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Twice -Knock Knock

Twice has dropped another bubblegum pop song on us and this one is supposedly a continuation music video for 'TT'. Can you see the connection? No. Well that's because the connection was sloppily made but a well thought out theory. Do you guys remember the end of TT how someone was desperately knocking on the girls door. Well apparently it was them and seeing how the children had seen cartoon versions of them singing, it's no surprise that they were surprised to see the non-cartoon version......
Do you get what I'm saying? Well if you do good because hopefully now you see the connection between 'TT' and 'Knock Knock' ending. Write your comments below and let me know what you think? And if you saw the connection more clearly than I did.

Tagging all of my lovelies (please let me know whether you want to be tagged or untagged)

I am not watching the "Knock Knock" MV until after the 24 hour mark because BTS comes first for me when at any time they make a comeback. But I hope the song is good.
lol whatever works for you
Okay, so I just watched the MV. All I can say is that the song is gonna be stuck in my head for a while. 😂
Sadly I didn't care much for this song as much as TT. Idk, it was a little too cute for me. I like Twice, don't get me wrong, but this one wasn't cutting it for me 😂
lol I didn't think this one was cuter than TT but I guess it was cute too
I think this is like a prequel of TT because of that book and also that cameo of papa Jyp in pjs
I can't wait for all of the theories
yeah me too and also thanks for commenting
you're welcome
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