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Hello beautiful ARMY!!♡♡ Today's the 6th day of our BTS Comeback Hobi Birthday Bash week event! Today's theme is favorite BTS covers. (which includes any type of BTS cover, and even fellow ARMY's covers) These are my top 3 !! ♡

1). This Love & T.O.P
This Shinhwa cover stage was amazing!!! In love how BTS slayed this style and made it their own !

2). Rainism
This Rain cover stage was for the most part a Jungkook solo stage, but i love the members were also included in the performance. It really showed off Kookie's manly side and i loved it! It was a bummer that Suga could not perform but im glad he got to recover from the ear incident. ♡

3). Perfect Man
In this Shinhwa cover stage , Bangtan really showed that they were actual perfect men! From the vocals to the powerful choreo, it was such a cool performance! ♡ Again, its a bummer that Rap Mon couldn't perform due to an injury but BTS still performed flawlessly and our leader got to recover from his injury.

And that wraps up this card! Hopefully we get to see even more amazing BTS cover stages in the future! Have a beautiful rest of the day! ♡


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Perfect Man is my favorite BTS cover 💖💖💖💖 They all lookes so good and then hobi with the rap ugh so perfect 💖💖💖
Rainism is my favorite BTS cover ❤