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CNBlue Challenge Day 21
Morning BOICES^^
Here is the challenge for the day!

Day 21 - Pics, gifs, and vids of members wearing suits

Ooo...I like this one...

They do look good in blue ;)

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

β€’Code Name Lonersβ€’

@CrookedShadow (Moderator)

The Outcasts

(The community tag list for CNBLUE. This taglist is just for the CNBLUE moderators to use!

~Double Js~

B –
C – @CrystalBlunt
D – @destiny1419
E – @ESwee
F –
G – @Gaarita100
J – @JaxomB
L –
N –
O – @OppasManBun
P –
R – @roseeoh
U – @UnicornSuga
V – @VKookie47
W – @WolfLune
X –
Y – @YviLole15
Z -

(Credit to owners of gifs and photos!)

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I haven't like fangirled in a while, (like complete with squeals and trouble breathing), these pictures tho oh ma lawd they are so fine, so gorgeous, I did squeal, I did make small noises and have some minor issues trying to breathe...
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LMAO SAMMEE. These pictures are too much for me 😍😍
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