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EXO Sci-Fi
Tao looked at all them. They were all surprised and shocked. Tears rolled down his cheeks, “I'm sorry” They gathered around him, putting a hand on his shoulders. Nero looked back to where he left the Grawl, but he wasn't there. His eyes darted around the room and spotted something odd about the far wall. He approached it cautiously. The hunter left a trail of blood. The blood lead through the open wall, Nero followed it up the stairs and then out to the street. After a few minutes, the boys came running out. Nero grabbed Tao, “Where would he go?” Tao looked down at the blood and knew he was severely injured, “I don't know…” “Are you sure?” Nero asked looking him in the eye. “I don't know. I know there's something, something about the river. He would often go there by himself.” Tao followed the blood to the street. “Lets follow the trail and see where it goes.” Nero told the others. They took off, Baekhyun stayed in front, harnessing his light to light their way. The trail stopped and headed off into another direction, away from the river. Nero signaled for Chen, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, and Xiumin to keep going towards the river and the rest of them continued on the trail the hunter left. It zig zagged through the streets. They seen where he must have fallen, they seen blood along walls. Nero touched it, rubbing it between his fingers. “I think we're close. It's still fresh.” They kept running until they came to a man lying on the ground. They approached him slowly, not knowing who he was or what he was. Nero rolled him over, he was unconscious. He was bleeding from his head. Lay came and looked him over, placed his hands on the man's head. Lay groaned and pulled away quickly. He gripped his hands as if he was pain. The man sat up, rubbing the back of his head. “Lay! Are you okay?” Kai asked. Lay shook his head, “I think I'm too weak to heal. It felt like it was being sucked out of me.” “Sir, what happened, are you okay?” Kyung asked, getting the man to his feet. The man blinked his eyes, “I was sitting at the stop sign and someone came up behind me and threw me from my motorbike. I thought I hit my head” He rubbed his head, checking for any blood. “You must not have hit very hard.” Kyung said, “How are we going to catch up to him now?” “Damn it….” Everyone looked in every direction. “He lead us away from the river. Now he's got transportation to back there quicker than we can run.” “But what way, I'm turned about…” Nero said looking around, “Tao.” He waved his son over to his side, putting a hand firmly in his shoulder, “You have his blood in you. Back home they were somehow connected… can you feel anything from him? Like the direction he went?” Tao stood for a minute, he felt little used, he was about to betray the creature who had pretty much took care of him for all these years. But he kept in mind, this creature had lied to him. He rubbed his hands over face into his hair. He walked in a circle, facing each street, trying to pick up something. Then like a light flashing on then off, he seen something in his mind. He concentrated on it, then it came again. He looked around, “the man, where did he go?” Everyone looked around. The man they just helped disappeared. “That man, that was him in disguise. There had been someone but they got away…” Tao said grimly, “He tricked us, he tricked Lay into healing him but it wasn't enough.” Kai teleported himself down one street, then another, and then he hollered at them and took off running after him. The others followed. Up ahead, Kai could see him running but he was limping a bit. He thought for sure they were going to catch him.