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A gentle morning breeze blew through the windows of your father’s large mansion, the sheer curtains danced beside the open windows. Shining black shoes moved across the polished tile floors, the clicking of the soles of the shoes got louder as they approached your door. A strong yet gentle hand gently grasped your brass door handle that hung on your pure white door, turning the handle slowly, the man walked through the open door and smiled when he saw you fast asleep in your bed. Pastel purple covers hugged your shoulders and hips as they draped over the form of your body, moving to the windows in your room, the man opened them slowly, watching your sleeping face as the light filled the room was magical. Opening the windows just slightly, the crisp morning air soon cooled down the slightly warm room, turning on his heels, the man walked over to the side of your bed.

Easing himself down on the edge, the bed dipped to accommodate for his weight, his head slightly turned to get a better look at your beautiful face while you slightly moved, pulling the sheets up under your chin due to the cold air that was now flooding your room. Lifting his hand up your hair, he tucked some of the stray strands behind your ear before his fingers ghosted over your cheek, his brown eyes slowly moved over your beautiful, flawless skin before his hand rested on your shoulder.

“________, Miss ________ time to wake up” He cooed gently, shaking your shoulder gently from side to side, his thumb carefully brushed over your skin. A moan came from your lips as you tried to pull the covers up over your head. With a chuckle spilling from his lips, he grasped the sheets and pulled them down slightly, finally opening your eyes, you whined and rolled onto your back.

“Why are you here Mr. Yoon?” You questioned him in your whispering voice.

“Your father wanted you to go out with him today, since he has a few hours free today” Yoon Doojoon answered you while he stood up from your bed and went to your closet to choose something acceptable for the outing today.

“Can’t he let me sleep in?” You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes and yawning while watching his shadow move around in your closet.

“He can’t especially when you two are going to have breakfast on the balcony and I would get fired if I made you late for anything” Doojoon replied with a smile as he found a cute white dress and a tasteful light pink shall that would cover your shoulders as well as match the pink flower hair clip that he had in his hand.

“You are just my bodyguard” You stated while Doojoon came out and folded your clothes for the day neatly on the white bench in your bathroom.

“Bodyguard entitles more than just protecting you, I have to protect your emotions and follow my bosses, I mean, your father’s orders.” Doojoon walked out of your bathroom. “Clean up and I will be right outside of your door if you need me.”

Bowing politely to you, he walked out of your big double doors that made a grand entrance into your bedroom, leaving the door slightly open, you saw Doojoon’s short hair and his hand at his sides before you shook your head with a smile that was starting to curl on your lips. Lifting your bed sheets from you, you lowered yourself from the bed onto the cool carpeted floors and made your way into the bathroom.

Turning on the warm water for a quick shower, you turned on your radio that sat on your counter in the bathroom, with your favorite cd playing you sang along quietly while you stepped under the warm water of the shower. Your melodic notes flowed from the bathroom out to your open door and into Doojoon’s ears.

Swaying slightly at your beautiful voice that he had the privilege of hearing every morning and evening, he still couldn’t help but smile while letting the notes play in his head, thinking how your voice and his would sound together in harmony.

The clacking of footsteps and the shutting off of your shower, snapped Doojoon back into the present, standing up tall and balling his fists that hung down at his sides, he looked ahead with a military glare to the other side of the hallway.

“Is my daughter just about ready?” His boss, your father, questioned

“Yes, sir. I will send her out to the balcony for breakfast once she is done” Doojoon bowed as he gave his respect to his boss.

“Good, see to it, Mr. Yoon, that she wears this necklace as well” Your father held out his closed hand, Doojoon extended both of his with his palms up to receive the necklace. Your father gently placed it in his hands before he bowed and walked down the hall.

Doojoon’s eyes carefully moved over the beautiful gold necklace that your father had given him, finding your initials on the gold heart that was decorated with beautiful diamonds and rubies. Moving his other hand into his pocket, he felt around finding the bracelet that he had been meaning to give you for a few years now. Retracting the bracelet out of his pocket, he gazed down at the simple gift, a silver bracelet with a flat heart hanging down from the center­, with nothing really special or extravagant setting this bracelet apart from your others, he sighed as he held onto the small token of his love for you.

Quickly, the door opened to you, his eyes looked over his shoulder at you standing there.

“Would you mind helping me?” You quietly asked, with a nod of his head he headed back into your room. “I just need help with the flower clip that you set out for me.”

