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Hello everyone!~ Welcome back to Yongguk Fridays~ I'm super excited because Vingle is actually not glitching out while I'm writng this, haha!~ I say so because I tried to upload a Pentagon Thursday card yesterday, but Vingle decided I couldn't...

Anyways, so this week, I was thinking about what made me fall for Yongguk~ He is one of my two B.A.P biases, after all, so there had to be something!~
And then I remembered his 'aegyo'~

I've always had a soft spot for shy boys, and seeing Yongguk's shy, failed aegyo made my heart melt!~

In the comments, tell me who you think has the best aegyo in B.A.P!

So that concludes this edition of Yongguk Fridays~ I'm so happy to share Fridays with you all! I'll see you all next week!

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If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~

Note: None of the photos or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites who took them~ ❤
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He's naturally cute