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Ok are you guys ready for the last sets of results?! Well let's get started!

Door One

"Chanyeol?" I was shocked my ex boyfriend from high school was standing before me.

"Yes it's me. I couldn't get over you." He said with his signature smile.

"Why now?" I asked

"I wanted to make something of myself before I came back to you."

"And did you?" I asked taking a step closer to to him.

"I have, and now I want you back." He held out his hand for me a I gladly took it.

Door Two

"No way." I said and covered my mouth.

"What?" He asked

"You like me now?"

"Well to be honest I didn't know what I felt for you a few months ago, but once I broke up with Stacey that's when I realized I wanted you."

"After 6 months?" I asked confused.

"No I just finally did something."

"You know Stacey ended the friendship with me. I didn't know her reasoning before."

"It was because of me, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry that I like you."

"Lay, I can now admit that I was jealous of her. I wanted to be her."

"Well now you don't have to be jealous. Will you date me?" He asked and all I did was nod my head like crazy.

"Good." He said and pulled me into a hug.

Door Three

"Hi." He said and smiled

"Suho? It's you?"

"Yeah I know it's odd, I haven't actually talked that much with you but Tegan talked about you a lot when I was hanging out with her boyfriend."

"Was it good stuff?"

"Very, it made me want to spend more time with you, but I got too shy."

"I mean I never thought that I'd have a chance with you, so I didn't even think about it."

"Please think about it now. Would you please go on a date with me?" He asked and had his hand placed on his chest.

"I...well...I'm...." He interrupted me

"You can say no."

"Thats...not it...yes I'd like to go on a date with you."

"Oh thank god." He let out a breath he had been holding in. "I was so nervous."

"Well now you don't have to be." I smiled at him and took his hand.

Door Four
Poor Kai
Hi my Name is Kai." He said smiling at me. He was gorgeous.

"Hi I'm, (y/n)"

"I know, and thank you for coming out here. I have never done this before. But I wanted to confess to you."


"I have seen you around and you are always s positive, I just like the way you handle yourself."

"Well I try." I laughed

"Would you please go on a date with me?" He asked

"Um...I'm not sure."

"Just one date and if I'm creepy or you have a bad time you can leave." I didn't really think he was bad. As I stared at him I realized I had seen him before.

"I bumped into you at the park the other day."

"Yes, I tried to avoid you but it didn't work." He said looking down.

"Yes I'll go on a date with you, but if it gets creepy I'm out of there."

"Ok!" He nodded excitedly.

Door Five

"I knew you didn't expect me." He smiled


"I know your parents set us up on a date, and we both figured nothing would come from it but, after that night I couldn't stop thinking about you."


"Yes, and this is kind of hard to actually like the girl my parents wanted me to be with."

"So what do you want?" I asked confused now.

"I want you to actually give me a chance." the look in his eyes had me.

"Ok, a real chance, let's try it."

Door Six

Just wanted to stop here and say that I did NOT match the doors to the members. I would like to repeat, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! ::coughs Aimee::

"No." I said when I saw his face.

"Why not?"

"You have been mean to me."

"It's because I liked you and..."

"You're saying that you just were mean because you didn't know how to express yourself?"


"Then what's this" I pointed to the necklace around my neck.

"I am taking lessons from a friend and I want to actually make this right. Please give me a chance. At least 1 date."

"Sehun, you are lucky that I kinda want to see what you have in store."

"So that's a yes?"

"A yes to a date, well see how It goes after."

"Yes!" He said and hugged me.

Door Seven
Poor Minseokie

Xuimin?" I asked and he smiled.

"Hi, (y/n)" He closed the distance between us.

"How long?" I asked not even finishing my sentence, I was going crazy.

"Since that photo shoot a month back. I didn't know if you would even accept my feelings. " He said putting his hands in his pockets.

"I...I never thought about it, I have to stay professional."

"Well now that we aren't working together would you like to go on a date with me and see where this goes?" He asked

"I'd love to."

Door Eight

"Hi (y/n)"

"Chen? For real?" I was in shock. My childhood friend had a crush on me.

"Yes, I was doing so good with not going for you, but I just can't take it anymore."

"You didn't know I had a thing for you?" I asked to make sure he didn't know.

"I thought you did but, I was 100% sure and I didn't want to risk our friendship."

"And what's changed now?" I asked

"I've become a man and know what I want." He pulled me close to him.

"Chen." I started blushing.

"I want you to be my girlfriend, From here on out. What do you say?" He asked.

"Yes of course."

Door Nine


"I know you never thought you'd see me again." He laughed

"I'm confused. I thought you didn't care for me?"

"I always did I was just mad that my best friend got you first."


"I know it's a big shock."

"I'm sorry I never noticed before."

"It's ok I have a chance now. That's why I am standing here."

"You want a chance with me?" I asked

"Yes please."

"I......I... ok let's see where this goes." I wondered what could happen between us.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Valentine's Day game . Hopefully my squad and I will be able to host many more fun games. Can we all give a hand to @SugaKookieV for the great story. I mean, how cool was it that she wrote a different ending for each member?! Love you guys! Have a great weekend!



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@AimeeH haha aimee why did you have to pick that one lol like @Tigerlily84 you are destined for him lol
yay for getting Yixing!
HELL YA I GOT MY BIAS!!!!!! BAEK HYUN OPPA IS MINE!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this game was super fun, cute, and well designed. great game love I had a great time playing it thanks for creating it. btw when I saw I got baekhyun I jumped up screaming, fist pumping and super happy
Hehe I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
Somehow I get Yixing way more than is statistically probably when doing random choice games like this. I can't complain (although you know I was rooting for Minseok 😂).
awe I missed the card for this (would've picked door 2 😂which is funny cuz I had just been talking about lay) the stories are soooo mushy and sweet. so cute. penguin, tiger you two did an amazing job!!! 💙🐯💜🐧.
Thank you panda!!!! 💖🐼💖
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