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EXO Sci-Fi
Once they got to the river, Xiumin told the other four to search along the river bank. They split up searching. Chanyeol dropped balls of fire into the water, lighting it up only briefly. “Damn… you see anything?” He called out. "It's too dark!” He heard someone yell from down the way. Then Chen decided to give it a try. “Hold on, let me try” He held up his hands, a ball of electricity formed in front of him. He sent it down into the water, forcing it shoot across the surface. Everyone looked hard into the water, looking for anything unusual before Chen released it. Xiumin squinted hard at something, “Chen come over here!” They all went running over to Xiumin, “Down there, try right in this area.” Chen shot lightning out into the water again, where Xiumin had told him to. There deep down, something oval and shiny, sat. They all looked at Suho. Suho nodded, using his strength to part the water to reveal what was there. Chanyeol and Xiumin climbed down to get a closer look. The Grawl ship was long and oval shaped, chrome and shiny even under the half moon that hung over head. “What should we do?” Chanyeol asked. Xiumin shook his head, then he looked back, “Sehun can you move it?” Sehun climbed down, “How?” “Lift it off the ground” Xiumin responded “But it looks too big and heavy.” Sehun said worried. He pushed on it. “Try, Sehun, try your hardest.” Sehun concentrated on the air around him, he commanded it to move, to be powerful. His hands whipped through the air, swirling the air faster and faster. The ship started to shake and move back and forth. Sehun pushed the wind to push it up. Then the ship made a hissing sound and a wall of electricity shot out, knocking the three of them down. Chanyeol jumped, “What the hell was that?” Xiumin helped Sehun up, “I don't know but let's get out of here.” They climbed back up the wall to Suho and Chen. Suho let the water fall back into place. Suho turned, “Maybe we should hide. Catch that hunter when he comes, if the others didn't catch him yet.”
They all took a bush or whatever they could find to hide behind.