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Cross hairs found themselves mangled in a sea of black hair, inhaling slowly, an index finger slowly tightened around the trigger. Checking the potential hit, slowly following the target with the center point of the cross hairs, exhaling slowly, the finger on the trigger tightens pulling back the small metal piece before the bullet is released and calling its victim. Dropping the target to the ground before hundreds.

– Three months prior –

“Thank you for joining us Agent ______” The manager of Infinite happily greeted you once the door clicked into its frame in the secure conference room. Joining you with the manager of Infinite was the CEO of Woollim Ent. and the head coordi noona for Infinite.

“Thank you for meeting with me” You bowed to them as you made your way to your seat to start the meeting.

“Thank you for ensuring the safety of the idols” The manager of Infinite extended his gratitude towards you.

“Here is your new badge and your paperwork for the front desk, you shouldn’t have any troubles with them. You have limited access to the building and our archives, but if at any time you need anything more than your access allows, please come to me or the manager and we will see what we can do to help.” The CEO extended his help to you as well.

“Thank you very much, I appreciate you willing to work with us on this case” You thanked them with a respectful bow.

Everyone rose to their feet as you were handed folders of papers along with your new identity from the company. Thanking them, you headed down to the front desk with the head coordi noona to ensure that all of the paperwork was straightened out and that you were specifically assigned to Infinite only.

Clipping your badge to the collar of your black button up shirt, you filled out the paperwork and any necessary forms before you were cleared to meet with the idols. Your heels clicked along with the head coordi noona’s as the two of you made your way down the maze of hallways to the practice room where Infinite was stationed for the day.

Twisting the handle, the head coordi noona stepped inside as their powerful music spilled out into the hallway as you slipped through the door after her, closing the door behind you as you watched the seven bodies effortlessly flow from one move to the other, in perfect harmony and synchronization with one another.

Soaking in their beautiful movements and how flawless and easy they made the dances look, your eyes found their way across the members before you were captured by one of the members in particular. His longer hair, smaller figure and his straight face infatuated you seeing the members hit their last mark, their chests heaved trying to carry oxygen to their straining muscles.

The music slowly faded out before the manager turned the song off and called the guys to huddle up. The seven bodies stood in a semi circle while they continued to breath heavily while beads of sweat began to surface across their flawless skin.

“I would like to introduce you to your personal coordi noona, she is here for you guys if you need anything that has to do with clothing or makeup, she is assigned to all of you for the foreseeable future. Please be good to her.” The manager introduced as you bowed to the guys. “You can have a five minute break.”

The guys moved away from the huddle as you turned and thanked the manager and the head coordi noona. Bowing to you, the head coordi noona left you to your job as she headed back to hers.

“Watch them until I get back” The manager instructed as you nodded. Watching them both leave the room, the door quietly slid back into its frame with a soft click. Lowering your eyes, you clasped your hands together acting slightly shy in a room with seven men.

Shuffling of feet across the wood floor caught your attention as one of the members stood before you with a bright smile outfitting his lips. “Annyeong! I had a question for you…”

“What question is that?” You tilted your head slightly to one side as you tried to focus on keeping your voice steady and unwavering.

“What’s your name?” The nice man chuckled, his bubbly persona and his undying energy was clearly evident as you showed him a gentle smile.

“I’m Yiah” Your eyes stayed on his welcoming brown ones, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Jang Dongwoo” He happily introduced himself as he then wrapped his hand around yours and brought you over to the other members just like a little kid wanting to introduce you to all of his friends.

“I’m Kim Sunggyu, the Leader of Infinite” Sunggyu bowed before rubbing one of his eyes with a yawn.

“I am Nam Woohyun, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a beautiful woman.” Woohyun stood up and gently kissed the back of your hand before sitting back down.

“I’m Lee Howon, but people call me Hoya. I won’t kiss your hand like Nam Grease over here” Hoya teased with a smirk on his lips.

“I’m Lee Sungyeol, I am the tall model of the group” Sungyeol leaned back showing off his long legs almost like a model, causing you to chuckle and smile a little brighter.

“I’m Lee Sungjong, the maknae of the group” Sungjong placed his hands under his chin to give himself a playful childish image.

“I’m Kim Myungsoo” Myungsoo kept his eyes on you, his dark orbs capturing yours easily as you felt your heart skip a beat, knowing that he was the one that had captured your attention earlier, while he was dancing.

“Don’t worry you will get to know each one of us and know what we like and dislike” Dongwoo reassured you as you tried to remember everyone’s names around the circle.

“Just be patient with me, I may not get all of your names right off the bat” You told them as they nodded in understanding. “I’m Yiah by the way.”

