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Sequel to Doojoon - Helper
Two months later, you were presented with a beautiful baby boy, Soosung. Doojoon thankfully got a week off to help you and that baby get readjusted to everything and just being parents. He helped with getting Soo’s room together and getting things for you and everything that you might need. Feedings every four hours, and barely being able to sleep caused you to be extremely tired. You tried to take naps when Soo did but the moment that you were fast asleep he needed to be fed again.

The night soon fell upon your small family. Sleeping in Doojoon’s arms you couldn’t ask for anything else, until Soo cried. Waking up you moved yourself out of Doojoon’s arms careful not to wake him.

“Jagi, I’ll take the night shift tonight.” He pulled you back down and covered you with blankets as you just nodded, from your exhausted state. He kissed your head gently then proceeded to walk to Soo’s nursery. Walking up to the crib he picked up little Soosung and held him in his arms. Bouncing him gently up and down began to soothe the little one as he pulled on Doojoon’s tank top.

“You’re a little hungry boy” Doojoon joked as he walked to the kitchen. He made a bottle putting the formula and water mixture into the microwave and warming it up for him. Testing it himself he gave it to the fussing boy as his little hands clamped around the bottle as his eyes began to drift off.

Doojoon then put a towel over his shoulder and gently burped him, trying to not wake him up. Moving him back to his arms he supported the head and gave him a kiss as he rocked the small baby in his room. He watched you peacefully sleep, can’t help but smiling at you and wanting to thank you for giving him this son and memories that he could never replace. He walked back out of the room to the living room where he sat in the rocking chair, pulling a blanket over him and Soosung. He sung some of his songs for him.

“We have to be nice to mommy, she has done a lot for you little man.
You can’t keep waking her up, you need your sleep and so does she.” Doojoon kept talking to Soo as Soo wrapped his fingers around Doojoon’s. “We always wanted a little baby. Your mommy wanted a little boy, and she got one. At first I was really scared, since I wasn’t a daddy before but now, I think we are going to have a little brother or sister soon for you to play with.” Doojoon talked to Soo about everything, how you met Doojoon to what he dreamed about the other night. Doojoon couldn’t move his eyes from the little baby that was his in his arms. Rocking back and forth soothed both of the boys as they fell asleep together.
Good daddy
yes very good!
If they're all fluffy, I don't think my heart can take it!!😫😫
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I can see that.. but my heart... what if I die with all the fluff??