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EXO Sci-Fi
We are nearing the end. Thank you for having read this far... just a few more steps
“The river” the Grawl hunter said to himself.

The Grawl hunter pulled the knives out one by one. The pain was excruciating, each blade had a jagged edge to it. When he seen them occupied with Joon, he tried to make his escape. He crawled to the furthest wall, pushed on it, it slid back enough for him to get through. He crawled up the steps, pushed open the  outer doors. He struggled to stay on his feet. His wounds weren't healing. Last time Nero injured him, it took him days to heal without Joon or Lay's assistance. The side effect of sharing his blood with that boy.

It was a risk but he did it as an experiment, he calculated if whether it would work or not. He didn't know if the boys physical appearance would change, if his blood would have the same effect it did with other species. Before he left on this mission, he had seen it happen. Grawl blood was infused into the body of an alien race, their physical body would change to that of a Grawl. He had done the same experiment on humans but it killed them every time. The humans were too weak for Grawl blood. It made the boy physically stronger, but there was always something off about his way of thinking. He tried not to let him and the other one interact with each other. He would have to tell Lay to keep his mouth shut when they were in the same room.

The cold air stung his wounds. He stopped to pull a knife he didn't see the first time, stuck in his rib. He could hear someone coming, listening a little harder, he could hear them running not too far behind. He wasn't far from the river now, he was still a great deal ahead of them but decided to take a different route.

He tried to change to Yin but couldn't even muster the strength to do so. His body phased back and forth between his own and that of Yin. He pulled himself up steps and stumbled down them, he had to use walls and lamp posts to keep himself upright. He stumbled at one point and fell face forward into the sidewalk. He laid there for a minute before pushing himself up and going again. If he had the strength, he would stand his ground and fight. What was the point in standing his ground if he can barely hold himself up.

He was close to the river, he could smell it in the air. Once there, he would have to swim back to where he needed to go. Where his ship was hidden.
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