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Hey guys! I'm sorry it's been so long I've been in the hospital and on medication that put me to sleep but I'm good now so here you go.
Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1755 Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 6/?
Y/N’s Pov: Chanyeol was driving pretty fast and since Baekhyun was in the passenger seat, you were in the back with Sehun holding you. This is absolutely ridiculous, why the hell is he after Minnie, more importantly how does he even know about Minnie? But does he? Chanyeol pulled over, the entire street was black and he couldn't risk driving. What the fuck? Everyone on that streets power was out, why?And then it hit you, if it's dark in Bangtang’s house the prick will think Minnie is you. Everyone got out of the car and noticed a group walking towards you, at first you thought it was Bts but it's wasn't. It was got7, and more importantly Jackson. You saw Jackson and started speed walking towards him, and once he noticed it was you he did the same, picking you up to hug you tightly. “What the hell are you doing here?” He said worried but relieved, holding you in his arms, he must have been happy to see you. “We need to see bangtang, can you help us?” You answered quick and plain, as did he. “Yeah, come this way.” Jackson said bending down to give you a piggyback ride. Which you compiled. Hey you barely weighed anything and it was late you were tired. The rest of Got7 and Exo followed. You got to the house and it was dark and quiet, there's no way they're sleeping in there. Something's not right. Before going up the porch you hopped off of Jackson. You pulled out your phone and all cell service was off. What the fuck is this? “Everything is cut off, I'm not going in there without knowing what's behind that door.” You said putting your phone back in your pocket. “We wouldn't let you anyway, give us their spare key and we'll go in first.” You handed Chanyeol the key and gave him a tight smile. “Jackson you and Got7 take care of y/n till we find out what's going on, ok?” Jackson nodded and reached for your hand to hold, and you did kinda feeling childish but still did it. J-Hope’s Pov: He heard the door unlock after the talking outside stop. Jin, Jimin, and Tae took the girls to the kitchen and out of site. The door opened and Yoongi choked his gun. There was a pause, whoever was coming in had heard him. “Bangtang? It's Chanyeol.” They gasped in relief and Yoongi put his gun down. But why is Chanyeol here and where the hell is Y/n. “Chanyeol what are you doing here?” Jungkook asked curious too. Chanyeol came in and Exo followed behind. “Where are the girls?” He asked blunt looking at Namjoon. “In the Kitchen hiding, wh-” he was cut off by a scream it was Minnie. Oh shit. The guys ran to the kitchen to find a knocked out Jin, and Jimin and Tae cruelly injured, the girls all by their men, pointing into the back hallway hearing movement and people breaking things. Yoongi started shooting in complete darkness to where he could see a shadow leaving to the back room. Yoongi, pissed, followed the shadow firing away, with Jungkook and Namjoon following behind with baseball bats. The rest of the guys staying behind trying to wake the rest of bangtang. Y/N’s Pov: You heard a scream and all of got7 stood up. Later your heard gunshots and your eyes widened, got7 ran into the dorm leaving you with Jackson. Who looked to be contemplating whether he wanted to go in, but your best friends were all in there, hell yeah you're going in too. You were ready to book it in there, but you were stopped Jackson stood in front of you. “I’ll go in there, you need to stay here” Jackson sounded worried. “But I can help” you pushed “but we can't lose you!” He planted a kiss on your lips and ran into the dorm. You stood there in shock. Jackson? But it stopped when you notice something move to the side of you. There he was, pissed, obviously seeing Jackson kiss you. You booked it in side and ran straight up there stairs not knowing where the guys were, he followed behind you, you were able to lose him in Jungkook’s room. Sorry about your bed Kookie. You ran down the stairs and made it for the door. Jumping off the steps. Falling but getting up and booking it down the street screaming out for Jackson and Chanyeol. Jackson? Chanyeol?Guys? Where are you? Jackson’s Pov: He ran into the kitchen finding and knocked Jin, a badly injured Jimin and Tae in shock. When he heard running up the stair. Everyone stopped when It stopping and heard like someone jumping on a bed then back down the stairs and that’s when he heard it. “Jackson!” Y/n?!? Jackson was in shock and then headed to the stairs running up to check then the front of the house down