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Hello Melody! Its Melissa with BtoB Saturday. This week's member is Changsub. My theme for this week is short scenario. I'll be writing a short scenario about Changsub. I hope you like it.
I've just moved to South Korea. I'm furthering my studies on becoming the best Barista. South Korea has some the best schools and cafes to help improve your skills.
I've been working at a theme cafe that Korea is so famous for. That's when I first meet him. At the time, I didn't know who he was. At the time, kpop was still new to me. So I didn't recognise him. My co-worker recognised him, because he was a regular customer at the cafe. He was super nice to me. I didn't think he was flirting with me. Since I'm new to the country, I try not to become romantically involved with anyone. My co-worker Helixx thinks I'm crazy for not recognising him.
Girl, That's Changsub from BtoB! He's a regular customer. Coffee is favorite drinks.
For real! I love coffee too. So you think he's flirting with me? I asked her.
He sure was flirting with you. He also asks for you on your days off. He said you know how to make his coffee right.
She says laughing at my shock expression.
I was in total shock that someone as good looking and famous would notice me. I had to do something to let him know I'm interested in him too. Even if it's going against my own rule. Sometimes you have to take that chance that life is giving you. Even if it starts with a cup of coffee.
The next time Changsub showed up, I was working that day. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. He comes up to the counter. We started talking and laughing. I start making his order. I wrote on his napkin. I head to his table with his coffee and dessert.
I leave him to go back behind the counter to see his reaction to my note. I wipe the counter absently while he pulls out his napkin and starts reading it. He looks shocked at first, then a big smile spreads across his face. He looks up at me with a big smile and gives me a nodd. Now he knows how I feel about him. In the note, I wrote
Well that's all for Changsub Saturday. I hope you enjoyed my short scenario of Changsub.

@StephanieDuong Thank you! I'm glad you like it 😊
SO CUTE. πŸ˜¬πŸ’™