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•The8 Fanart•

The Seventeen fandom are literally so talented and creative!!!
I did take all these drawings and such from tumblr, by the way. As usual 😂
This was from a contest that someone won I believe and the blog made it for someone else but I thought this was so pretty that I just had to add it in!
This song has been my jam!
Literally so talented! I wish I could even just think about drawing like this!
I know this was for his birthday but it's so cute!!!
This is so friggin cool though! The artist did a great job in my opinion.
So I thought this was super cute and because I'm a hufflepuff I just needed to snatch it up 😂
Got7 and Seventeen? Yes please. They are so cute ☺😍 Carat Elites@CosmicCass@AlexisJ15 @Changkyunie Cosmos~ @VatcheeAfandi99 @awkwardjazzy @melissagarza @ewseungkwan @chelseajay @MrsJungHoseok @MirandaKawahara @ChelseaGarcia @minimanim3 @Anna5221 @Sunnydaebak @QueenLee @DalyRomero @MonAnnahix @dyotella @SusiBosshammer @Drummergirl691 @ShinoYuki @NadineEsquivel @JohnEvans @Mrsjeon @LemonLassie @ScarletMermaid @Annaharris1989 @Milacalopez963 @IsoldaPazo @BlackFawn @4dalientae @Jaysbae13 @MichelleFrazier @AimeeH @TaliaMay14 @OliviaZenger @DasiaB @Nadinerzz @Elenap16 @Shelbyhusband @Ercurrent @CrystalBlunt @JessicaVang @SimplyAwkward @pharmgirlerin @Primodiva93 @mitchix5 @xoxorittie @xoxoJessica12 @AaliyahNewbell @reyestiny93 @Tigerlily84 @kanatm @petname83 @AnnieGoodman @DesiereeChucklez @MariaMontoya1 @Starbell808 @KristinaCaron @MaritessSison @warrior1319 @mrsax2018 @Animezkpopgirl @AngelaDarkness @TaraJenner @taetaebaozi @KoreanDramaMama @tinathellama @superjuniorelf @jaxomb @EmmaJolie @resavalencia @ivyheart13 @saeda1320 @deemonster100 @ammagrande @micahirene @Jessicalista @karinamiranda81 @mintyoongi @namjoonxme*~•BBC Bumblebees Mod taglist•~*@bapastro (mod) @crookedshadow@AaliyahNewbell@mbg3t@jjrockstar@twistedpuppy@OrangeNinja818@yehetmyohorat97•BBC Taglist•@Helixx@mitchix5@melissaGarza@karlinamiranda81@turntuptae@awkwardjazzy@AlexisJ15@InfinitySky@stmarlene@SimplyAwkward@PolarStarr @CleverUsername The Sensation Feeling Squad@turntuptae -MOD @CrookedShadow@bapastro@mbg3t@ESwee@AwkwardJazzy@JiyongLeo@KaiLuhan4Ever@EmilyPeacock@IsoldaPazoThe Fighters League@KaiLuhan4Ever (Moderator) @CrookedShadow@bapastro@yehetmyohorat97@AlexisJ15@AwkwardJazzy@changkyunslaysGorilla ModSquad:@awkwardjazzy@ChaErica@mbg3t@bapastro@twistedpuppy@CrookedShadow@Tigerlily84@JiyongLeo@Josyy7@yehetmyohorat97@xoxorittie
my other bias!!
The8 😍
@Changkyunie I got more then 1 bias from Seventeen. They are Joshua, The8, S.Coup and Dino 😍
I technically have a bias in each unit, but The8 is my overall now! It used to be Woozi, but The8 just tugged at my heart strings
@Changkyunie He's been doing the same to me 😀
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