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*Warning! Smut ahead. Dont get caught and Enjoy!*

“I want to make you an offer.” Hailey giggled and sat down on the side of my bed. “Oh no.” I groaned. “Not another one of your offers.” “Come on, Evie.” She made a face. “Just say yes.” “I’m not saying yes until you tell me what the offer involves.” I put my book down on the mattress and raised an eyebrow at her. “It’s nothing big.” “Hailey, just tell me.” “So,”she paused. “Josh just called me and asked me on a date.” “Okay?” I responded, trying not to feel sorry for myself. “And well it’s Saturday night and I feel like I should go out.” “Way to make me feel like a loser.” I rolled my eyes at her. “Oops,”She giggled again. “Sorry, Evie.” “Uh huh. So what do you want?” “I’m meant to work tonight...” She began and I groaned. “Do you want me to go meet up with Josh and tell him to wait?” “No,” She bit her lower lip and gave me a winning smile. “I want you to go to work for me.” “No way. There is no way.” “Please?”She grabbed my hands. “I’d love you forever.” “No, Hailey.” I pushed her hands away and jumped off of the bed. “There is no way that I’m going to work for you tonight. No way.” I stared at Hailey and I felt all nervous just thinking about her job. “It’s a bachelor party.” She jumped up and walked towards me, her blue eyes shining. “There’ll be two other girls.” “No.” “You won’t even have to do much.” She gave me her pouty face. “Just some flirting.” “Yeah right.” “Maybe a lap dance or two.” She shrugged. “That’s it.” “A lap dance or two, hell no.” “Please, Evie. I really need this date. Plus Starr and Crystal are cool. They won’t try and pressure you.” “You know I can’t do...” “You’ll make five grand.” She interrupted me and my jaw dropped. “What?” My eyes bulged open and I swallowed hard. Five grand would pay a lot of bills. “Five grand.” “Yeah, some rich guy is getting married. Minimum for the night is five grand.” “I get to keep all of it?” “Yup.”She grinned at me. “Trust me, it won’t be so bad. Some of these guys don’t even need you to strip. They’re so worried that their fiancées will find out.” “So all I have to do is dance?”I frowned, considering it. “Yup. Let the other girls do the lap dances and stay in the background.” “I don’t know.” I sighed. “You know I have an interview on Monday. I should be getting ready for that.” “It’s one night.” Hailey looked away. “And what happens if you don’t get the job on Monday?” “I don’t know.” I sighed and ran my hands through my shoulder length brown hair. “If I don’t get the job, I’m screwed.” “You know I can cover rent.” But, I can’t cover your credit card or student loan bills.” “I know,”I gave her a smile. “Even rent is great. I’m lucky to have a friend like you.” “And there are going to be some rich bankers there. Bankers that might be able to help you with your story.” “You think so?”I looked at her in disbelief. “I think so.” She nodded. “Hailey.” I groaned as I closed my eyes. “Remember you just said you’re lucky to have me as a friend.” “I am lucky.” I sighed. “So lucky that you’ll do me a favor?” She smiled and I nodded reluctantly. She squealed then and grabbed me around the waist. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She sputtered out excitedly. “I hope this isn’t a mistake.” “Trust me, it’ll be fine. The guys will love you.” “That’s not what I’m worried about.” I rolled my eyes. “I don’t want a bunch of men trying to touch me.” “They won’t.” They know that’s against the rules.” “Okay.” I sighed and looked in the mirror. I stared at my reflection and wondered what I was getting myself into. My green eyes stared back at me with a slightly stunned expression. I had no idea why I was agreeing to this. Well, that’s not true. I was doing it for five grand. I was doing this in the name of research. I was this close to being sent to collections. If I didn’t get some money soon, my credit would be shot and I’d have a much harder time finding a job as an investigative reporter. What reporters had bad credit? “What should I wear?” I looked down at my shorts and t-shirt and groaned as I pictured myself wearing considerably less. “Hold on. Crystal sent me a text; there was a request from the guys.” “You take requests?” “The tips will be good. Hold on, let me check.” She walked back into the bedroom and dropped down on the bed next to me and checked her phone. “Okay,” she paused and gave me a look. “I’m not sure if I should tell you.” “Hailey...”I muttered. “Tell me.” “They want everyone in a bikini.” “Bikini? Where is the party? At the beach?” “Do you think it’s going to be at the beach? Would that make you feel better?” “No and no.” I sighed. “Where is it?” “Some exclusive club in the city. I think the lower east side.” “Fine. Are you giving me money for a cab?” “You’re going to make five grand, Evie.” “After the party. I’m not taking a train down. That’s like 3 changes...” I bit my lower lip. “I need to borrow forty dollars for a cab.” “Borrow?”She tilted her head and looked at me. “You’re going to pay me back?” “If I make five grand tonight, then hell yeah, I’ll pay you back.” I said and we both laughed. “Fine.” She said finally as she handed me sixty dollars. “Have a good night.” “Yeah, it’s going to be fantastic night. Something I’ll tell my grandkids about.” “You never know.” She grinned. “Trust me, I know. This is not going to be a night I will ever want to remember.” “I wouldn’t bet on that.” She winked at me. “You never know who you might meet.”
