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The SNS world was filled with idol birthday celebrations, while others had a surprisingly slow day. Read it all in today’s Twitter Roundup. SHINee’s Key posted a selca on his Instagram on October 15, writing “Everything looks bad in the morning, except ma Versace. V.” Key also shared a photo of Jonghyun via Instagram on October 15, writing “Hotel roommate is Taemin. Flightmate is always Jong.” Teen Top’s Niel tweeted a photo on October 14, writing “Woo~! I’m still alive~~~.” Meanwhile, Ricky could’ve used a friend, as he tweeted the above selca and message, “Bored ㅜ.” B.A.P’s Himchan simply kept cool, posting the above photo on October 15. 2PM’s Jun.K shared a photo of his pup on October 14, writing “Audrey got groomed. A round sun has risen ㅎㅎ.” Taecyeon took to promoting his Okcat products on October 14 with a photo and the message, “When it comes to airport fashion, the Okcat cushion is the way to go ~ You don’t have to ask the flight attendant for another pillow ~ (Promo tweet ㅋㅋㅋ).” 2NE1’s CL shared a photo via Instagram on October 14, writing “I love all ma crazy GZBz.” She also posted a photo of herself getting playful with Sandara Park. Super Junior’s Yesung wished member Donghae a happy birthday on October 15 with the above photo and message, “Yesung shared a photo with Donghae via Instagram, writing "Kkomaengah, happy birthday. Let′s take a laidback selca like this on your birthday in 2015." Donghae posted a photo of himself celebrating with Kangin and Ryeowook, writing The birthday chicken Kangin hyung bought me^^. Thank you hyung ㅎㅎ.” B.A.P’s Zelo, who also celebrated his birthday today, tweeted the above photo with the message, “Zelo, let’s stop growing.” B1A4’s Baro said “Ah.” See what we mean below.(check the video from the link ) :D