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NCT Community Announcement!

So as you guys know, as of a couple of weeks, we have been doing match maker cards, and we've gotten a lot of responses! So I have decided to extend the event to the end of February. If you send a request AFTER February, it will not be taken. Thank you guys so much for participating, and to you guys who are waiting for your Match Maker card, don't fret! We have not forgotten you guys, you will indeed have a match!!!

If you are just joining us for th event, all you have to do is fill out the application below and send it to me and I will discuss with the Team and you shall have a match made!

Rochelle green pop Pizza is life casual clothes. comfort over fashion my personality gets better after you get to know me😅 not shy but not outgoing either unless I'm familiar with the individuals. Blunt but not rude . I pretend to be naive 😆
Kenya Black Any kind really.. spicy is life Jeans and a t-shirts high top shoes. My personality.. calm.. with a temper? I don't know but something along those lines..? This seems fun so why not?😊😊
Suk-kyong wanser Green K-Pop Kimchi jigae Any kind Fun!!!
My name is Eleanor. I love green to no end! I love so many different music styles, mainly ballads and hip hop. I love everything that is edible, mainly breads and fruits and ice cream! My style goes between cutesy and anything that goes with combat boots, depending on my mood. My personality also has a wide range. I am very respectful to others, but once I know a person, I am very open and mess with them a bit, but I am very protective over my friends. I love nature and animals and reading, and am very oblivious.
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