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Bright sunlight poured in through the large windows hanging high on the wall, the mirrors hung along one of the longer walls while the stereo sat in one corner of the room with built in speakers scattered over the walls in the room. Opening the light oak door, Doojoon shuffled into the practice room, lifting his eyes, his eyes quickly scanned the room counting the bodies moving and stretching on the lacquered floor.

A yawn spilled from his lips while he closed the door behind him, shuffling over to the couch, he sat down and changed out his shoes before slipping off his jacket and stuffing it into his

“Hi Hyung!” Yoseob happily greeted him from his stretching position on the ground.

“Hey” Doojoon’s voice showed the exhaustion that his body was feeling, his member’s heads turned to look at their leader.

“Is there something wrong Doo?” Dongwoon questioned while Hyungseung looked over at Gikwang seeing if he knew anything.

“Nothing’s wrong” Doojoon finished tying off his shoes and hoisted himself onto his feet as he shuffled across the floor and stretched his arms in front of the mirror while another yawn slipped from his lips.

“You look really tired” Yoseob pointed out, Doojoon shot him a lazy glare

“Is _____-ah keeping you up at night?” Junhyung probed, Hyungseung watched Doojoon’s head drop slightly with a quiet sigh dropping his chest.

Silence slowly filled the practice room while the members waited for him to reply, Doojoon licked his lips trying to find the right words to tell his members, biting his lip gently he lifted his head watching the reflection of his members in the mirror.

“______ just is getting on my nerves, she always eats the weirdest things, she is becoming so nocturnal and wants to stay up all night and sleep all day, she cries all the time and over the littlest things” Doojoon started rambling. “Like yesterday I go home and she is sitting on the couch and she was watching some drama and so I go and sit next to her. Next thing I know, she is crying in my shoulder. She couldn’t tell me what is wrong but the drama had a happy ending… I just don’t get it.”

“The baby makes her hormones go crazy which creates mood swings so she can be happy one moment then without warning she is sad” Gikwang says gently approaching Doojoon from the back.

“How many months does she have left?” Yoseob asks as the members think for a moment and turn towards Doojoon.

“Almost nine months, the doctor said the baby could come any time” Doojoon sighed feeling his energy drain slowly from him.
“You have to go easy on her, she can’t control any of this, especially when she is carrying your child for you” Dongwoon pointed out, Doojoon sighed with a nod.

“That is why I wanted to give her this” He turned around and pulled a small velvet box, the top was flipped open with a breathtakingly beautiful ring sitting between two satin pillows.

“Y-Y-You are going to ask her to m-m-marry you?” Hyungseung stuttered as the members gathered around.

“I love her and I want to have a family with her” A loving smile slowly pulled onto his lips as he gazed down at the ring.

“How are you going to ask her?” Gikwang questioned feeling excitement start to build in the room.

“I was planning on just asking her one night and surprising her in a suit with her favorite flowers.” Doojoon smiles while his eyes scan his friends’ faces.

“I guess taking her to a restaurant wouldn’t work since she is so picky with food” Junhyung says as everyone thinks for a moment.

“Then you don’t want to make her cry by proposing to her at a concert or something” Yoseob suggests as the members shake their heads.

A ring from his phone quickly snapped everyone’s heads toward his bag, knowing that Doojoon had a specific ring tone just for you, everyone parted so he could run to his bag. Trotting over to his bag, he pulled his phone out and answered it pressing it quickly to his ear.

“Doojoon” You whimpered over the line, your hand pressed against your stomach, “It’s happening, the baby is coming”

“Are you sure?” Doojoon quickly grabbed his jacket, folding it over his arm as he headed towards the door, while the members tried to strain their ears to hear what you were saying.

“It’s not a false alarm, it is happening” You say as you whine a little from all of the pain. Doojoon looked at his members, seeing fear behind his eyes, they all quickly grabbed their things and ran to the van.
Driving to your place, he stayed on the line with you trying to coach you in your breathing before he barged through the door and ended the call. Seeing you writhing in pain on the bed, he picking you up into his arms and quickly moved you out to the van.
Racing to the hospital, Doojoon held your hand tightly while you moved around trying to get comfortable. Whispered words of encouragement were mixed with loving kisses your boyfriend placed on your head, focusing on your breathing, you arrived at the hospital in no time. Whimpering out a thank you to the guys, Doojoon carried you inside as the nurses quickly got you into a wheel chair and rushed you off to delivery.
Doojoon ran next to you, holding onto your hand tightly as your other hand gripped the fabric of your shirt over your stomach. Your hand tightened around his as another contraction came and caused you to curl up into a little ball, he held your hand tightly while the nurses ran with you through the winding halls.

“Sir you are going to have to stay out here” One of the nurses said as they approached two large white swinging doors.
Watching his eyes shift from the nurse to you, he knelt down so you didn’t have to look up at him, his hand gently cupped your face as he kissed your lips gently.
“I love you so much, be strong jagiya, I will see you after” He whispered as the moment was interrupted with another contraction.