Later that night, you retreated to your one bedroom apartment. With your favorite drink filling your mug, you shuffled over to your couch and took a seat before leaning forward and catching up on your missed emails from the agency. Setting headphones over your ears, you clicked on the file and opened it on your secured laptop. Watching the message play, with pictures cutting across the screen while your boss’s voice cut over the action and spoke to you all while information flooded you.

The short message was quickly exited and discarded as you sat within the walls of your quiet apartment, letting your mind process what you had just witnessed. Standing up, you wandered around your apartment allowing the information to sink in and try to connect the dots. Passing by one of your windows in the small living room, you peered down as a car sat idle at the curb of the sidewalk. Pushing back the curtain slightly, you saw a shadow move within as the shine of his dark sunglasses caught the light of the street light.

Quickly memorizing the license plate, you watched as the engine was turned on, the running lights were dark but the soft light illuminated from inside the cab as you watched him slowly back out of the street and turn down another block before turning on his lights.

Returning to your couch, you pulled your laptop onto your lap as you logged into the agency and searched for the license plate on their data base. Searching a moment or two, it pulled up with two men, one older and another one slightly younger than the first. Now with a lead, you began to tap your fingers against your keyboard as you gathered information and sent it to your agency to have them find everything they could for you.

Day after day, you continued to work with the idols of Infinite. One day as you were carrying their order of morning coffee, you turned your head to look out the large glass doors. Seeing the same make and model of the car, that resembled the car sitting just right outside your apartment, you slowed your pace as you saw two men stepping out of the matte black car.
Stopping at the front desk, you grabbed Infinite’s upcoming schedule for the week as the
secretary went to go grab it. Allowing your eyes to wander back over to the car with the two men, you noticed that they were talking to security, the head of security to be exact.

Watching the head of security bringing the two men inside, you patiently waited for your schedule to come back as the men walked down the hall to the large conference room. The secretary handed you the schedule as you folded it over in half and then carried it underneath one of the coffee holders as you followed them down the hall. Seeing them file into the large conference room, you bowed to them seeing a few pairs of eyes land on your figure. Giving them a soft smile, you continued down the hall to the elevator as you stepped inside and watched as they all shook hands before the doors slowly closed to cut off your view.

The doors opened up on your desired floor as you walked down the hall a few doors before opening the door with your elbow and pushing past the door before the guys rushed to your aid.

“Thank you for getting us coffee” Sungjong cooed with a smile as he carefully took one of the containers holding four cups of coffee.

“Here is some money to pay you back with” Sunggyu pulled out wrinkled currency and handed it to you.

“Don’t worry, Gramps, I got this” You smiled with a teasing tone laced with your words, “Oh, here is the schedule that you requested.”

Handing him the paper, you watched as the guys as they tried to sort out the drinks trying to give everyone the right cup that they ordered. Noticing one of the members away from the group, you took over his coffee and sat down next to him, leaning on the wall behind you as you offered him his morning coffee.

“Thank you, Yiah” Myungsoo whispered as he lifted his eyes to meet with yours for a short second before he moved the cup from your hands and into his.

“You’re welcome” You whispered as you saw a light gloss coating his eyes. “Is anything wrong, Myungsoo?”

Moving his fingers across the domed lid of his coffee, he then guided the black straw between his lips before he looked over at you.

“I haven’t told anyone this… but I think someone is following us… I noticed that there was this matte black car outside our dorm a night or two ago. Two guys were inside and they were doing something for a good half an hour, if not longer…” Myungsoo whispered in full confidence to you.

The look behind his eyes said it all as you knew that it was something far more than just paparazzi or fans that camped out.

“Did you happen to see the license plate of the car, by chance?” You felt a tightening in your stomach as you knew that you had to ask.

“I got a picture of it. Want me to show you?” Myungsoo reached into the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie for his phone. Pulling his phone out after you agreed to see the picture, he pulled it up and turned his phone to show you.

“May I?” You questioned, with a nod of his head giving you permission, you shuffled his phone over into your hands as you zoomed in the picture to see the license plate.

Freezing as the picture adjusted to the zoom, your jaw dropped as flashbacks of the car outside of your home and the car in the front of the building matched the description perfectly. Searching the picture on his phone, you saw a little bumper sticker in the lower right hand corner of the windshield.

“Do you mind if I send this picture to myself?” You questioned, looking over at Myungsoo as you noticed that he moved over closer to you.

“Not at all” Myungsoo shook his head not objecting to anything you wanted to do with the picture.

“Thank you” You gave him a bright smile as your eyes peered into his. Knowing that he was the quietest member in Infinite, you took this quiet moment allowing yourself to open up a little to him, revealing yourself slightly through the look in your eyes.

Sending the picture to yourself, you handed the phone back to him as his hand rested over yours during the transfer. Feeling your heart skip a beat at his warm, kind touch. You lowered your eyes down to your touching hands as he bit down on his lip slightly.

