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“Yoonie, do you really have to go?” You whispered as your arms tightened around him. You felt him nod as his arms tightened around your waist.

“How long will you be gone?” You asked as he looked down at you.

“Two years” He said in his saddened tone as you laid on top of him listening to his heart.

“Two years too long.” You mumbled into his bare chest, his light giggle seemed to weighed down with emotion as he rubbed your back softly.

“Sleep tight, my love.” Doojoon said  in his sleepy tone as he began to nod off to sleep.

“Sleep well, my solider.” Tears ran down your cheeks as you tried to keep your voice from cracking.

“I am going to miss you so much, ______.” Doojoon admitted as he kisses your head letting his lips linger against your skin.

“I am going to miss you so much more, Yoonie.” Your voice cracked as he held you tighter, tears ran down his face as well as he sung gently through his tears, your favorite song to lull you to sleep.

You wanted to spend every moment with him, while he was still here, trying to take in everything. The way he breathes, the way he smells, the way his arms wrap around you and hold you tight, the sound of his heart beating with yours. His comfy body and his smooth skin that you love to draw on, everything you loved about him, every inch. Drifting off to sleep in his arms, he watched you that night for as long as he could before he too fell asleep happily with you in his arms.

Parents and friends bid goodbye to their soldiers. Watching Doojoon talk to his superiors before trotting over to you and lifting you up in his arms. He set you down as you still clung to his uniform.

“Do you really have to go? I will miss you too much.” You said against his neck as you kissed his muscular neck.

“I will miss you too sweetheart.” He pulled his arms from around you as his fingers combed through your hair. His lips kissed yours, moving his lips over yours he kisses you for the last time making it everything that you and him enjoyed together. Hearing his officers call him over, he kissed your neck a little before bowing to you.

“See you soon, my love.” He whispered in your ear which made your skin crawl. Pulling away letting your hand keep hold of his until he couldn’t hang onto you any more.

“Bye, my Yoonie.” Tears fell from your eyes as you watched him become one in the crowd you felt your heart burn.

– Two years later –

Watching a movie to pass the time before you were supposed to pick up Doojoon from the same place where you dropped him off. Just in your pajamas, you heard a knock at the door as you paused your movie, running to the door you opened it.

“Hello Jaigiya~” Doojoon cooed with his smile for you on his face.

“Yoonie?” You questioned just to see if he was real, since you have hallucinated him coming to you hundreds of times.

“It’s me. I’m home.” He said as he dreamed about you all the time as well.  Taking a single rose from behind his back he presented it to you as you wrapped your arms around his neck and cried into his uniform.

“It’s really you, it’s really you.” You said breathlessly against his chest. Wrapping his arms around you he held you tightly not wanting to ever let you go again. Letting his grip falter from you he followed your figure up to your chin as he lifted it off of his chest and pressed his lips against yours.

His lips never moved from yours as he tilted his head, standing on your tippy toes you ran your fingers through his hair as the kiss felt like he never left. It was like a dream, with him coming back and just him being here with him.

“What did you do while I was gone?” He said with his lips tantalizingly close to yours as you were breathless as he was.

“Miss you.” His eyes moved from one of yours to the other as his smile melted your heart as you both embraced. He lifted you into his arms as he carried you to the bedroom.

“Did you want to finish watching your movie?” He asked as he set you down on the bed as he changed out of his uniform.

“What movie?” You said as he slipped under the covers with you as you cuddled against his chest taking in everything about him once again. Closing your eyes he sung your song for you again as you sung with him. Both of you were in tears and couldn’t help but show him how much you missed him.
I know you like fluffy, and I do too.. But I was seeing this going in a different direction xP hehe
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You're welcome 😊
This was fluffier than I expected, but I'm okay with that.
sweet! I am glad you are okay with that cause i love the fluff!
Awwww that was sweet!!! I really enjoyed it!!!
thank you so much!!! I am so glad that you enjoyed it! thanks for reading
He left......(ಥ_ಥ)
he had to but but but he came back