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“_______!” Doojoon called as you fixed your dress in front of his full length mirror.

“In here~” You called as he walked into the living room where you were waiting for him.

“Can you help me” He asked with a little whining tone in his voice. Smiling at his childish behavior you got up from your little stool as you turned around. “My tie won’t work.” He pouted gently as you moved closer to him as your fingers gently worked themselves with the tie, trying to tie it right.

“What’s bothering you Yoonie?” You concentrated on tying the tie.

“What do you mean?” He looked down at your concentrated face which he always thought was adorable.

“You never can tie your tie when your nervous about something.” You said as you watched the knot on the tie as you slid it up into its proper place.

“I don’t know. I know that it is just your parents and that it is just dinner but” Doojoon trailed off as you looked up at his face trying to uncover what was wrong.

“My parents are going to love you. I love you so they will have to.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“What if they don’t. I just want the best for you and your parents have done such a good job with raising you and knowing what is best… I just don’t know if I can do that great of a job.” Doojoon said as he gently wrapped his arms around you pulling you close to him.

“Yoonie it is just dinner. My parents just wanted to see my amazing boyfriend that I spend so much time with.” You looked up on him as your chin rested on his chest. He nodded gently as he pecked your lips.

“We better go. I don’t want to be late.” He played with your curls in your hair as you nodded at him softly. Letting his grasp on your loosen he grabbed a coat for himself and you, as he helps you put it on. Walking out into the brisk dusk air just made Doojoon more anxious to meet your parents. To him he was more nervous then going on stage, but you knew that your parents would love him. For how much you talk about him at home, it was like they practically already knew him.

Doojoon drove to your house following your directions perfectly as he pulled into your driveway. His hands were shaking minimally but just enough for you to notice. Your hand gently traveled over his as he looked at you.

“Everything will be ok, just relax.” You gave him a smile as you kissed his cheek. He got out of the car and walked to your side letting you out as your mom’s heart melted from the window as she waited for both of you to arrive. Calling your dad over to the door, she opened the door as Doojoon and you walked inside. Sliding your coat off he hung it up as you hugged your parents, as then he proceeded to remove his jacket and hang it up next to yours.

“Mom, Dad this is Yoon Doojoon, my boyfriend.” You smiled at him happily as he bowed to your parents as they bowed back. Your father shook his hand as he introduced himself.

“_____, come help me with the table.” Your mom called as you walked into the kitchen to help her. You glanced back at Doojoon who had a fearful face as you gave him an encouraging smile and followed your mom.

“So Doojoon” Your father started as he made his way into the living room as Doojoon followed him. “What do you do for a living?”

“Um, I am a Musician for the band BEAST” Doojoon started talking. Your dad nodded knowing that everything that you had told him was true and that he saw a wonderful and perfect man for you. 

“What do you like to do for fun?” Your dad asked as he smiled, wondering if he had anything in common with Doojoon.

“I like to act and sing most of the time, but then I also like to kick back and watch sports as well as play them.” Doojoon was caught off by the relaxed question as he answered it to the best of his ability.

“So Doojoon” Your mother started as you helped her plate the delicious food that she had prepared. “He is very cute.” She cooed as you felt your cheeks burn.

“Yes he is.” You said trying to hold back a smile.

“Does he make you happy?” Your mom put her hand on yours as you looked at her in the eye.

“He does, happier than anyone that I have known before.” You begin to blush as you carry in two plates and your mom carries in two as well. She nods happily at you as she calls the boys over to eat. 

“This looks amazing, Mrs. _____!” Doojoon said taking his seat next to you and across from your dad.

“Thank you Doojoon. I hope I made your favorite dish right.” She said shyly as you bit your lip as he knew that you had told her. He nodded his head gently as he took a bite.

“Wow this is amazing! I think that you make it as good as my mom.” Doojoon says taking another bite as the rest of the family joins in.

“This is one of my favorite dishes.” Your dad commented, “You have an excellent taste Doojoon.” Doojoon glances at you with his comment as you both hold hands under the table.

“Thank you. My taste is unique but it brings out the best qualities.” Doojoon explained as your dad nodded along, approving of him and his elegant language and manners.

“He is too perfect.” Your mom squealed catching you off guard, “I approve, you two should just get married already.” Your cheeks flushed red as you just looked down at your food. Doojoon smiled at your parents happy that they approve of his dreams.

“I am so happy for you two too. I approve as well. I give you all of our blessings.” Your dad said as his hand gently moved into your mom’s.

The rest of the night went perfectly as you played some games after dinner, getting to know one another a little better.

“You don’t have to leave right away. How about you two spend the night, it would be our pleasure.” Your mom offered as you both happily took it. Both couples retired to their rooms as Doojoon shared yours with you. He changed into some of your dad’s clothes and you changed into some of yours that you left at home.

“Was there anything to worry about today?” You asked as you slipped into your bed as Doojoon offered to take the floor since your bed was too small for the both of you. Also due to your parents rule that you couldn’t sleep together. He shook his head as your hand wrapped around his. Doojoon’s arms opened for you as you rested your head on the side of your bed. He smiled at you gently as you knew that he wanted to cuddle with you.

“I don’t want to get into trouble Doojoon.” You sadly said as you adverted your eyes.

“Your parents practically said that we could get married I think one night of cuddling won’t do anything.” He smiled at you, slightly giggling as he felt blush fill his cheeks, as you moved down to the floor resting your head on his chest.

“Goodnight Yoonie” You cooed, closing your eyes.

“Goodnight my love” He kissed your head as he turned off the light letting you both fall into the night’s grasp.
Awwww my parents would keep him on the couch for the night with my dad making night trips to make sure we stayed apart. Haha her parents are laid back
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