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SPOILERS AHEAD: If You Haven't Seen It At Least Within The First Week, Much Less The First 3 Days, Then Too Bad. I Give No Mercy.

What A Great Movie! So this movie finally premiered in the States, it had already premiered in China in December 2016.

The effects were awesome, the costumes were beautiful. Seeing chinese/any Asian armor makes me wish I was a part of the action, just to wear a suit. The monsters looked real enough.
The actors were great. Not a huge fan of Matt Damon, just when he played Loki in Dogma. The storyline was simple enough, the same plot as many movies I've seen before, a man who came from a rough past finds something worth fighting for and sorta falls in love with the strong female lead. It looked more like admiration. The strong female lead being played by Jing Tian, who inherits & becomes commander of The Nameless Order. An army dedicated to protecting the Capitol and it's people from the monsters that had crashed landed in a meteor, or so the legend goes.
And then of course, our sweet deer, Lu Han. He played a supporting role but he did a fantastic job portraying a dishwasher turned soldier. It made me proud when he.... ummm I won't spoil it... *the feels*

Anyway I hope you get to watch it soon if you haven't yet.
OMG Oberon is in it too!
I just saw this movie. I cried at the end😢 but over all it's a pretty great movie😁
I forgot to add that Max Brooks had a hand in writing the storyline.
I saw it last night! I feel like the whole movie was meant to be in mandarin so matt damon kind of seemed out of place to me tbh. but it was so good! would recommend