“How do I always get myself into these situations.” I groaned, as I found myself in a room with two naked girls. “Sorry, what did you say?” Starr grinned at me, glitter all over her face and body. “Nothing.” I shook my head. “I was just wondering what outfits we’d be wearing.” “Outfits? What outfits?” “I thought we’d be wearing outfits tonight…” My voice trailed off. Oh my God, I was going to kill Hailey. Was she lying about the bikinis? “Don’t worry honey.” Starr laughed as she adjusted her blonde wig. “Hailey told me you’d be taking over for her tonight and you might not be down with going naked. You can wear a bikini and pop out of the cake.” “Pop out of the cake? What does that mean?” “It means you’ll jump out the cake and do a little dance.” Another girl Crystal spoke up as she joined the conversation. “Unless you’d rather give dances?” “Uhm, the cake sounds fine.” I said weakly. “I’ll still get five grand?” “Yeah. Though you could make more if you did the dances.” “Oh?” “I’m thinking I’m going to get about 25k tonight. These rich guys pay well for some booty shaking.” She danced all the way to the ground. “But you have to be naked?” I asked, trying to avoid staring directly at her jiggling breasts. “You don’t have to be. But these rich guys, that’s what they want. They want it as freaky as it can be. Shit, I’m willing to be freaky for 25k.” “How freaky?” I asked, as my heart stopped. Was I going to be witnessing sex or something? I mean I knew I had to see a seedier side of life as a reporter, but I wasn’t sure this was how I wanted it to start. “Don’t worry girl.” Crystal shook her head. “We’re classy girls.” She pasted two stars on her nipples. “We don’t fuck ‘em or give them blow jobs. We just dance.” “Yeah, we’re not hoes.” Starr pouted her lips and applied some bright red lipstick. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that—”I started but stopped as Starr started laughing. “Girl, it’s not that serious, trust me.” She handed me a bikini. “Put this on. Mark’s going to wheel the cake in soon. You’ll stay in there until you hear a bang. Then just pop out. Once you pop out you can do a little dance and then just come back in here and wait for us.” “That’s it?”I looked surprised. “I guess I can do that.” I took the bikini from her. It was basically two pieces of string. I held it in my hand and took a deep breath. Did I really want to prance out of a cake in a string bikini? Not really. “Do you have any other options? I’m not sure this is going to compliment my body.” I laughed awkwardly and Starr and Crystal started laughing. “Is that a yes?”I asked hopefully. “Girl, just put the bikini on.” Crystal rolled her eyes. “It’ll be fine. And make sure to take your glasses off.” “Oh?”I bit my lower lip. “I left my contacts at home.” “Girl, I don’t care if you left them in an elephants’butt.” Crystal rolled her eyes. “You ain’t going out there with no librarian glasses.” “Not unless that was part of your dance. These men, they love them a dowdy librarian turned sexpot.” “I won’t be able to see much.” “You don’t need to see nothing. Just hurry up and put the bikini on. We gotta go out in a bit. If we’re late, the guys will be mad.” “Okay.” I sighed and looked around. “Is there a changing room for me to put this on?” My voice drifted off as they both looked at me as if I were crazy. “Or I can just change here.” I sighed and undid my jeans. Hailey really owed me. This was going to be so awkward. I didn’t care if I was popping out of a cake, a bunch of random guys were going to see me in a string bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I cringed as I pulled the top on. It was so small, that I knew my boobs would pop out with one wrong move. The only saving grace was that my nipples were covered. I pulled the bottoms on and frowned as I realized that my ass was hanging out completely in the thong bottom. I would never wear a bathing suit like this normally. And when I say never, I mean not even if someone gave me $ 100. I laughed to myself as I realized I was doing it for five grand though. Oh the humiliation. I looked down at my body and ran my hands over my stomach. No one could ever mistake me for a Victoria’s Secret model. And I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be getting any information from any of the bankers at the party. It wasn’t even realistic for me to think that I could