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Sarah woke up and turned to the man next to her and smiled. This was going to be a great day. She kissed his cheek and rolled out of bed. She got dressed and headed out to the coffee shop.

Jenni had been up for an hour now. Her and Namjoon just had to have some fun. She finally forced herself out of his arms and got dressed.

"You don't need to go this early now do you?" Namjoon asked trying to get her back in bed.

"Sorry I'm meeting up with Sarah. I'll talk to you later." She quickly placed a kiss on his lips and ran out of the room making sure he couldn't grab her.

Finally the two met up.

"Geez Jenni are you always going to be late to meet up with me now?" Sarah whined.

"Oh come on you would be just like me if you and Kookie had your own place."

"No.....actually you're right." Sarah laughed

"Alrighty so....are we ready for today?" Jenni asked.

"I'm so nervous. What if nobody listens?"

"Well if we don't have many listeners the first day it's ok." Jenni was very calm for some reason.

"What's wrong with you?" Sarah asked inching closer to her friend.

"Nothing."She smiled. Oh she had something up her Sleeve. They finished their coffee and then headed to the studio. It was very different from what they were used to. The room was way bigger.

"Jenni! We can have so much fun in here." Sarah squealed skipping around the room.

"We definitely won't be cramped in here."

"Oh but I liked the cramped space...we get closer to idols."

"Sarah you're taken!" Jenni said with a fake shock.

"Hey it's not like I'm gonna be dating every idol I become close to."

"True." The girls giggled.

"Hello ladies are you ready for your first show?" The director said.

"Yea, just nervous."

"Well ladies I hope I can help take some of that nervousness away." the girls looked past the first lady to see Julia.

"Julia!" both girls smiled and went and hugged her.

"Boss man said I should be here to help you ladies for a bit."

"Oh man I love him so much!" Jenni said wiping away a fake tear.

"Ok so we will start with introducing yourselves and getting a feel, now this show will be a tiny bit different from the shows you normally see."

"Why's that?" Jenni asked

"We will allow callers to call in. This way there is more interactive between fans and idols." Julia finished.

"Oh this will be so cool. When do we start getting guests?" Sarah asked.

"Today you will have a guest."

"Already?" Jenni asked with shock on her face.

"Yes, the show is 5 hrs long so the first bit will be weather and whatnot and then the middle will be the interview and then finish up."

The girls sat down in there chairs and situated themselves. They looked at the clock 2 mins.

"Jenni this is really happening." Sarah smiled

"I know and we will do great!" Jenni was ready to start this new chapter in her life. They fiddled with the papers in front of them and then the clock ticked down to the seconds.

"Good morning lovely listeners....or should we say viewers now." Sarah laughed.

"You heard right ladies and Gentlemen. It's Ruby and Diamond coming to you live from Star radio with our new viewable show." Jenni said waving at the cameras.

"I'm Ruby and I'm all about team Panda!" She said and pulled out a panda.

"Not Fair Ruby I thought we'd wait till at least the second show before pulling out the animals." Sarah whined.

"I gotta show of my team." Jenni made the panda dance.

"Well I'm glad I came prepared. " Sarah pulled out a tiger.


"I was smart. And for those who want to put a face to me I'm Diamond."

"Oh I can't wait to see how this turns out." Jenni said laughing.

"Alrighty so. If you haven't heard of us before we, are Ruby and Diamond and we had, well still have a radio show that we would talk to idols and do fun things and have random talks. Well now you can actually see what we are doing." Sarah said shaking her head back and forth.

"Oh and don't forget we are able to take callers live. So call in, let's have some topics." Jenni said as the lines started to light up.

"Did we even say a number yet?" Sarah asked

"I'm not sure but that's ok we have callers!" Jenni clapped and answered the phone.

"You are on the air with Ruby and Diamond what's up!"

"Hi I'm a huge fan, and I'm so glad to actually see what you gals look like. "

"I hope we didn't disappoint." Sarah said with her face scrunching together.

