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The door clicks open as you put two plates full of food on the table. A heavy sigh comes from the door as you smile, glad that Doojoon is home from practice. Setting the plates gently on the table you walked over to Doojoon as he leaned against the entrance.

“Rough day?” You wrapped your arms around him as his cut off t-shirt with slit sides and low neck made you smile. 

“Just tiring…” He wrapped his arm around you as he tried to hold you close but your baby bump stood between you and him. A smile grew on his face, as his hand moved around you to the baby. You felt him relax in your arms.

“I made you dinner, Oppa” You said as you pecked his lips with yours.

“You’re not supposed to do that, you are supposed to rest.” You pulled him to the table as the two irresistible plates starred back at him. “Y-You made all of this for me?" 

"I thought it would be nice, since you have taken such good care of me and the baby.” You rested your hand on your bump of a stomach as you blushed. Doojoon pushed you to the chair as he helped you sit down as he sat next to you. You started eating your meal but then the little one seemed to disagree and made you sick to your stomach. You sat back in your chair taking deep breaths rubbing your stomach.

“Are you ok?” Doojoon stopped eating and put his hand on your shoulder.

“Y-yeah, the baby is just picky. That’s all” You said, “Go ahead and eat, I will stay here until you finish.” You rubbed his thigh gently as the worried look on his face. He finished eating though and saw your full plate. 

“Why don’t I clean up for you?” Doojoon offered as you nodded your head. Taking away the plates and putting the extra food into the fridge. After all the cleanup was done he sat back down next to you as you started to fall asleep. Gently lifting you up onto his hip, your head rested on his shoulder as your arms wrapped around his neck carefully, as you rubbed your head into his neck. Carefully walking you into the bedroom he laid you on the bed covering you in some blankets. Sliding in next to you he turned off the lamp and began to fall asleep next to you. 

Hot and cold flashes took you over the whole night, Flipping off the covers and pulling them back on shivering up next to him then pushing him away. You made it to the next morning where you woke up on the couch. 

“Jagi~” Doojoon called as he sat up in bed to find you missing. “Jagi!” He got out of bed and stumbled into the living room where he found you fast asleep on the couch. He knelt by your side petting your head gently kissing your forehead. “I wish that you would take care of yourself a little more, and not work so hard.” A sigh escaped his lips, “I hope I will be a good dad.” He mumbled the last part to himself as your hand ran through his morning hair.

“You will be perfect. You are already an amazing husband.” You said letting your hand drop to his shoulder.

“You take care of the baby already, you are a mother in training.” Doojoon said as his arm laid over you rubbing your back gently.

“With you taking care of me, you are a wonderful father in training.” You started to fall back asleep as Doojoon just watched you, happy that you were here for him and he was there for you.
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