“Hey we have a private concert in a few days, what should we work on first?” Hoya quizzed everyone as you looked back up at Myungsoo falling into those mysterious brown eyes of his.
“Myungsoo, do you have a song you need help on?”

“H-Huh…?” Myungsoo stammered tearing his eyes away from your breathtaking ones.

“Do you have a dance you want to run through?” Dongwoo rocked from his toes to his heels in anticipation of what Myungsoo would choose.

“O-Oh…. Ah… We could run through Bad Girl again…” Myungsoo slipped his phone back into his pocket as he stood up first.

“Sounds like a good starting point to me!” Hoya rested his hands on his hips before he turned around.

“Why don’t we look at the songs we have to perform and then do those?” Sungyeol pointed to the paper as Sungjong looked at it as well!

Myungsoo watched as the guys congregated around the paper as he turned around and looked down at you, outstretching his hand to you, you saw his hand and followed his arm up to those kind trusting eyes of his. Slipping your hand into his, you moved your legs underneath you as he pulled your arm to create tension and you stood up on your feet. Not knowing his own strength, he kept pulling once you were already upright pulling you towards himself, you stepped forward trying to catch yourself before your body was pressed against another. Your fingers tightly wrapped around the fabric of his hoodie as the soft scent of his cologne swept over you. His hands were on either side of you as you slowly lifted your head to have his eyes meet yours once more.

“You okay?” Myungsoo questioned softly as it took you a moment for his words to take affect on you.

“Thank you for catching me…” You quickly snapped back into reality, your cheeks beamed with a bright red hue  as you untangled your fingers from the fabric of his jacket.

“Anytime” Myungsoo whispered next to your head

“Myungsoo time to start!” Woohyun called loudly across the studio as they got the playlist of songs for their concert ready.

“Okay, be right there” Myungsoo’s eyes gently stared into yours while you couldn’t help but keep your eyes locked with his. Feeling his heart leap with just that look in your eyes, he made sure that you were steady on your feet before his hands slipped from your sides with a slight smirk dressing his lips.

Getting into formation, you pulled down your shirt as you walked over to one of the saucer chairs and made yourself comfy while you watched the seven bodies move in harmony to the songs that you once didn’t know. Watching each member take their solo part with the lyrics, you couldn’t help but continue to keep your eyes locked on Myungsoo.

Pulling up the picture on your phone, you sent it to the agency in hopes that they could investigate to see if this was the same car that made both appearances. Awaiting word on the car, you watched the guys as they finished up practice for the morning. Gathering their things, they slowly filed out of the room, thanking you as they passed before heading out to meet in the basement stage to work on the upcoming performance.

After almost everyone had filed out of the room, you saw Myungsoo lifting his bag up onto his shoulders as you gathered your things, ready to lock the room after they were finished.

“Yiah, do you have a moment?” Myungsoo spoke as you turned your head quickly to look at him.

“Of course, what is up?” You gave him your full attention, feeling a unique sensation overwhelm you, a sensation like butterflies in your stomach.

“What if something happens with that black car?” Myungsoo whispered, “Like at the event?”

“Don’t worry, security is around and they won’t let you get hurt.” You reassured him, knowing that your first job was to protect Infinite at all costs.

Watching Myungsoo lift his bag up onto his shoulder, his worried eyes dropped while his feet shuffled against the recently lacquered hardwood.

“Hey” You cooed softly, your hand resting against his muscular arm to pause him from walking any further. “Everything is going to be okay, I will notify security about your dorm and you can text me if you have any more concerns.”

“B-But I don’t have your number…” Myungsoo’s eyes lifted hearing your comforting words, those brown orbs were kind and soft as they peered into yours, with almost a pleading gaze.

“You sent me that picture didn’t you?” You tilted your head causing him to think, once he connected the dots, you watched his rare smile part his lips revealing those pearly whites that almost always remain hidden.

Feeling something start in your heart, you dropped your eyes before you glanced at the time on your phone. “We best be heading down to the stage, or they will get worried.”

Nodding his head, he walked a little faster in front of you and pulled open the door for you. Thanking him as you walked through the door, the two of you chatted as you lead him to the door of the lower stage. Seeing the other six members on the stage and the manager in the stands along with security, you bowed to him and the boys before heading out to gather some more information.

Seeing a few messages from your agency, you read up on the newly found information as you grabbed some papers to go make a few copies. Knowing that the copy room was right next to the large conference room, you headed down to see if the security guards were still in the meeting. Thumbing through the pile of papers between your arms, you glanced up and over at the slightly opened blinds as you passed by the large windows of the conference room.