go around dancing and asking if anyone knew anything about insider trading on Wall Street. “Don’t worry.” Starr looked at me with a smile. “These guys don’t want stick and bones. They like women with a bit of meat on them.” “Uh, thanks.” I smiled back at her, not sure if that was a compliment or not. I didn’t want to be referred to as someone with a bit of meat on her. I wanted to be thin and beautiful with a flat, taut stomach and defined abs wouldn’t hurt either. Though, I knew that wasn’t something to be worried about right now, as I couldn’t turn back time. “Hey, do you guys have any bronzer?” I asked quickly thinking about a magazine article that I’d read that said you could add some definition to your body using makeup. “Yeah, here.” Crystal handed it to me. “You’re looking a bit pale.” “It’s for my stomach, not my face.” I responded, my face burning. “Oh, oops.” She made a face at Starr and they both laughed. “It’s fine.” I sighed. “I haven’t been able to tan much recently.” “It’s fine, many guys like the pale look.” Crystal made a face, her dark olive skin glowing as she looked me up and down. “Peaches and cream they call it. You can call yourself Peaches tonight.” “Sorry what?”I frowned. “Your. Name. Tonight. Will. Be. Peaches.” Crystal said slowly. “If any of the guys ask you.” “Oh okay.” I shrugged and applied the bronzer to my stomach, hoping to give it definition. “Unless you’d rather be called something else?” “Like what?” “What about tight pus—“ She began and Starr giggled and touched her shoulder. “Be nice, Crystal. We still need Peaches to jump out of the cake. That was a requirement for the night.” “Fine.” Crystal rolled her eyes. “You ready?” “I guess so.” I took my glasses off and put them in my handbag. “What do I do?” “Wait here. We’ll get the cake. Just sit in it and jump out when you hear a loud bang.” “Okay That sounds simple enough.” I sat in the cake listening to the music booming and the sounds of a lot of men talking. I was starting to feel hot and I could feel the sweat running down my body. I tried to shift, but there was no where to move. And then I heard a loud bang. “Is this the signal?” I muttered to myself as I sat there. I heard another bang and then popped up out of the cake. “TA DA.” I screamed as I jumped up, the cake flying everywhere. My eyes were fuzzy as I looked into the room, but I could tell that everyone was staring at me. “You were supposed to wait for the loud bangs.” Crystal screamed at me as I stepped out of the cake awkwardly. “I heard the bangs.” I said feebly as I listened to the bass of a rap song playing in the background. Was that the bangs I’d been hearing? I made a face and then tripped forward as I clambered out of the cake. I felt two hands grabbing hold of my arms as I tripped and I looked up and saw a masculine face looking down at me. “Sorry.” I mumbled and looked away. I couldn’t really make out what he looked like. “No worries.” His voice was deep as he stood there in front of me, his hands still on my arms. His fingers pressed into my skin and I shivered slightly at the feel of his cool hands on my warm skin. “Do you need a hand?” “No, I’m fine. Thanks.” I pulled away from him and then looked for Crystal and Starr to see what I should do now. However, they were both busy giving two guys lap dances. Hmm. “Do you need help?” “I’m fine.” I shook my head and bit my lip. I could see my five grand going down the drain if I just stood there. “I’m trying to figure out what to do.” “Maybe you should give a lap dance?” He suggested with a hint of humor in his voice. “I don’t think so.” I shook my head as I looked around the room at all the men in their business suits. “Dance then?” “I guess so.” I sighed. “This sucks.” I muttered “Sorry what?” He leaned towards me and I stared into a pair of bright blue eyes that were mere inches from my face. “Nothing.” I swallowed as I focused in on his face. He was hot. “Your friend is looking at you. I suggest you get to work.” He whispered into my ear and I turned and saw Crystal giving me a death stare. I sighed and started moving back and forth to the rap song. “Hey sexy.” An overweight balding guy whistled at me from a few yards away. “I’ll have a lap dance for a stack.” “A stack?”I repeated back at him and took a step back. “A stack of hundreds.” He grinned and held up a wad of cash. “What’s your name?” “Peaches.” I said