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Constant beeping of machines woke Doojoon up first as he looked around. Nurses bustled around as he looked over to the bed to the left of him. Nurses moved around the body as he caught a glimpse of the body that laid next to him. It was you, his wife, the beautiful love of his life; sitting up he called your name as you didn’t respond. Nurses came over and restrained him back to his bed as tears rolled down his face as cried out for you.

“Let me just hold her hand… just her hand.” He reached out through the bars for your hand as the nurses pushed the beds together. Your limp hand laid in his as ha calmed down and just watched you. Once they stabilized you, they let both of you rest as Doojoon looked over you, wondering what happened just a few hours ago.

– 3 hours ago –

“Jagiya~ You look beautiful, just come out already.” Doojoon teased as you walked out in your tight navy blue dress with a single shoulder strap.  You spun around for him as he was there in his navy blue button up shirt to match and white pants.

“I told you, beautiful.” He wrapped his arms around you as he kissed your lips deeply causing you to become light headed from the kiss.  Pulling away he left his hand on your hip as you both walked to the car. Opening the door for you like a gentleman, you slid into the seat as he took his place next to you. Starting the car, he drove off through the city as the lights danced on the car as he passed green light after green light.

Horns blared  as he pulled himself over you. Crunching of metal and the smell of car fluids filled the air as lights flashed into the night air as Doojoon and you got pried out of the totaled car. The medical personnel put you both into the ambulance and transported you to the hospital. 

Here he was, holding onto his unconscious wives hand as he just looked at you and your beautiful face. 

Slowly opening your eyes, you clutched your head and the pain inside of it as you let out a groan.

“________? Are you awake?” Doojoon whispered not to hurt your head any further.

“I think so. But who is _______?” You asked as Doojoon called the nurses in. The doctor rushed in and looked at you immediately as they shined a light in your eye and asked you questions as you couldn’t answer any of them.

“Mr. Yoon, it seems that your wife has lost her memory for the time being. We believe that it will come back, it will just take some time and love to bring it back. Please let us know if you have any questions.” With a bow he smiled and left.

“Hey. Do you know who I am?” Doojoon looked over at you as you shook your head, then you discovered that you were holding his hand. Ripping your hand out of his, you turned over to the side as he tried to explain.

“I am Doojoon, your husband. We have been married for four beautiful, memory filled years.
We don’t have any kids yet but we always wanted them. We have a small apartment together and our anniversary is coming up.” Doojoon said as you nodded.

“I am just scared, I don’t know what is going on and I don’t remember anything.” You said
quietly as you turned back over.

“i know, I will help you though this.” Doojoon said as he turned off your light. “Get some rest. It will help your memory come back.” Nodding your head you closed your eyes and Doojoon watched you as you fell asleep.

Within the week, you were back home. Still trying to find your memory, Doojoon answered any question that you had as he dealt with everything for you from telling your work about the accident to your family members. He also had been reading up on the fastest ways to get your memory back.

“_______ can you come in the living room for me?” Doojoon called as he stood up and you came from the bedroom from a recent shower.

“What is it Doojoon?” You asked as you sat on the couch. He knelt in front of you as he placed his hand on your knee.

“I want to try something to get your memory back, but you have to trust me.” Doojoon’s eyes were kind and inviting as you nodded.

“I trust you.” You said as he moved closer to you as his lips gently pressed onto yours, his hand gently cupped your cheek as he pulled you closer, your hands snaked around his neck and gently held him closer to you as he saw you on the inside starting to come back out again.
Gently pulling away he pecked your lips a couple more times before his eyes opened to yours.
“Joonie, I love you.” Those sweet words rang on his ears and his heart as he knew that he called out a little part of your memory. Tears streamed down his face as you gently wiped them away.

“I love you too jagiya.” He wrapped his arms tightly around you and cried in your shoulder as more and more moments filled into your memory. Rubbing his back soothingly you just held him as he let all of his frustration and fear from your memory loss go, through tears.

Months later you both had returned back to normal as one night you both were cuddling on the couch and watching a show as he held you loosely around the waist as you leaned against his chest.

“Do you remember that night when we were in the hospital together?” Doojoon nodded at your question as his head gently rested on your shoulder. “What did you tell me before the accident?”

That was the only part that you didn’t remember and it was even a little fuzzy for Doojoon as well.

“I told you that you were beautiful, but I forgot to mention that I can’t live without you and that I love you.” Tears swelled in his eyes from the life threatening crash as you held his hands in yours.

“I won’t forget again. I promise.” Whispering softly, you kissed his cheek as you both savored the time that you had together.
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