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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다! (SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad!) Hello B2uties!! Welcome to 'Beasts tracks of the week!' This will be like BTOBs 'what's that song?' That will highlight two Beast songs, so we can discover more of their music together. @axosrain and @MelissaGarza are also a part of this little group for Beast. They helped me with finding these things so THANK YOU GUYS!!😁😁 Are you ready? Here we go.
The first song up is Bad girl. We chose this song cause it was their debut single. What better way to start this off then with their debut? About the song: Bad girl was released on October 14, 2009 Lyrics: Lee Sang Ho, Shin Sa Dong Tiger, Beast Music: Lee Sang Ho, Shin Sa Dong Tiger Arrangement: Shin Sa Dong Tiger Length: 3:16 I encourage you to watch the music video 🤗🤗
Japanese version
Here we have the lyrics video 😊😊 It's also color coded so you can get to know who they are. Plus English, Romanized, and Hangul lyrics.
Here we have some live performances 😍😍
Some dance covers!!
Line distribution!!
The next song we chose was Just before shock! About the song: Just before shock teaser was released on February 27, 2010 There is no full video Lyrics: Shin Sa-Dong Tiger, Choi Kyu-Seong, Yong Junhyung Music: Shin Sa-Dong Tiger Length: 2:06 These are the lyrics video, there's only Romanized.😊😊
Another lyrics video, only in English.🤗🤗
That's it this week. This is my first time doing anything like this so I hope it was good and you guys enjoyed. Till next time. 😊😊