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“Are you ready for me to beat you up again?” Doojoon said as he tightened his cleats.

“More than ready for you to eat my points.” His ten year old daughter, Cami, called as she dribbled the ball between her feet. Doojoon got up and ran kicking the ball from her feet. “No fair Appa!” She called into the air as she ran after him. Her feet pounded against the grass as clods of dirt flung from both of their shoes. Sprinting to the goal she guarded as Doojoon shot and she caught it.

“Aish~ You make a good goalie.” Doojoon said as Cami kicked the ball to the other side of the field. It was now a sprinting contest as she ran fast as she surpassed him kicking the ball into the goal she did her victory dance.

“Appa! I think you need to work out more. You can’t keep up.” She teased as he caught his breath.

“Yah! I think I just need to work out with you more.” Doojoon said happily as she grabbed the ball and tossed it to him.  He threw the ball in as she ran and scored another goal. She ran around with him for the rest of the morning before taking a break for lunch.

“Appa did you want to start over after lunch since it is 27-0?” Cami took a drink of her water as she laid on the grass.

“Best two out of three then.” Doojoon said as sweat dripped from his face. Taking a sandwich in her hand she ate it quickly as she kneed the ball as she waited for him to finish as she finished off a water bottle.

Grey clouds began to bustle in the sky as Doojoon and Cami played, rain sprinkled down on them as the field became muddy as Cami had some sliding saves and Doojoon got a few goals.

“So what does that make us?” Doojoon asked as he felt the cool water run down his body.

“15-2.” Cami said as she stole the ball and scored, “16-2. What does the winner get?” She asked as Doojoon sat on the ground.

“How about a nice warm shower?” He said as the rain let up gently.

“Something else Daddy.” She said ash she hit his shoulder.

“How about I give you a dollar for how ever many points you win by?” Doojoon said breathlessly as she took the ball and scored another one.

“17-2. Just from this game or both?” She asked as she smiled and wiped her sweat away.

“Both, to make it interesting.” Doojoon said as he ran and scored a goal too.

The sun disappeared an hour or two ago as they walked home, reminiscing the wonderful games that those two played together. With the sunset behind them and none of them looking enjoying it as they played their hearts out.

“When can I get fifty dollars?” Cami said she held Doojoon’s hand gently.

“When we can actually think straight and my chest doesn’t hurt.” Doojoon said as you walked through the door to their home. Mud slipped off from their cleats as they took them off. Rain and grass stains littered their uniforms as they snuck into the house. Cami got a cold water from the fridge as they both sat on the couch and fell asleep exhausted from the day as you came out to find what the sound is.

Smiling at them together you obviously knew who won. With matching cuts and bruises, mud lines and sweat marks you giggled at them as you put a pillow under their head leaving them to sleep in peace.
We they spent allot of time outside
yes yes the do!
Awe, so sweet 😍😍
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