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Hey Vinglers! This is KDramaKPop1015, and I found the need to inform you guys of BTS' new song and MV.

To start off with, their new video is freaking AMAZING!!!!!! And is it just me or does Jungkook look older? It's weird to look at him and think that he's growing up from his debut face to a more filled out, and mature look. Does anyone else agree?

Overall the whole music video, song, dance, and back up dancers are spectacular!

Since I still don't know how to work the updated Vingle website I will give you the link to BTS's new MV. The song is called 'Not Today.' Here it is!!!!

The title of the song... Not much I can say about this picture.

Lovely Rap Mon here with his amazing purple hair! Which you will be able to get a closer look at later in this card. 😊

Here is the whole gang, including their awesome backup dancers!

Here we have the maknae Jungkook, with all his manlyness.

Here is V.... I couldn't get a good picture of him is his cool white coat outfit, but here is V in all his glory!

Again, with a better picture, we have Rap Mon and a closer look at his hair. I just gotta say that he is rocking the purple hair!!

Then here is Jimin in all his sunset pink hair glory. I love how the sunset colors in the back make his hair look like a neon pink!

And here is an action shot of Jin. He looks pretty serious!

And last, but definitely not least is Suga!!!!! I love the red coat on him!! Oh, look! I lied. Here is a good picture of V's swagalishious white coat outfit!

And I give you this cool picture because I like it! ^-^:

And here is the whole gang running, from someone or something...

Which leads me to this picture I found online:

Whoever made this picture has a good point. What do you guys think?

All pictures do not belong to me, and the video doesn't belong to me either. Credit goes towards the makers of the video and pictures.

I apologize for not having more individual pictures of each BTS member. It was hard for me to get good pictures. I hope you all like, and enjoy the video!

Signing out,

KDramaKPop1015. 💖