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Hi hi it's Axis again. This weeks we are sharing Some really awesome fan art for each Member. The ones I found of Dongwoon I think are really amazing. Please enjoy guys and don't forget to comment and like. We are posting all this for you.
I love cats and seeing this made my heart melt. Plus they did a really good job on this piece.
People are so talented. I want to swim in those pools.
Awwwwwwww so cute.
Honestly I am scared of bees but WOONIE is the cutest bee I've ever seen. Also that giraffe is adorable.
Wow. Those eyes.
His lips and nose are amazing.
Yeah he partied hard.
I love it.
Bad Girl
He looks tired.
I think this is one of ma favorites
Oooooo this one wow
I would run too. I hate bugs.
Beautiful fan art! ❤
The kitty one is so cute!!!!
i still love your opening gifs