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Hello Beautiful ARMY!! Violet here with this weeks BTS community weekly to announce whats going on in the BTS community every week, news, and all things BTS! ♡

This week our theme is Letters To BTS, We will be writing letters to the BTS members! It can be any kind of letter and be done however you would like! Like always i encourage everyone to make cards of your own and don't forget to tag BTS ARMY Mods !! ♡
In other news BTS have started their schedules for 2017! They relased the extension album Wings: You Never walk alone, two music videos, and will be promoting their new album starting this week! They have also began their world tour The Wings Tour! Look forward to BTS' promotion activities ! ♡
*Sorry, i just HAD to throw my UB in here. Isn't he gorgeous?!♡♡♡*

Thats it for this weeks BTS Community Weekly!! Please show BTS' New album and MV's lots of love !! I hope you all have a lovely week! ♡♡


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