hesitantly. I really didn’t want to give him a lap dance. “Come on over Peaches. I like my peaches with cream. You can be the peaches and I’ll provide the cream.” He joked and I froze. “She’s with me.” The guy in front of me pulled me into his waist. "Right Peaches?” “Uh, yeah.” I nodded slowly. “Sorry, he asked me for a dance first.” “Whatever.” The bald guy turned away. “Thanks.” I whispered to the guy in front of me and tried to step back. “That was a close one.” “Where are you going?” His voice dropped and his expression looked serious. “I want my dance.” “Oh, you were serious?” “I’m always serious.” He smiled at me for a few seconds and then spoke again. “What’s your name?” “Evie.... I mean Peaches.” “Evie Peaches.” He grinned as he sat down on a couch in the back of the room. “Peaches.” I made a face. “That’s my dancer name.” “Okay.” He patted the seat next to him. “Sit down Peaches.” “I thought you wanted a dance?” “We can get to that later.” Let’s talk first.” “Uh okay.” I sat down next to him, feeling awkward in my bikini. I sat back and tried to hold my breath in to make my stomach look flat.
“You okay?”He frowned as he looked at me. “Yeah, of course.” I said stiffly, my body burning in shame as he stared at me. Not only was I feeling self-conscious, I was also feeling embarrassed and like I wanted to cry. “Are you new to the dancing business?” “You could say that.” I nodded. “Don’t worry. You can relax.” “You don’t want a dance?” I asked hopefully as I looked back at him. Maybe he’d just let me sit here and talk to him the whole night. Maybe he’d feel bad for me because I was new and obviously not in the same class of girls, like Crystal and Starr. Maybe he’d be one of those nice guys that thought stripping was degrading to women. “No, I want you to dance.” He grinned and licked his lips. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” “Oh okay.” I sighed and made to get up. “Not yet, though. And not here.” “Huh? When and where? I’m not a hooker, if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m not about to go to your car and do anything.” My voice trailed off as I looked back at him. This man looked gorgeous and rich. Surely, he didn’t need to pay for any favors from someone like me. He could get a lot more for free from much more beautiful women. “I don’t want you to go to my car.”He shook his head. “Tell me, Peaches, why are you working here? You look so uncomfortable.” “I’m working for a friend. I know how that sounds. Cliché right? Broke, college girl, trying out stripping for fun or whatever. But I’m not in college, and this isn’t fun. But I am broke and my roommate told me I can make five grand for the night.” I shrugged. “And she said no sex or anything, so I figured how hard could it be?” “So you’re new to all this?” “Yeah. Couldn’t you tell?” “I could tell when you burst out of the cake that you had no idea what was going on.” He laughed. “Yeah, Crystal and Starr didn’t look too impressed.” I groaned as I thought back to the two girls’expressions. “But hopefully, they didn’t notice.” “I doubt anyone really noticed. Most of the guys are wasted.” “Yeah, it’s a bachelors party.” “I kinda noticed that.” He laughed and I blushed. He reached over to me and his fingers trailed down my neck. I held my breath as I wondered what he was going to do next. Please don’t let him try and grope my breast, I thought to myself. And please don’t let him try and reach even further. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do if he tried to finger me or something. I closed my eyes for a second, wondering what I should do when he sat back. “You look nervous.” His voice was soft as he whispered into my ear. I opened my eyes and gave him an awkward smile. “No.” I squeaked out, thanking God that his fingers were no longer on me, though my body wasn’t as happy. My body had quite liked his warm fingers on my skin caressing me. “How about that dance now?” He sat back in the chair and smiled as the music changed. A loud fast number I didn’t know was playing and I stood up nervously. “You can do this.” I whispered to myself, though I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Was he expecting me to take my clothes off? Was he expecting me to rub myself all over him? Was he expecting that he’d be able to touch me? I wanted to groan as I started dancing in front of him, my face burning a deep red. He sat