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Hello everyone!! This week in the Astro and Madtown Communtities we are showing our appreciation for the artists we love by sharing our album collections.

I unfortuntely don't have a lot of albums as of yet. I haven't been able to purchase any Astro or Madtown albums but they are on my list on albums to get next!!

Here's my small collection:
VIXX's albums Zelos, Hades, and Kratos. They are my prize possesions!!
VIXX - Chained Up
NCT 127's first album!!
BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2
BTS - WINGS (I have the G version)
And lastly History's HIM. I love this album!!

So unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of albums yet. But I hope I can get more soon!!

Anyone else who wants to share their collections please do and tag us in it!!

Aroha Mod Squad:

Astro Taglist: (for Astro Mod Squad use only!)

Madtown Mod Squad:

Madtown Taglist:
My heart can't handle the VIXX ones bruh...😵😵😵
Same haha
You forgot the Limitless one hahahaha
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Ah I see hahahaha
You have some awesome albums!! I absolutely love the version of Wings that you have!! ❤
Very cool.
I like your collections. I love the VIXX.
Thanks!!! The VIXX ones are my favorite!!!
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