“Of course” He nodded and pulled out your stool that you used occasionally when you wanted him to do your hair. Taking a seat, you crossed your legs while he stood behind you. Gathering a little bit of hair from each side of your head he gently twisted it making your hair look like ropes before he clasped them both together on the back of your head with the cute pink flower clip to accent.

“There you are, Miss _______” He stepped back.

“Thank you” You turned around and looked at him, “Do you think I need a necklace or something?”

Tilting your head at your question that you wanted his opinion on, he nodded and smiled softly at you. Holding out his hand that held the necklace, he watched your eyes lit up while you gently looked down at the beautiful necklace that he held.

“Could you put that one on for me?” You asked, looking up into his eyes, nodding his head, you turned around and gathered all of your hair and pulled it over one shoulder.

Unclasping the necklace, he lifted it up over your head and gently brought it around your neck. Carefully clasping it again, his fingers brushed over the soft skin of your neck, causing his heart to skip a beat and his breath to hitch in his throat. With quivering fingers, he finally managed to hook both ends of the necklace together. Turning around to show him, you smiled and looked down at the heart pendant that rested beautifully on your upper chest.

“Thank you” You smiled at him while your fingers gently played with the heart wanting it to be perfect.

“I think you need a bracelet too” He offered, pulling out his bracelet that he got for you; he smiled as you held out your left hand for him to wrap it around. Carefully he unclasped it and wrapped it around your delicate wrist, your fingers brushed against his skin before he was able to clasp it once again.

Bending your arm, you brought the bracelet up for closer inspection. A bright smile curled onto your lips and caused your teeth to be shown.

“This is so beautiful, how have I not seen this bracelet before?” You questioned him as your eyes slowly met his.

“That is because…” Doojoon started to speak but realized that he was breaking protocol so he stopped.

“Because…” You inquired making him smile

“I got that bracelet for you, I wanted to confess that I really like you” Doojoon whispered, keeping his voice down so the other body guards wouldn’t hear.

Nodding your head, his confession came to you as a shock, knowing that this might happen, you were really unsure of your feelings towards him.

“Thank you, but I should be heading off to my breakfast by now” You bowed to him before you turned away and started walking towards the door.

Doojoon buttoned up his suit coat and followed you while he heard the breakfast was ready over his headset. Opening doors for you, he tried to show you how much he loved you, keeping his distance though, the two of you walked in silence to the large balcony off of the sitting area.

“_______” Your father greeted you at the wicker table that was already filled with delicious food. “You look very beautiful this morning”

“Thank you, father” You bowed and took your seat while the waiter pulled out your chair and pushed it in for you once you were seated. Filling up your plate with your favorites the waiter backed away while Doojoon was standing at the glass French doors, his eyes fixated on you while he kept hearing the other body guards and ground guards check in to see if there was any threat.

The breakfast went along as planned, you and your father made your way out to the car, Doojoon held the door open for you, watching your kind and once loving gaze change into discomfort and shyness, he closed the door behind you and sat in the passenger seat with a smile. Once the car moved, your father went on talking about his successful business and telling you about the meeting that you two were going to attend.

Doojoon kept an eye on you through the mirrors while his fingers played with each other, listening into the conversation, the car ride thankfully came to a stop right in front of the large building that was your father’s pride and joy. Getting out and opening your door, he offered his hand to you, getting out without his help you waited for your father to come to your side. Linking arms with him, Doojoon lagged behind while other suited men stood at the doorways and welcomed both of you inside.

Maneuvering through the pristine hallways, with the expensive paintings on the walls, beautiful hardwood floors throughout and an industrial modern feel to everything, Doojoon kept his eyes on you, watching you walk and falling more in love with you; moving his eyes down to your wrist, he smiled watching the little silver heart tap against the back of your hand, his heart swelled as he bit his lip trying to maintain his composure.

Finally making it through the corridors, you and your father finally made it to the large conference room, two more body guards stood at each side of the doorway, giving the two of you a double door entrance, your father walked through with you by his side. Everyone in the room rose to their feet and bowed to him as he passed. Walking to the head of the table, Doojoon followed you in and pulled out your chair for you, seated right next to your father.
Once everyone was seated Doojoon stepped back and stood close to the wall while the meeting started.