there, his eyes watching me like a hawk as I moved back and forth awkwardly. “Don’t be nervous.” He growled as he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I stumbled into his lap and adjusted my position so that I was straddling him. That had been a mistake. I could feel his hardness in-between my legs and I bit down on my lower lip as I felt myself growing wet. This was so embarrassing and I knew he could tell I was turned on because he was grinning as he stared at me. His hands lay on my hips gently and he started rocking my body back and forth. “Just dance on my lap.” He leaned forward and his tongue licked my ear. “That way we’ll both feel good.” “I don’t know.” I mumbled as I moved around on his lap. I could feel him growing harder beneath me and I was starting to see how easy it was for the lines to become blurred in situations like this. I felt like I was dry humping him. I was starting to feel more turned on than I normally felt before sex with someone I was dating. It made me feel like I was a bit of a slut. Was I basically getting a guy and myself off for money? I groaned as I felt the man moving me back and forth faster, my breasts were hitting his chest now and I felt him slide down in the seat a bit, so that my breasts were now slapping his face. I tried to push his hands off of my hips, but he just shook his head. “No, don’t stop.” He muttered and I licked my lips nervously. I was the one giving him the dance, but he was definitely the one in control of everything that was happening. “I think I have to stop now.” I whispered hoarsely as I felt his mouth on my nipple and his fingers on my ass as I moved back and forth. “Not yet.” He groaned and I felt his hand between my legs for a second as he undid his zipper. “Ten more seconds.” He muttered and I realized he had pulled his cock out of his pants and it was now sitting between my legs as I moved back and forth. I jumped up after two seconds as I felt his hardness right next to my wetness. “No way, Jose. Sorry, I can’t continue with this dance.” “What if I offered you twenty grand to finish it?”He sat there staring at me with narrowed eyes. “No, sorry.” I watched as he tucked himself away again. “What about one-hundred thousand dollars?” “To finish a dance or to have sex with you?” I mumbled horrified that I was even considering his offer. “A hundred thousand to finish the dance.” He smiled at me and stared at me expectantly. “With your, you know what out?” “Yes, with my cock out and between your legs. Your panties would be off. No penetration though.” “No, Sorry, I can’t do that. As much as I’d like to make a hundred grand, I can’t do that.” “Are you sure? I’d pay you in cash.” “I’m sure.” I nodded and looked down at the floor. A hundred grand would go a long way. “Good.” Come with me.” “Huh?”I looked up at him in confusion. “You passed my test.” “What test?” “I’ll explain more later. Let’s go and get your stuff.” “What?” I frowned, feeling confused. “What are you talking about?” “We’re leaving.” “I can’t leave. I haven’t gotten paid as yet.” “I’ll give you the five grand for tonight. Go and grab your stuff, put your clothes on and meet me outside in ten minutes.” “Uhm, I’m confused.” “I’ll explain more later. Now do as you’re told and go and get your stuff.” “Okay.” I nodded and sighed. “I guess I can–” “Peaches.” He placed a finger to my lip. “Be quiet. Go and get your stuff and meet me outside. You now have seven minutes.” “Okay, by the way, what’s your name?” I changed the subject to hide my irritation. “I’ll tell you when I meet you outside.” He grinned and I felt his fingers on my stomach tracing a trail around my bellybutton. “I’ll tell you everything when we meet again. Don’t be late. You won’t like it if you’re late.” I hurried away from him, not sure how I was feeling. I was attracted to him. I was excited by him, but his attitude also annoyed me. I had seven minutes? Really? Says who? He wasn’t my boss. I didn’t even know him. A part of me wanted to just tell him thanks, but no thanks, but I didn’t know what I was saying ‘no thanks’to. I knew that I was about to make the second stupidest mistake of the day. The first had been agreeing to come here to work for Hailey. The second would be going outside to meet the handsome stranger. I felt like I was in a movie as I pulled on my clothes. I wasn’t really sure I was making the right