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Pentagon and BTS Use Same MV Location?
I AM NOT TRYING TO STIR THINGS UP. PEOPLE USE THE SAME FILMING LOCATIONS ALL THE TIME. I'm not comparing the MVs, I'm simply saying it's interesting!

When I watched the first 5 seconds of the BTS MV, I knew I had seen it before!

Sure enough, it was in the Pentagon teaser!

I wonder where this is...

Also, remember when random ARMY were pissed at Pentagon for having a similar (though totally not similar) scene as BTS?
I wonder how those ARMY will act now hahahah I love seeing mean fans have the tables turned on them. I'm sure BTS and Pentagon don't care at all, since they're both totally different and unique groups :)
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I am a army and I don't find it offensive at all 馃榾 I mean anyone is free to film in the same place is all about the music I hate fanwars or that one group came first or is better for me I support each and every group that wants to succeed
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There tons of location, of course at some point they'll use the same. Look at movies, they use the same location all the time :)
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Some people are just stupid, in my opinion....
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Ppl always wanna start shiz
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One location looked like it is where Monsta X filmed.
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I love this scene location. So the more times I get to see it in videos the happier I am. Thanks for sharing this news!! I seriously have to pay more attention to Pentagon. I wasn't even aware of this teaser video, and it was released in 2016!! I need to become a better fan.
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