Noticing the same men inside, you slowed your pace and then gently turned into the copy
room. With a few other people inside waiting for their turn on the office machines, you bowed and stepped back a step or two as you leaned against the door frame. Undoing a little compartment on your phone, you stuck it in the corner and against the glass of the conference room. Checking your phone, you recorded it and watched as they talked within the room.

Watching as each person took their turn at the machine, it was soon your turn at the copying machine. Placing a paper in the copier, you began to press a few buttons on the machine as you drew out the time to see if they would exit the room soon. After playing around with it, another person walked into the room.

Bowing to them, you gathered your papers and began to walk out, however, you purposely bumped into them as you threw your papers up into the air. The man dropped down to his knees seeing you on the floor.

“I am so sorry” The man apologized as the two of you began to gather up your scattered papers.

Just then you heard the conference door open as the men’s voices flood the hallway. Words of thanks and gratitude was exchanged, lifting your head, you thanked the knd man for helping you pick up your mess of papers. Walking to the door, your eyes caught the two men that you had a hunch on.

The older man, looked over his shoulder as a dark gleam brimmed his eyes, his smile faded as he pulled his tie undone slightly before letting his gaze linger before turning his head straight again. The younger man then caught a glimpse of you as he turned his head around. Taking a step out into the hall, you began to follow them to drop a few papers off at the front desk.

“Mr. Kyun” The head of security called as the elderly man stopped and turned around.

“I just wanted to thank you for your offer, you will be getting a call from our office.” The head of security offered his hand to the older suspect.

“Thank you for your consideration, we will do our best on the job at hand” The older suspect slid his hand into the outstretched hand before shaking and sealing the deal.

Watching from the desk, you handed over your papers to the front desk before the men split and glanced at you once more before leaning over to one another.

“Prepare as usual” The elderly suspect whispered to the younger one as a single nod was given from the younger one.

Watching them head out of the building, they slid into their car as they couldn’t help but give you one last look before pulling out from the overhang. Turning to the receptionist, you thanked her kindly before dialing a number to your agency and heading down to where Infinite was practicing. Informing that you were going to send them some files, you began to transfer over the phone as you made your way through the back of the basement stage and down the aisle to where the manager was resting.

“Sir, may I talk to you, it is something urgent” You whispered to him as the crew adjusted a few things on the stage for the performance.

“What is this about Yiah?” The manager had you sit next to him

“I believe there is a plot to assassinate idols at Woollim” You whispered, “Namely Infinite”

“WHAT?!” The manager boomed, causing everyone’s eyes to focus in on you and the manager,
“What?” The manager whispered quieter, just to you this time around.

“Look at this, sir” You whispered as you pulled out your phone, showing him the evidence of the car that you had gotten from Myungsoo and from the car that was sitting underneath the overhang. “I had the same car parked outside of my place as well. This isn’t an ordinary hit men, they have the security in on it too and I have a hunch that they are going to be at the event the day after tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, you will be traveling out with Infinite tonight, then stay with them at the hotel, then the event won’t be any problem” The manager tried to reassure you while the look in his eyes told you differently, the look telling you that the boys are in your hands.

“Thank you, sir” You told him, nodding to both requests simultaneously.

“That’s enough for tonight, you guys get cleaned up and loaded up, we will see you tomorrow for a dress rehearsal.” The manager announced to everyone.

Standing to your feet, you watched as the exhausted members pick themselves up from the cool floor of the stage and began to head backstage to gather their things for the ride.

“Don’t leave their side and if anything, anything, comes up I trust you to do whatever is necessary to keep the members safe” The manager stared into your eyes, placing all of his trust and the security of the seven idols in your hands.

“I will do my best, sir” You gave him your full confidence as he nodded and placed his hand over yours.

“You best be getting your things and meeting the boys” The manager patted your hand sweetly, “I will contact you tonight to see if there is anything more that you need. Please contact me upon arrival to the hotel.”

“I will, don’t you worry” You bowed in respect to him before the two of you rose to your feet.

Feeling his hand release from yours, you bowed to him once more before heading down towards the stage to meet up with the boys. Grabbing your bag from one of the other coordi noonas for the company, you lifted it up onto your shoulder before you headed out with Infinite. Filing down the hall with the boys, you carefully looked around, seeing all of the security around as your face began to get painted over with worry.

“Hey” A soft voice whispered as something gently bumped your arm, “Everything okay?”

Turning your head, you saw Myungsoo standing next to you, his kind eyes sweetly scanning yours as your worried eyes began to look around at anything but his eyes.

“Don’t worry, this is normal for us, you shouldn’t be worried about traveling” Myungsoo tried to reassure you, unsure of the reason behind your emotions. Nodding your head, you kept your eyes on security making sure they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or out of their job description.