decision, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it. I grabbed my bag, put on my glasses and hurried outside. “You’re late.” He pursed his lips as he stared at me. “Late for what?” I rolled my eyes, feeling much more comfortable with my clothes on. “I told you that you had seven minutes.” His eyes never left mine and I started to feel like a naughty school kid. “So? It’s not like—Wait.. What’s the big deal? I’m here now.” “Two minutes late.” “Really dude? You’re going to complain about two minutes?” “Two minutes is—" " Get over it.” I interrupted him this time and I could see the surprise in his eyes. “What’s your offer and where’s the money?” “The money?” “The five grand?” I said, feeling very much like a gold-digger. It almost made me laugh. I wasn’t sure where the bravado had come from. “The five grand?” He cocked his head to the side. “You seem to be into the money more than me.” “More than you? What are you talking about?” “Peaches, why did you come outside?” He flicked his fingers in the air and I watched as a limo pulled up to the curb. “I don’t really know.” I mumbled as I watched a tall muscular man step out from the drivers seat and open the door to the back. “Thanks, Taecyeon. You can wait inside the car.” He nodded at the chauffeur and then looked back at me. “Are you ready to go?” “Go where?” “You’re a bit mouthy aren’t you?”He frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “You seemed more reserved in the bar.” “Maybe because I was scared out of my mind. I don’t normally spend my days in a too small bikini, being ogled by a bunch of dirty old men.” “Do you consider me a dirty old man?” “No.” “Do you consider me your savior?”He asked with a small smile. “No.” I laughed at the disappointment on his face. “You didn’t save me from anything. I mean you’re still pretty sketchy. You still asked me to dance for you. And now you asked me to come outside so you can give me money for who knows what.” “You still came.” “I want to know what you wanted.” I shrugged. “And you want your five grand.” He laughed. “Let’s go for a drive. Taecyeon will start to get worried" “Worried about what?” I frowned and looked him up and down. “From what I can tell you’re old enough to look after yourself. In fact, I’m pretty sure I see a grey hair.” “It’s not polite to insult your savior, Peaches.” “You can call me Evie now and like I said before, you’re not my savior.” “Get in the car, Evie.” “Hell no. I watch enough criminal shows. Do you think I’m stupid?” “Evie. I don’t have patience for this.” He sighed and I watched a nerve in his throat as he stared at me angrily. I stared at his face. He was even more handsome with my glasses on and in the light. His hair was darker than I’d thought. Almost black and his eyes were a bright blue. “Then give me my money and we can both peace out.” “Peace out?” He stared at my face for a few seconds and then started laughing. “You’re different.” “Different from what?” “From what I thought.” He stepped closer to me and lifted my glasses off of my face and stared at me for a few seconds before putting them back on the bridge of my nose. “I guess the glasses give you spunk.” “Nah, the clothes give me my spunk.” I smiled at him, as my body shivered being so close to him. “Hold on.” He leaned forward and kissed me hard for a second. I felt my body still at the touch of his warm lips against mine. I could still feel their imprint as he walked over to the limo. I watched as he leaned down and whispered something to Taecyeon. He stepped back and the limo pulled away and he walked back to me. “Okay, where were we?” “I don’t know. Where did your friend go?” “Home. He wasn’t happy, but he does what I say.” “Why wasn’t he happy?” “Because he doesn’t like to leave me with strange women.” “What strange women?”I said stupidly. “Me?” “Yes you. He doesn’t know what plans you have for me.” “He doesn’t know what plans I have for you?” My jaw dropped. “Say what?” “Well, it’s not every day that a bachelor gets dropped off at his bachelor party and is then seen leaving early with one of the strippers.” He grinned. “Or maybe it is.”

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Its going to be very interesting ❤
@royalpandajedi 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Well sign me up for this. I want to read more!
@kekers96 Thank youuuu 😘
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