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Packing for a day with twins wasn’t easy, seeing the little toddlers across from you in their high chairs sleeping was just the most beautiful sight ever; your seven month old twins your little girl, Megan, and your son, Josh. Doojoon came out from the bedroom as he saw you all dressed up in your scrubs.

“Do you have to go to the hospital?” He asked knowing that you worked as a specialized nurse for the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

“Yeah I will be gone for the whole day and come back late, we have several surgeries today that they wanted me to sit in on.” You said as you packed two more bottles into the diaper bag.
“Would you mind watching the twins?”

“Sure I wouldn’t mind.” Doojoon smiled as he looked over at the twins sleeping in their high chairs. Taking Josh and Megan into his arms, he was going to get them dressed and ready for the day.

“I packed the bags for you. Have a wonderful day and if you need me call me ok?” You made sure as you walked over to him as you kissed his lips gingerly.

“I will.” He said against your lips as he held your lips longer against his. Breaking the kiss slightly breathless you kissed the twins gently before you grabbed your bag and went out of your home.

“AIsh, mommy works too hard.” Doojoon said as he walked to the nursery changing Megan into a cute pink long sleeved dress as Josh was in a little sweater and jeans. Sliding them into their carriers Doojoon grabbed the diaper bag as well as his work out bag and the twins and headed out the door.

Arriving at the studio the BEAST members welcomed the sleeping babies with cute comments as he placed the carriers on the couch as he made sure that they were ok and still sleeping before he went to practice.

Dancing a few songs Josh began to fuss as he kicked his arms and legs around. Yoseob was dancing closest to him as he tried to make faces at him til they finished the dance. Once the song was over Doojoon ran over and took little Josh out of his carrier rocking him gently. He kept crying and whimpering as Hyungseung tried to play with him as Dongwoon watched over Megan.

He kept crying as AJ tried hard to look for something in the bag that he brought with no success.

“Can’t you call _____?” Junhyung asked as he tried to help with the silly faces.

“I could try but she is at the hospital today.” Doojoon said as he pulled out his phone and called you.

“Yoboseo?” You answered as you were about ready to go into a surgery.

“Jagi~ How do you get Josh to stop crying?” Doojoon pleaded as you could hear the distressed baby in the background.

“You have to rub his back in circles as his head is close to your heart.” You said as you were demonstrating even though he couldn’t see. Doojoon put the call on speaker as he did as you told him too. “Give him one of the bottles that I packed for you too, or a binky works.” You added as he gave him a binky getting him to calm down.

“Thanks Jagi~ Good luck today. Hwaiting.” Doojoon said quietly.

“No problem. Thank you.” You hung up the call afterwards as the members though that it would be best if they worked on singing next. Moving the twins to the floor. Yoseob and Dongwoon held the little babies passing them in a circle when they changed to the next song. It took everyone to help take care of the little ones.

Josh was finally down for a nap on Hyungseung’s chest as he laid on the floor as Megan started to cry as well. Not taking any chances this time, he dialed you up.

“Jagi?” He said desperately not wanting to wake up the members or Josh this time.

“Yoonie, what’s up?” You asked as you were just checking patients now.

“How do you get Megan to sleep without her blanket?” Doojoon knew that she only sleeps with him if she has her blanket that he left it at home.

You chuckled at such a wonderful and lovely husband you had, “Sing her your song that you have for her.”

“She will sleep with just that?” Doojoon said as he laid down on the floor holding her on his chest.

“Just like I do. But maybe I should sing with you, just to be sure.” You said as you started singing her favorite song, Megan began to grab for the phone as he put it on speaker for her to hear. Doojoon sung with you gently as she snuggled into his chest just like you do. Rubbing her back gently Doojoon watched her fall asleep as did the rest of the members.

“I love you, I have to go.” You said as Doojoon wished you a good day, hanging up as he took a nap too.

Your boss let you go home six hours early since they rescheduled the surgery. Checking the time you though that you would stop by the studio in case they were still there. Looking through the window of the room you saw six men sleeping on the floor with two of them having babies on their chest.

Taking a picture you opened the door, snapping a few more pictures you moved to each of the members waking them up one by one as they got up and hugged you, leaving for the dorm so that they could get a good nights sleep. Getting to Dongwoon you took little Josh off and held him in your arms as you woke up Dongwoon. He stumbled to his feet as he hugged you and said goodbye to the little babies as he left leaving you with Doojoon and your two babies.

“Yoonie~” You sung as you cleaned up the mess putting the twins into their carriers. Running your hands through his hair, giving him a head massage he moaned as his eyes opened to you. He smiled as he hoisted himself up and kissed you on the lips.

“Thank you for letting me call you.” He said as you leaned against his shoulder.

“Being a mom is my first and the job that I enjoy the most.” You said as he pet your head gently.

Sitting there in the quiet room, you closed your eyes as he began to sing a quiet song for you, he laid back down on the floor as you snuggled next to him as you were too tired to go home.
Awwwwwww the members helped and so did she. Thats cute
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