Listening to all of the business talk he kept his eyes on you, watching you as you doodled on the blank papers in front of you. Pressing the ear bud into his ear, he heard that a threat was going to come in and try and disrupt the meeting since all of the important people of the company were there. Looking over at the door, he saw the doors being locked as your father looked over as Doojoon, waving him over to tell him what is going on.

“There is just a possible threat, sir, but we have it under control” Doojoon reassured while the business men around the table suddenly became impatient.

“Please everyone stay calm this is just a precaution, please continue” Doojoon told everyone in the room while remaining calm. The meeting continued like normal when there was an urgent message that came over his ear piece.

“Protect Mr. ______ at all costs, his daughter included, we have a gunman making his way up there as we speak” Doojoon walked calmly over to your father and whispered that there was a gunman coming upstairs. Nodding his head, understanding the situation, he had everyone back up against the wall where the gunman wouldn’t be able to see them.

Standing up to your feet, you quietly started to move being one of the last ones that made it over to the safest place for you all to be. However Doojoon knew that you wouldn’t make it over to the others in time, quickly holding onto your arms, he backed you up against the other wall.

“Mr. Yoo-” You started to speak when he placed his strong hand over your mouth to keep you from talking.

“Just stay quiet, _______” He whispered as his other hand was firmly around your wrist. Hearing the footsteps get louder in the hallway, he moved closer to you, just pressing you against the wall, he covered you with his body.

The gunman was standing just outside the conference room, his gun level to the ground, his eyes looking down the barrel of the gun while it was pointed directly at the suit that the gunman swore that it was your father. Pulling the trigger, the glass shattered before you felt Doojoon’s body press against yours and his lips let out a gentle whine as his hand dropped from your mouth, remaining quiet you looked onto his face as you only saw pain.

Overhearing the orders from the headset, you sighed when you overheard that they caught the gunman and he was being restricted at the moment. Wrapping your arms around your bodyguard that you have known for years, you eased him onto the ground, pulling at his tie, you unbuttoned the top button on his white shirt as you looked around, trying to find out where he got hit.

Looking up into your worried eyes, he lifted his other hand and rolled his head over to his right shoulder, his left hand resting on his shoulder.

“Get the medics!” You called loudly while you knelt by his side, just looking into his eyes a gentle sparkle shined in his eyes.

“Thank you for wearing my bracelet” He whispered before his hand gently took yours in his, his eyes saying volumes, conveying the feelings that he felt in his heart for you, you watched his eyes gently close before the medical personnel came over and pulled you away from him.
Wrapping your father in a hug, he held you tightly against him.

“Are you okay?” Your father whispered to you as you nodded your head in response.

Rolling his head over to look at you, he gave you a gentle smile while the medical personnel lifted him up on a backboard and walked him out to the ambulance.

A few hours later, you were back in your room, sitting on your bed with your bodyguard, Doojoon sleeping next to you, his shoulder wrapped in a white bandage while his bare chest moved up and down under your pastel purple covers laid over his mid torso. Doojoon’s head was propped up on your many white pillows, reading your book beside him; you flipped your page over as you looked over on him to check on him. With his left hand moving up and rubbing his eyes, he groaned as the pain came to the surface, sitting up, he looked around before your hand gently pushed him back down onto the matress.

“W-W-What am I doing here?” He questioned you while his eyes looked around the room noticing that it was your room that he was in.

“My father wanted me to take care of you after you got home from the hospital” You told him as you marked your spot in your book before you turned your attention to him. Nodding his head against the pillow, he relaxed and let his eyes close.

“So… am I going to be able to use my shoulder again?” He asked turning his head towards you as his eyes were soft but looked slightly sleepy.

“I think you will, after the muscle can reconnect and heal.” You told him what the doctor told you, nodding his head he let out an audible sigh. His eyes moved down and closed, feeling your heart ask your mind to move your hand onto his, you instantly placed your hand softly on his hurt arm. Doojoon’s eyes fluttered open and looked down at your hand in his. A smile formed on his lips when he saw his bracelet still on you.

“You’re still wearing my bracelet” He whispered, looking at your side profile, nodding your head shyly, you bit your bottom lip carefully while he used his arm and gently held your hand in his.

“I don’t want to take it off” You confessed before you leaned back against your headboard. “I like you too” You finally replied to him with a gentle smile, his brown big puppy dog eyes looked up at you as he leaned up and kissed your cheek before he settled down back onto your bed for some more rest. As long as your hand was in his, he knew that he would make a full recovery both shoulder and his love struck heart.
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