“I love you too” You whispered as you kissed him gently before the nurses pushed you through the doors. Your eyes watched as your hand slowly slipped form his, watching him stand there at the doorway as long as you could before you rounded a corner.

The large white doors swung back in Doojoon’s face as his hands ran through his hair. A few minutes later, the rest of Beast was waiting with him, pacing back and forth in front of the large doors, he prayed that you and the baby would be healthy, he didn’t give a thought to if he wanted a boy or a girl but only if you made it through.
Sitting down next to Gikwang, he leaned over and rested his elbows on his knees while his head rested in his hands.

“I shouldn’t have complained about her” Doojoon whispered quietly

“Why?” Gikwang probed, resting his hand on his friend’s back as Doojoon just shook his head as he sat up slightly.

“She is bringing another human into the world, she is going through all of that pain for our child and I was getting angry at her crying and her food choices but all she was doing was taking care of our child” Doojoon started to choke up as he covered his eyes before the doctor came out a few minutes later.
“The doctor is here” Yoseob leaned over and whispered next to Doojoon. Snapping his head up he spun around to see the doctor in the white jacket starting to walk over to him.
Standing up to his feet, he bowed to the doctor as his eyes wanted to know the fate of you and the baby.

“Your wife is doing well, we are just finishing her up and bringing her to her room. Your baby is doing well too, he is sent off to get a check up and then rejoin with with your wife.” The doctor said with an assumption as Doojoon nodded and bowed to the doctor.

“Thank you” He smiled at the doctor as the doctor took him into the back and helped guide him to your room.

Standing in front of the sliding door, Doojoon slipped his hand from his pocket and knocked
lightly on your door, hoping not to disturb you. Sliding the door open slightly, he peeked in to see you looking his way, slipping inside he smiled at you as you adjusted yourself on the bed.

“Hi Joonie” You smiled at him as your eyes followed him as he sat on the edge of your bed.

“Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?” He asked, his kind chocolate eyes trying to read yours.

“Better, just tired and a little sore” You confessed while your hands played with one another.
“Rest then” He leaned forward and pressed his lips against your forehead before he stood up.

“W-Where are you going?” You sat up a little but then hissed a little before laying back and closing your eyes in pain.

“I was going to leave you to rest” He says  not wanting to disturb you

“Please… stay” You whispered as you looked up at him, he nodded and turned back around before he sat in the chair next to you. Slowly slipping your hand into his, a smile curled on your lips as you leaned your head back and relaxed a little.
Watching you for a little moment, he allowed his eyes to drift over your figure before he felt the little velvet box still in his pocket.

“_____?” Doojoon gently whispered not wanting to wake you

“Mmmm?” You allowed your eyes to flicker open slowly as you turn your head to look at him.

“I wanted to say something to you tonight, but now that things are different than what I had planned for, do you mind if I ask you now?” He questioned, his hand slightly tightening around yours.

“I don’t mind, what is on your mind?” You relaxed your head back before you watched him kneel down on the tile floor of your hospital room, his hand dug around in his pocket for a moment before he pulled out the velvet box and opened the lid.

“_____ _____” Doojoon recited your full name, “You have been my girlfriend for almost three years and together we have created a baby, I know we did things a little out of order, but I want to set things right from now on. I love you with everything I am, Will you marry me?”

Tears slightly blurred your vision as your heart was suddenly overwhelmed with happiness. Nodding your head, you smiled brightly. “I will” You whispered as Doojoon rose from his one knee and wrapping his arms around your shoulders as he sat on the edge of the bed. Wrapping your arms around him too, he carefully placed a kiss on your cheek while rubbing your back gently. Happy tears fell from your eyes and rolled down your cheeks before soaking up against the cotton shirt of his.

Pulling away a little while later, he slowly slipped the ring on your finger and kissed your hand before there was a knock on the door and the door opened to a glass crib being wheeled into your room.

“Would you like to meet your son? He is perfectly healthy and very strong, you guys are really lucky since he was a few weeks premature” The nurses said as one of the nurses brought the little blue bundle over and shuffled the sleeping baby into your arms.

“He looks like you when you sleep” You remark, lifting your eyes up to your fiance as he gazed down at the little boy in your arms.

“I couldn’t look this cute” Doojoon whispered before he slowly leaned over and gently placed a soft kiss on his son’s head.
Your eyes drifted along the small being in your arms, rocking him gently, you watched his little fingers open and close while little black hairs stood proudly on his head, dark black eye lashes fanned out from his large eyes while he cooed and breathed evenly against you. The nurses slowly slipped from your room as the two of you looked at the little baby in your arms.
“I’m so happy right now Doojoon” You whispered as you looked at the other love of your life.

“So am I, my wife-to-be” He tucked some hair behind your ear as you moved over and he sat next to you, letting both of you take turns holding your sleeping baby.
Resting your head on his shoulder, you admired your ring once Doojoon was holding your son.
Closing your eyes gently, you basked in this perfect moment, wishing it would last in your memory and never fade a single bit.
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