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Ok so i know this has been out for awhile and i thought it uploaded but it doesn't look like it did. Anyway i was squealing so hard. I love this Music video!!!
This scenery is so amazing!
ahh sexy jungkook!!!
Oh my god Rap monster is the leader for the bad guys!!!!
Ahhh sexy Suga!!!!
God i love him with the bandana !
Bang! ugh right in the heart!!!
Aaah that look!!!! he has killed me!!!

Jungkook nooooo you killing me!!!ekk
oh gosh don't trust him!
I don't trust him...hes the one who kills everyone
Ahh sexy j-hope!!!

oh my gosh i love that stage its so pretty
Suga!!! singing the chorus ugh so sexy!!!
look it shows the sky....I love this so pretty
oh no Jin and V got shot!
Jimin and Jhope too
Suga and Rap Monster nooooo

He just watched his friends get shot....nooo
nooo they all died but kookie!!!!
oh my gosh kookie killed his friends!!!!!
And beautiful stage and background again...but noo they are all dead he just watched them die!!! why why why!!!!

this was my reaction for the whole mv...i was dying!

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killing me softly jk bts totally murdered me with this mv i'm done
I've said this before but whoever shoots bts' music videos needs an Oscar! I love how they make such beautiful sunsets (like in prologue, young forever, etc.)
I also just noticed that kookie has pink highlights!! This is the first time he has dyed his hair an unnatural color 😱 he looks so good😍
Why are they always running? And why did they get shot? That part confused me, why they always dying?
right running and dying theses boys are killinh me