Passing through security, you exited the building as Woohyun took your bag and tossed it in the back with the others. Grabbing your backpack, you brought that inside with you as you chose your spot by the window in the middle row.

Pulling the seat belt over yourself, you watched as the members filed into the van, Hoya, Dongwoo and Sungjong sat in the back seat, while Myungsoo, Woohyun and you fit into the middle seat. With Sunggyu driving and Sungyeol as co-pilot the group set out on their night drive.

Chatter filled the cab while the van moved around the streets of Seoul. Time passed as the chatter turned to whispers as the members slid headphones into their ears while their bodies slowly slouched. Leaning against one another, their eyes closed allowing their bodies to relax into a sweet sleep. Placing your headphones in your ears, you played your music hearing the cab quiet, only filled with soft breathing and an occasional snore from the members.

Shifting slightly with each curve of the road, you glanced around the darkened cab of the van.
Headphones hung in each of their ears while their exhausted bodies hung over against each other or the windows. Pulling out your laptop, the light from the screen slightly lit up your face while your fingers typed in the password. Granting access, you continued to type and figure out who this man is that would want to hurt the men around you.

Scanning your eyes around the cab, making sure that everyone around you was fast asleep as you entered into the agency’s data base. Looking up the men and going over their files, you watched some videos on their previous crimes. Gathering more information to your superior, you sent it to him along with your itinerary, seeking guidance for tomorrow’s event you chatted with him online.

Getting a plan together, you began to compile evidence and your knowledge that was kept confidential in your mind. Closing the lid of your laptop, you slipped your laptop back into your backpack before you skipped a few songs that were playing in your headphones. Resting your arm on the ledge of the window, you cradled your head in the palm of your hand as your eyes slowly started to close.

Feeling something lean against your shoulder, you turned your head slowly and looked down at the mop of black hair that was covering your shoulder. Knowing that Myungsoo was sitting next to you, you tried to move your shoulder to see if he would lift up or adjust his sleeping position.

A soft hum slipped from his lips while he adjusted to your arms movement before snuggling up closer to you, wrapping his arms around yours, he brought himself closer to you. Watching Myungsoo relax against you, your heart began to soften before scanning the cab of the van once more. Finding all eyes closed except Sunggyu’s, who was driving, lifting your hand slightly, you hesitantly began to move your hand closer to Myungsoo’s head.

Pausing right above the sea of his beautiful ebony hair, you bit your lip slightly before taking a chance and running your fingers through his soft hair. A kindness slowly swept over you as you felt his grip tighten around your arm, his head leaned into your touch as you leaned against the door and rested your head against the window.

Running your fingers slowly through his hair, you twirled little sections of his hair around your fingers loosely as you watched him relax more and more into the warm comfort of your arms.

Sliding your eyes closed, you drifted off to sleep before the stopping of the van woke you to the bright lights under the overhang of the hotel. Waking up the guys afterwards, they shuffled out of the van in their half zombie sleeping state. Dragging their bags behind them they moseyed up to their rooms and you followed behind them, making sure that they got into their rooms, you pulled out your key card to your room.

Entering the card into the door handle, you pushed open the now unlocked door before you entered into the dark room. Seeing the neatly kept room, you placed your bags on the foot of the bed before unzipping your bag and pulling out your night clothes. Shuffling into the bathroom, you changed and combed through your hair before braiding it over one of your shoulders. Exiting the bathroom, a soft knock came from your front door. B lining over to the door, you opened it slightly to poke your head out and see who was there.

“Yiah?…” Sungyeol stood nervously outside of your door.

“What’s wrong Sungyeol?” You questioned, opening the door slightly wider.

“C-Can I come in?” Sungyeol stammered, wondering if he could speak to you for a moment.

“Of course” Pulling the door open, he stepped inside before you closed the door behind you.

Sungyeol entered as you closed the door behind him, walking over to your bed, you pulled
your duffel bag off of the bed as you sat on the bed while watching Sungyeol place his hands on his hips.

“I’m worried” Sungyeol whispered as he placed the collar of his t shirt between his teeth as he kept his eyes down and slightly paced back and forth across your floor.

“What are you worried for?” You probed, tucking one leg underneath your other leg.

“I think something is going to happen…” Sungyeol continued to pace

“Like what?” You sat up a little taller watching and reading his body language.

“I don’t know… I just have this feeling in my gut…” Sungyeol confessed quietly, “A… a feeling like something is going to happen tomorrow…”

“Don’t worry, everything will go as planned, girls will love you, you will hit all of your marks, you won’t fall and everyone will love you.” You tried to reassure him as an unsettling feeling began to churn your stomach.

“You sure?” Sungyeol’s eyes lifted to yours while his gaze showed his doubts and nerves for the next day.

“Positive” You nodded your head, trying to place a sweet gaze in your eyes to reassure Sungyeol that everything would be okay.

