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With your ticket ordered there was nothing now that could stop you. A couple years with being a homemaker for Doojoon, you couldn’t take it anymore, there was no projects for you to be doing to keep you busy. Months ago you brought up your concerns about this to Doojoon, to which he brought up that you could get a part time job to pass the time. Since then you had tried to land simple jobs with no luck, moving to the more intricate jobs you had no success either.

One afternoon you were talking with your mom, lounging around the apartment that Doojoon and you shared.

“Did you know that Dad is opening some more positions in his business. I heard that you were looking for one and maybe you could come back and live with us.” Your Mom has always looked over you since you moved in with Doojoon and out of their place. After all you were her baby girl, her princess.

“Send over the job application and I will see what I can do.” You said as you gave her your email.

“So how are you and Doojoon doing?” Your Mom always asked, just checking in.

“Ok I guess, he is at work a lot lately but that is expected with a new album coming out but we talked about me getting a job and he was fine with it.” You heard the door open, “Hey Mom, Doojoon’s here I will have to call you back tomorrow, ok? Love you.” You hung up the phone as Doojoon changed in the bedroom. Walking to the bedroom you leaned against the door.

“How was your day Joonie?” You said sweetly, he came out of the closet as he finished putting on his big, loose tank top.

“It was hard but nothing that I couldn’t do.” He said with a sleepy smile as you both held hands and sat on the bed. Doojoon laid on your lap as you ran your fingers through his hair.
Straightening the strands on his head just to mess them back up again.

Thoughts ran through Doojoon’s mind as you played with his hair. He saw your purchase of an airplane ticket but he didn’t want to say anything quite yet.

“Did you find a job yet?” He said instead.

“My Mom might have found one for me, working for my Dad.” You said as your fingers worked slower, now massaging his scalp. “I was going to put in for the job tomorrow.” Doojoon soon fell asleep in your arms.

In the next couple days you put in for the job at your Dad’s as you saw an email from him.
Holding your breath you opened it. You had been accepted for the job at your Dad’s. Doojoon and you were hardly together anymore. When you asked him a question he answered it plainly as he could, you two didn’t even cuddle at night anymore, he never asked you for massages or to get him dinner. It was like he was forgetting you. Responding to your Dad’s email you happily accepted and told him that you would be a plane the next day.

That brought you now back to the present, you were packing up all of your belongings into your suitcases and boxes that you packed quickly. Leaving Doojoon’s and your house for the last time, you left him a note so he wouldn’t be left on a limb. Locking the door behind you, the cab waited outside for you as you toted your belongings down to the car.

The long ride to the airport was lonely but you knew that it was part of moving on. Even Doojoon said that you should get a job. With all of your belongings in three suitcases they crowded around you as you waited for six hours there.

Maybe you could have stayed a little bit more at home or just hang out of your friends’ house instead of sitting at the airport. Thoughts like that ran through your mind as you sat there playing on your phone, passing the time.

A few hours into the dark of the night, Doojoon returned home as he searched for you, not seeing your laptop or your clothes, nothing of yours made him worry. The distance between you had grown worse in the last couple days, but he didn’t think that it bothered you this much to leave. He noticed your note on the counter as it brought tears to his eyes that you were leaving, not only leaving him but leaving the country.

Grabbing his coat he drove to the airport, checking his phone for the next flight that you could be on. Parking his car in the pickup lane, he threw his keys at the valet. Running around the airport he spent a while just retracing his steps as he saw a girl that looked like you as he slowly approached you. With music playing in your headphones that sat in your ears, you couldn’t hear anything as your eyes just stared down at the ground. Two familiar shoes came into your view as you gently raised your head at the panting Doojoon.

“I found you…” His words got drown out by his rapid breath as you got up and pushed past him, yet he caught you by the shoulders as he put you back down in the seat and sat beside you as well.

“Doojoon, I have to leave, I got a job like you wanted and I want to go home.” You said as tears brimmed your already eyes.

“I wanted you to get a job that was still close to me, so you wouldn’t be so lonely at home.” He
stopped and slid his hands down your arms as he stopped at your hands massaging them gently. “What about our home?”

“It’s not the same Doojoon. I need to go see my parents.” You got up and dragged your luggage behind you as you started to head to your terminal. He stood up as you walked away. One foot then the other, but then your footsteps slowed, your heart felt like it was being torn. Soon you came to a stop as you looked back at Doojoon. His figure was still there, now you couldn’t choose between him and your family.

Doojoon watched you as his heart walked right beside you. He watched you turn around as he stood there for another moment before waving at you before he stuck his hands in his pockets and walked off. Not being able to bear your choice, he walked around the corner with his head held low. His moved from your view as you started to breathe faster. Your parents could wait, but he couldn’t. Soon your feet pounded against the floor as you followed Doojoon’s footsteps.
Ducking through the crowds you wrapped your arms around him. Frozen in time he looked around in disbelief that it was you. Turning around in your arms he wrapped his arms around you.

“I can’t live without you Yoonie. I’m sorry.” You cried into his shirt.

“It’s ok Jagi~ I would have done the same thing.” He held you for a while as the area cleared. “I think you missed your flight.”

“I don’t care, home is your arms around me.” You mumbled into his chest as it really did feel like home, it felt right.
She tried to leave?!?!?! I would have taken up a hobby or something and kept myself busy
well she wanted to go explore. haha what is there to do in a hotel room though?
Oh my goodness!!!
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Really? I'm glad xD