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We can't stop talking about Heirs, and why would we? It's funny, it's cute, it's intense, and the characters (and the actors) are amazing. Park Shin Hye's portrayal of the hardworking Cha Eun Sang is one to be noticed, and to be followed. Here is why Eun Sang should be YOUR new role model (other than the fact that she managed to capture the heart of a rich hunkster in just two episodes): 1. She has her priorities straight. Not even the temptations of a love life are enough to keep her from working non-stop to provide for her family. 2. She stands up for herself. Those pervs didn't stand a chance. 3. She doesn't treat people differently based on their wealth. Don't forget to leave a tip, Bo Na. 4. She's brave. The girl went to America all by herself with only a short list of English phrases to help her out. 5. But she isn't too afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Thankfully Tan isn't a huge jerk like most lead Kdrama boys. 6. She's very caring. Even though visiting her sister pretty much went the complete opposite way she expected, Eun Sang made sure to reassure her mother that everything was just fine. Aww. 7. She grabs boys' wrists! If you try to tell me you weren't excited by this scene, you're lying. 8. This is what she looks like when she wakes up. So. Unfair. Keep it up, Eun Sang! The next thing we know she'll be piggybacking a drunk Tan around California, though his feet would probably drag on the ground. Who's excited for episode three?
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