into me. My hands moved to his head pressing his face on my heat, while grinding my hips upward. I wasn't able to control my actions anymore as his tongue was working miracles on my body.
"Fuck Yoongi." I yelled out. He moved his tongue more, wanting my swears to get louder. I know that whenever I swear it turns him on. My mouth only opened now from when I swear or moan, and that made Yoongi hard and ready for me. I pulled him up and kissed his lips, tasting myself. But really I was planning on dominating him, he likes it sometimes when I dominate him and take control, but other times he would get angry and punish me. I was willing to take the risk of getting punished just to get him underneath me.
"You want it now baby?" I nodded and flipped our positions so I was now on top of him.
"I want it so bad Yoongi." I lined myself on him and pushed him inside of me.
"Your gonna get punished later on baby." He breathed out then groaned in pleasure. I stopped to let myself adjust.His hands went to my hips waiting for me to start moving. When I felt comfortable I started to move my move my hips in a circular motion.His nail dug into my hips, leaving red marks. I started to moan, trying to tease him. I was moaning louder then usualy to get him to punish me already. But he let me ride him, until I got tired. My movements got slower and sloppier, so it was now Yoongi's turn to punish me. He flipped me over and got up to get something. He came back with the usual items, handcuffs a blindfold and a flog. I shivered remembering the last time he used these items. He crawled on top of me and cuffed my wrists.
"You better remember who's in control here babygirl." He ran the strips of the flog against my stomach. He whipped my inner thigh, and I moaned at the quick pain.
"I know you like this babygirl." I felt myself getting wetter as he said 'babygirl'.
"You turn me on when you call me babygirl." I said wanting to touch him, but the handcuffs stopped me from doing so. The strips of leather reached my lady part, he whipped it and I found the pleasure in the pain.
"Turn around baby." I obeyed and flipped over so I was on my stomach. The second I settled down he smacked my ass with the flog. I could tell by the morning my body would be covered in bruises and red marks, maybe some scars. He whipped one ass cheek with the flog then the other. He finally crawled on top of my body put on the blindfold, then inserted his length without warning. He pushed into me, giving me no time to adjust to his girth. I moaned as his pace was fast to start with, he only got faster. He smacked my ass with every moan and curse that left my mouth.
"Fuck babygirl, keep going." My toes curled and my moans only got louder. My body squirmed at the pleasure that was rising in the pit of my stomach. He pulled me up into a doggy style position while thrusting into me at a fast pace. He pulled my hair as he smacked my ass several times. His low groans got louder and and his pace slowed down. We were both reaching our climax.
"Cum all over me baby." I obeyed and let my juices flow. I felt relieved as I let go of everything I was holding back. My moans turned him on, bringing him closer to his edge. Not long after Yoongi let his seed spill in me, filling the empty harder to reach places. He pulled out and rest next to my tired body. I was still breathing heavily as I turned to face him.
"You were a good girl tonight, maybe I'll give you something tomorrow to reward you?"
"I'll be good for you Yoongi."
"You better babygirl."

This was my last entry for my BTS smut series, if you have any requests i'll gladly take them.

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okay this was really well written but i laughed my ass off at the "go ahead baby. have a suga rush"