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Hello Inspirits!! The Valentines date is finally underway with Woohyun~ x.x Woohyun and I (or yourself just say the I for yourselves! :D ) finally get vacation time away from work and what better place then having a getaway to Jeju Island since it has been planned beforehand.

Make it to the motel room. We split the bill for the stay since I love to help and we planned this. Settling and unpacking getting ready for the adventures in the days ahead. We talk about really anything, sing, and play around before we settle down for the night. The next day we get up early for the first adventure!

Hallasan National Park! We get ready for our hike then head out. Taking pictures along the way of our 2 to 2.5 hour hike upwards.

Getting to the top you smile seeing and taking in a lot of the scenery while he wraps his arms around you happy to be with you most of all. Staying a little while before heading back down another 2 to 2.5 hours before stopping to get something to eat when you leave the park. Just as the night before you talked while having fun and walking around the area a bit before settling for the night in cuddles into the next day. The next destinations: Spirited Garden first then Hallim Park.

Always you took pictures for the memories~ When you entered it was full of Bonsai and other interesting places and scenery.

Lastly you went to a few other small places including a glass shop where you both had something crafted to remember this trip along with the pictures. Anything you both wanted! Then he buys you the traditional favorite flowers and sweet things you craved, but before the nights ends you both it in a beautiful kiss!!
Pretend you are Soo and he'd kiss you so differently then that picture xD \^0^/