the road. There you were turning the street corner and that asshole following close behind. He scream for the guys to help and started running after you. Chanyeol’s Pov: He heard was dealing with a frustrated Jimin when Jackson came in after Got7 and then he heard something, he knew everyone heard it too, by the way they stood still. While Jin was waking up and groaning out of control he heard a faint whisper to him. “Jackson” and the man himself left the room. He was gone for a good five minutes and came back. “He's chasing y/n!” Then he left again obviously going to chase after him. Shit! Well boys here we go. Y/n’s Pov: You were running not stopping or turning around for anything. Then you realize, damn you're in the park. You weren't even paying attention to where you were running till you were on the dock for the lake. You stopped and turned around and your eyes flew open. Even though you had stopped he hadn't. He had jumped and tackled you, so that you were both in the lake. Now you can swim….well doggie paddle, and you can barely do that, but now there's someone on your back fighting you. You kept pushing him under the water, and he kept pushing you under too. You kept going up for air. He just started hitting you making it harder and harder for you to fight back and just stare above water. While he held you under the water you heard something and he let go. You breached from the water and screamed one last time. “CHANYEOL!” You were out of energy and just started sinking. Is this really it? In the matter of days your life changed and just went down hill. All you could remember was the good times you had with your best friend….Chanyeol? If I happen to open my eyes tomorrow morning, if I can see your smiling face ever again, then I'll tell you this no matter what...I miss you, Chanyeol ……. Jackson's Pov: He was running in the direction he saw them running and eventually made it to the park stopping at the gate not seeing anything. “Shit”. He ran around everywhere looking around then he heard it. Splashing of water turned to the lake and in the middle he saw you getting pulled down and that asshole holding you down. “Y/N!” Jackson screamed and booked it towards you, he was seeing red and ready to tair him apart. Your ex heard Jackson and let go and started swimming away. Letting you come up one last time. “CHANYEOL!” Jackson saw you fall immediately fall back in. “Y/N!” From behind Jackson saw Chanyeol and the boys running into the gate. Jackson divided into the lake and was ready to get you. He sram towards you and wrapped his arm round you to bring you to the surface. Starting to swim towards the shore. He laid you down on the sand and started to perform CPR when the guys got there. He didn't stop pushing on your chest and when it wasn't working he looked up at Chanyeol and then back at you and started giving you mouth to mouth resuscitation and with one final push you coughed. Everyone was filled with relief. Jackson was sat there her breathing heavily still soaking wet, just staring at him till just jumping into his arms. Him being in just pure joy that you were ok, hugged you as tight as he could. Y/n’s Pov: You felt something wrap around your waist till you were out what only felt like seconds was actually a while. You woke up coughing and spitting out water, you were drenched in water and you looked up a the person who had saved you, Jackson. Poor guy was just as wet as you, you couldn't speak, just stare till hugging him, he was cold, you were cold but obviously didn't care. Once pulling away you felt something being put on your back. It was Chanyeol giving you his coat. “Are you ok?!” He help you up and pulled you into his arms. “We need to go back home” he glared at Jackson “where it's safe and get you changed” he finished looking at you. Sehun drove and Chanyeol was holding you in the back covered with two towels from Bangtan and all of exo's jackets. The car ride was quiet but not awkward, more relieving than anything. Once to the house Chanyeol and Sehun helped to the bathroom. While you were in the shower Chanyeol was sitting on the toilet just making sure you were ok and if you were dizzy he'd help. Once done he threw you a towel over the shower curtain and once dry some of your pjs. You stepped out and slipped, falling forward and Chanyeol at lightning speed caught you. “Are you ok?!” Chanyeol looked at you with worry and concern but you just started at him. “Chanyeol….” you trailed off. After widening his eyes letting you know he was listening he kneeled down on one knee for you to sit on. “Y/n what's wron-” “Chanyeol I missed you….” he smirked and placed his lips on yours, as you reached your arms to the back of his neck.
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