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They release two episodes (which Viki has Eng. sub in case you haven't seen it yet) already and my thoughts on just these two episodes was that it was really INTERESTING! The story-line is different and it seems pretty good that I want to keep watching to see what is going to happen; which the writers purposely do to keep you watching. (And it has trap me in!) The actors and actresses also bring a great performance to the screen and I love there characters (so far at least). I rate this drama five stars as of right now! This drama could really be good and something worth watching especially if you're going through Master's Sun and Good Doctor withdrawals, haha. So what do you think of the new drama? (P.S. the video is part of the OST of Marry Him If You Dare, pretty catchy song) Peace. :)
Haha true. :)
yeah... although it has time traveling again atleast it has a different feel to it.. there's a theory that when time traveling you can't let your other self see you.. it's against the rule.. like time traveler's wife... nine: nine time travels... dr. jin.. operation proposal.. faith... and the likes but here.. it is not applied... i guess to get a better story.. it's about a future self helping to make life better for the past self so she on the future will have a happy life... i don't have anything against it.. i even find it funny... still.. i love this drama a lot.. and excited for what to happen it the nxt episodes...^^
I'm also a CNBlue fan which is why I really wanted to see this drama because I love JungHwa! <3 And you're right this drama storyline is better then Heirs, no offensive to Heirs but it's kinda of typical.
@nylamrehs yes I agree love all the CNBlue boys and their music :)
@tweek... i'm a cnblue fan too since i'm a loner.. when they were a newbie in the industry.. i was captivated by jung yongwa's voice.. the shyness and lovely voice of jonghyun, kang minhyuks drumming skills and jungshin's tallness... hahaahah.... for me, they all look good...love them.... yeah this two dramas are awesome... and i want more episodes of these dramas...
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