Watching him nod his head, you stood up and moved next to him. “We should probably get you back to your room so you can rest up for tomorrow?”

“O-Okay, but… but if there is something wrong tomorrow…” Sungyeol walked a few steps before he turned his head to capture those reassuring eyes of yours, once more.

“Then I will take care of it and protect you, besides there are many hidden eyes that you don’t know about. They are all looking out for you and your safety.” You rubbed your hand along his
back as it seemed to work for the moment. Slowly walking him towards the door, you opened
your door for him.

“Thank you Yiah… I needed that…” Sungyeol turned around once he was just outside your door.

“Anytime Yeolie” You smiled calling him by a nickname, watching his smile pull back his lips, his head dropped as he turned away from you with a light wave to bid you goodnight.

Continuing to watch him cross the hall, he slipped his key card into the door handle before twisting the handle and stepping inside. Making sure that he closed the door first, you then closed yours before making your way to your bed. Tucking your legs underneath your covers, you pulled the fluffy duvet over top of you. Flicking off the light, you allowed your head to relax into the pillows before closing your eyes and letting sleep carry you through the night.

A blaring chime echoed through your room, startling you awake at the time it was programmed to. Pulling over your phone, you silenced the alarm before seeing all of the messages piled up on your phone. Thumbing through them, you read and replied to the most important first, getting through the list, you sat up in your bed. Sliding off the bed, you grabbed your clothes to change into, making your way to the bathroom, you placed your clothes on the counter before stepping into a warm shower before you started your day.

Dressing yourself in a white tank top, you tucked in the hem of your tank top beneath the black leather pants that gripped your legs comfortably tight. Pulling on a black leather jacket over top of your tank top, you lifted your crimped hair from the collar.

Twisting yourself in front of the mirror, you made sure that you could move and that you were all suited up with a few weapons on you, just in case. Packing everything up, you grabbed your bags and stepped out of the hotel room to see Infinite filing out of the other three rooms.

“Let’s go cuties” You told them, hearing your words they froze, blinking their eyes Hoya was the first one to break out into laughed, followed soon after by Dongwoo.

The other members followed suit laughing as the eight of you headed down the hall, down the stairs and out of the lobby to the black van that was waiting to transport all of you to the event. Splitting into two vans, you were in the second one as another security guard was in the first with the other members.

Placing an ear piece in your ear, from your agency, you clipped the microphone to the back of your watch as you tested it while in the van. Making sure the area was secure before you arrived, the two black vans pulled up between the crowds of girls holding signs, chanting and yelling for their favorite members.

Exiting, you stood next to the door making sure that Infinite got off the vans in safety as other security guards were there as Infinite took a moment to sign autographs and take some pictures with the fans waiting outside their event.

Hearing some commotion through your earpiece, you pressed it into your ear to hear it better.

“We have a shooter on building four”

“Can we confirm?”



“Action needed?”

“Hold position.”

Your eyes began to roam up on the rooftops. Spotting a slight reflection of the sun off of his scope, you quickly lifted your wrist to your mouth as you tried to keep your tones hushed.

“Sniper is aiming at the monkeys. I repeat, Sniper is aiming at the monkeys.” You called into your microphone.

“Move in!” The order was given from your superior, before the agents moved in. Focusing on the sniper, you knew that they weren’t going to be fast enough. Moving your eyes down to the members, you noticed a laser roaming Myungsoo’s back and shoulders then up his neck slowly.

Watching the red dot roam and then began to focus, you knew that the sniper was close to pull the trigger. Narrowing your eyes up at the sniper, you watched as the light on the scope stayed steady, turning your head back to Myungsoo, you watched as the laser pointer disappeared.

Breathing out slowly, a finger tightened its grip around the trigger, pulling the metal back slowly the bullet anxiously awaited the cue. A kickback jolted the sniper slightly back as the bullet whizzed out of the metal barrel. The silver bullet cut through the cool morning air and screaming down towards its victim. Smoke lifted from the end of the barrel and vanished into the thin air overhead while the sniper continued to watch the path of the bullet.

The shot echoed between the buildings, causing the crowd to turn and see where the origin was. Wrapping your arms around Myungsoo, you held him tightly begging him not to move.
Just as your body was pressed against his, you took in a deep breath feeling him slightly turn to see who was hugging him.

“Just stay” You whispered against him before something pierced you, just right of your spine but just left of your shoulder blade.

Myungsoo felt your body press against his as a painful hiss spilled from your lips. The grip around him loosened as he turned around and quickly slipped his arms underneath yours.

“Call for help!” Myungsoo called as Woohyun carefully moved your legs from underneath you as the other members created a circle around you as security backed everyone else up.

