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LOL Vingle got mad at me and made me post these an hour later XD
But one more after this one! YAYYY!
Let's see what Day 19 is

Day 19 - Favorite 5 Live Performances?

Ah man this is gonna be hard!
Hmm, let's see..

This is in no specific order but I LOVED this one!

lmao...them making fun of Yonghwa was great XD

The set in this one is awesome!

And they sing so great live in this video... O.O

I like this one because they look like they are having a BLAST.

I mean they always look like they have fun but I couldn't stop smiling when Yonghwa does. XD

The sound isn't too great on this one but despite that they still sound amazing.

The harmonies are SOOO GOOD.

And they are a little more serious in this one but the chants add to it so much!

Plus this is one of my favorite songs! XD

Any favorite live performances beside these ones?

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