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Only a few more left to go! XD
What is the card for this day~

Day 17 - What drama or dramas have you watched that has a member in it?

Ooo I like this one!

Okay, well like I mentioned in an earlier card I did see Yonghwa in You're Beautiful.

If you haven't seen it you should watch it!

I have also seen Yonghwa and Minhyuk in Heartstrings!

I haven't finished the drama yet but I definitely plan to!

And lastly, I have seen Jungshin in Cinderella and the Four Knights.

This drama is amazing too.
I loved all the main leads *stares at all three

What is your favorite drama with a member in it?

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

•Code Name Loners•

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The Outcasts

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The Entertainer with MinHyuk is good. I liked JungHyun as a vampire in Orange Marmalade. Next on my.list is Young Hwa's the Three musketeers.