Hoya took off his jacket as Myungsoo placed it underneath your head as he gently brushed away hair from your forehead. Opening your eyes, the pain in your chest radiated through your body as you lifted your hand slightly as he took it without hesitation. Trying to focus on your breathing, you took in as deep of a breath as you could as an unbearable pain in your chest caused your breath to hitch.

“Are you okay?” You whispered, your wet eyes coated with a layer of pain, basked up at Myungsoo’s matching pair.

“I’m perfectly fine. I’m more worried about you though” Myungsoo whispered as his hand moved down to your cheek as he brushed his thumb across your cheek ever so softly.

“She’s bleeding a lot” Sungjong pointed out as Dongwoo and Sunggyu tried to press one of their jackets against your chest while the crimson liquid continued to spread across your white tank top.

“It’s going to be okay, help is on the way” A voice was heard over the boy’s heads.

Commotion began to sputter around you as your eyes began to have a hard time focusing, your field of view was closing in as Myungsoo continued to keep his eyes to yours as hands began to move over your body. The EMT personnel began to control the heavy bleeding from your body while others were hooking you up to machines and acquiring your vitals.

“Myungsoo, you need to leave” The manager grabbed Myungsoo by the shoulders as you watched him turn his head as he shook his head, his lips moving to some words.

Feeling a pressure in your chest, you began to cough as air began to spill over your chilling body. Tightening your grip as much as you could on Myungsoo’s hand, his eyes dropped back down to you.

“I’m not leaving her, sir” Myungsoo told the manager as he tightened his hand back around yours, telling you that he wasn’t going anywhere.

The EMT personnel continued to work as your breaths slowed and your vision became blurry with them moving you onto a backboard. Knowing they had stabilized your body as much as they could, they began to move you by lifting you up into the air as you continued to keep your hand holding Myungsoo’s. They walked to the ambulance and loaded you onto the bed as the EMT’s placed the monitors and fluids all around you as everyone loaded up.

“I’m going with her” Myungsoo informed the EMT’s as he stepped into the ambulance with you and sat next to you, still holding your hand in his.

The back doors closed one at a time as you began to feel your body go weightless. Your eyes slowly began to close to the gentle touch of Myungsoo’s hand in yours, his thumb brushing over your fingers as he placed his other hand on your arm. Opening your eyes slightly again, he brushed his fingers along your exposed arm.

“Keep looking at me” Myungsoo begged audibly yet you were only watching his mouth move and see that desperate gaze in his eyes.

Your eyes tried to stay awake as you gave him a soft smile before your eyes slid closed. The two EMT’s attending to you quickly rushed around the back of the ambulance, injecting you with several substances and then shocking you to restart your heart. Without the restart, they began compressions as your hand, now without Myungsoo’s, laid lifeless off of the bed.

Pulling up next to the Emergency room doors, they opened the two back doors as one EMT mounted the bed with you as he continued compressions on your chest. Blood continued to flow out of your open wound, soaking your white shirt and covering the backboard underneath you. Rushing you out of the ambulance and through the double doors, Myungsoo kept up with you before a nurse held him back as you passed through another set of double doors, for only authorized personnel.

Lifting his hands and running them through his hair, he wondered that small hallway over the hours that experienced doctors and nurses worked on your body. Shadows cast against the walls and moved with the time slowly slipping through your fingers. The sunlight was eventually replaced by moonlight as the fluorescent lights kept Myungsoo company in the isolated hallway.

Parting of the double doors caught his attention as a nurse approached him.

“She survived the surgery, if you wouldn’t mind filling out some paperwork for her, that would be most helpful and then she can get a room and you can go and see her.” The nurse informed him.

Nodding his head, he followed her over to one of the desks and began to fill out the information that was needed.

“Myungsoo” A familiar voice called from behind as Myungsoo looked over at his shoulder to see his manager approaching him.”I can handle the paperwork, why don’t you go and get yourself some food and then you can see her?”

Myungsoo turned around to greet his manager, thankful to see a familiar face. “Thank you, sir” Myungsoo bowed with respect as he handed over the clipboard and the paperwork to the manager. Shuffling off to the adjacent cafeteria, he entered with the sweet scent of food calling his grumbling stomach. Moseying feet carried him around, trying to find some food that would soothe his hunger, looking over the food, he grabbed a juice and his favorite candy before checking out.

Sitting on one of the bar stools in the cafeteria, his fingers slowly brushed over the bottle of juice, just as he did with your skin earlier that day. The chair next to him slid out as the manager sat next to him.

“You doing okay?” The manager asked Myungsoo while his worn, worked hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee.

Unable to reply other than just a soft nod, Myungsoo slipped a candy between his pink lips as tears began to blur his view. The manager let him have his time and space, not knowing how much Myungsoo actually cared for you, what he felt for you.

