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Who's ready to break some hearts and make thier fave ship OTP!?!?!
*grabs a microphone out of darkness*
*black shades materialize on my brow*
*and epic music begins to play*
HEEEEEELLO WORLD!!! and welcome back to (you guessed it)...
Shipping Wars! A battle of everyone's favorite ships to the very last broken heart! I am the reaper with a speaker, the best at eternal rest... your host: the awesome, the all-powerful, the immortal Shinigami-San! Who will become the winning OTP? You decide!

(But why not, Ryuk?! They're not reading my cards! Just one soul? One measly soul?? I'll spare those two that actually read these things, I promise!)

How to play:
Vote in the comments which ship you want to be eliminated from the shipping wars. The ship with the most amount of votes will be eliminated from the game board every update. Every update and vote count will be done once every 24 hours.


1) Only one vote per Vingler per update.
2) If you have multiple Vingle accounts, please only vote once per update.
3) Once a ship has been eliminated, you cannot vote for that ship again.
4) If two ships tie at the end of 24 hours, the eliminated ship will be decided by a coin flip.
5) If more than two ships are tied at the end of 24 hours, the gamemakers ( @SimplyAwkward , @JaredDaigre , @YumiMiyazaki , and I) will cast a vote between ourselves to decide which of the tied ships become eliminated.
6) Rules may be added or changed in future updates ;D

Round 7: Although there were 2 votes for Lars x Sadie and one vote for a few other ships, Jasball recieved the most spite, with 5 commenter votes. Personally, I prefer Jasball over a few of the other remaining ships, but I'm too busy running this game to play it, too. That's your job!

The current ships still standing are:
Rose x Greg
Steven x Connie (Stevonnie)
Lapis x Perodot (Lapidot)
Ruby x Sapphire (Garnet)
Steven x Peridot (Stevot)
Peridot x Alien
Lars x Sadie
Garnet x Amethyst (Sugalite)

Shipping Wars tag list (let me know if you want to be removed/added):

Again, please comment your least favorite ship below...
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Garnet x Amethyst
a year ago·Reply
Peridot x alien
a year ago·Reply
Garnet x Pearl
a year ago·Reply
Garnet x Amethyst
a year ago·Reply
Steven x Peridot (Stevot)
a year ago·Reply