“Did they catch the sniper?” Myungsoo questioned, hoping that some good news would life the grim thoughts running through his mind.

“They did, they also found his accomplices.” The manager informed Myungsoo as Myungsoo just nodded. “Her room number is 489 if you would like to go and see her.”

“Thank you, manager-nim” Myungsoo bowed thankfully, letting his eyes finally look into his manager’s.

Standing up, he gathered his things before quickly rushing off to find your room number. His hands slid into his pant pockets while he roamed the halls. Asking a few nurses here and there for directions to your room, he finally found the closed door as to which you were behind.

Taking in a deep breath, he pushed the door open while the soft beeps of monitors filled the quiet room. Your body laid on the bed, slightly raised as a hospital gown loosely covered your figure. Placing one foot in front of the other, Myungsoo entered into the room and made his way over to your bedside.

“Yiah?” Myungsoo whispered as his eyes wandered over your exhausted figure.

Pulling up a chair, he gently took your limp hand into his. Careful with all of the tubes and needles inside of you, he lifted your hand up and pressed a loving, tender kiss against your fingers. Taking this moment to admire your beauty, even in the worst of conditions, his eyes trailed down your facial features, watched your chest move up and down with each inhale and exhale.

The door opened as the doctor came in with a nurse beside him. Bowing to Myungsoo, the doctor grabbed the files that hung on the foot of your hospital bed. Watching the doctor thumb through the paperwork, he looked up from the file and gave Myungsoo a soft smile.

“_______ went through a lot today.” The doctor started as Myungsoo looked at the doctor in a confused manner.

“______?” Myungsoo questioned, repeating the name that was on the paperwork, your actual name, your agent name.

“That is her name isn’t it?” The doctor tilted his head, wondering if they mixed up patients or if it was due to some other error.

“Yes sir, it is” The manager appeared at the door as the doctor nodded, “She has been through a lot, the bullet punctured her heart and her lung. We are watching to see if her breathing is affected by this, and that there is no extra bleeding and that her heart heals well.”

The doctor continued to inform Myungsoo, while the nurse jotted down your vitals. Myungsoo slowly let go of your hand and clasped both of his together as other questions began fill his mind.

“Thank you doctor.” The manager thanked the doctor as Myungsoo was trying to process everything that had just happened.

Waiting for the door to close behind the doctor and the nurse, the manager approached Myungsoo.

“Why didn’t you write down her name as Yiah?” Myungsoo questioned, standing up and gazing out the window that was in your room.

“It isn’t her name Myungsoo” The manager started, running his worn tongue against his chapped lips. “She was an undercover agent, she was sent here to protect Infinite from an external and potential threat. She was hired three months ago and sworn to protect Sunggyu,
Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungjong, Sungyeol and you with her life. She was gathering information about the possible threat as she worked closely with you guys. She picked up on the threat long before her agency did. She also made sure that you all were safe. This wasn’t her fault, this wasn’t your fault, this was her job, her duty, something she felt like she had to do.”

“She lied to us…” Myungsoo glanced over at your body laying on the bed.

“She lied to protect you, just her name was different. If she had introduced herself with her real name she would still be the same person that she is today. Same personality, same actions, same sweet heart and demeanor. She didn’t change anything but her name for you guys.” The manager began to defend you, “On the contrary, she actually was more herself on this mission than she could have been in any of her other assigned missions. Please try and understand her side of this.”

Patting Myungsoo on the shoulder, the manager then left the two of you in peace. Myungsoo glanced over at you as he wrestled with himself, trying to decipher what was an act and which was true.

– Four months later –

Food lined the center of the table as beautiful plates sat in front of each chair. Seven men happily moved around the kitchen and dining room as laughter and bright voices filled the home. Myungsoo walked over into the living room and extended his hand out to someone.

“Dinner is ready, my love” Myungsoo whispered with a smile to you.

Slipping your hand into his, you carefully stood up as his brown eyes captured yours, his other hand wrapping around you to help stabilize you. Guiding you over to one of the empty places, he pulled out the chair for you and let you take your seat, before he took his next to you.

“Thank you, my kind boyfriend” You expressed your gratitude once he was seated.

Leaning over, he pressed a soft kiss against your cheek while his hand laid on your leg, letting his thumb brush over your thigh slowly.

Once everyone was around the table, Sunggyu stood up with his glass, raising the half filled glass into the air.

“I would personally like to thank ________ for protecting us, for being so noble with her
actions as well as being the best secret agent we know! With all of your gratitude, we applaud you.” Sunggyu toasted to you as the members clinked their glasses in agreement.

Chatter happily spread around the table as all eight of you feasted on the banquet in your honor. Never has a mission been so fulfilling, so rewarding and left such an impact.