"No you two are just as cute as your voices made you seem."

"Aww thank you love!" Jenni said with a smile and little finger gun.

"So any topics you'd like to talk about?" Sarah asked.

"Actually yeah I wanted your opinion on the BTS new version of the light stick."

"Oh I'm so excited for it. Just it got sold out way too fast " Sarah said with a pout.

"Yeah and Diamond was on the site right at midnight and she still didn't get one. She was so upset."

"Was? I still am."

"Ha right my question is did you see it said vibrate option." Jenni added.

"That's what I wanted to see what you two thought." the girl said

"I mean I don't know why they added a vibrate mode....but I get it...they are making their lights adult friendly too." Sarah said and winked at a camera.

"Dude!" Jenni said laughing

"What you were thinking it too."

"True and the explosion is.....the bomb going off...if you know what I'm saying." Jenni said raising her eyebrows.

"Ok ok ok, let's change the topic to normal." Sarah said laughing.

"Oh I like the color changing idea " Jenni added pulling them back to normal.

"There we go." Sarah said still laughing.

"Alrighty let's take a break and listen to a few songs. When we come back we'll learn more about this station and what we can do." Jenni said while laughing and then hitting play on a button. The cameras turned off.

"Wow Girls first show and you gotta get dirty?" Julia asked

"It happened, I'm sorry!" the girls said


"Welcome back listeners er....viewers? I'm going to have this issue." Sarah said laughing.

"Eventually we'll get this down, So today we are going to have a special guest for our first show. " Jenni said looking at the paper and smiling.

"Thing is these guests have been on our other show, but they don't know that they are coming to be on our new show." Sarah smiled.

"It's going to be great to see their faces." Jenni smiled

"Yeah....shall we tell them who our guest is?" Sarah asked

"Why not. It's BTS!" Jenni clapped her hands together.

"Now the long time question we haven't asked yet, because well...we started this after they were on."

"Animal wars!!!" Jenni screamed

"Ha yeah. Oh I want to know who writes fanfics or reads them?" Sarah said changing the subject.

"No, Diamond we are not." Jenni pointed a finger at Sarah.

"Oh we are going there."

They took a few calls and talked about fanfics when Jenni pulled up one.

"Oh since Diamond did this, I shall read one of hers. "

"Oh yes storytime with Ruby!" Sarah clapped and placed her face in her hands looking at Jenni.

"Really? You're ok with this?" She asked

"Yeah my boyfriend already knows I do it." Sarah nodded.

"Ok!" and Jenni started reading one of Sarah's newer one shots.

"Dude this story wasn't even smutty and you made it." Sarah laughed

"Yeah I'm sure I can make anything you write smutty except that Namjoon one."

"Why not?"

"Because that's just sad...I can make it childish though." Jenni laughed

"Yea I bet you can."

"Oh wait one more." Jenni said and started reading another one.

"Dude I love your speed reading. It makes it funnier."

"Did you enjoy it?" She asked

"Yes yes I did. But what was wrong with it?" Sarah asked and The look on Jenni's face, she completely forgot where she read something wrong.

"Hold on." She mumbled a bit then points to the spot. "There that ll what is that doing there?"

"I don't know....I think it was supposed to be will like I will. But that didn't show up."

"You just want the L in there."

" that you are done...I say , get ready for our guests."

"What you don't want me butchering anymore of your stories?" Jenni laughed.

"You know I don't...I liked My suga and Jimin one shot but now I'll laugh every time I read them."

"Oh I sowy." Jenni said in a baby voice.

"Ok changing topics. We are going to play some songs and set up the studio for our guests." Sarah said and quickly hit play on the sound board.


"Welcome back! Now is the time everyone has been waiting for." Jenni said and paused.

"BTS!!!" The girls screamed and in walked the boys. The look on their faces made the girls start laughing.

"Surprise!" the girls screamed together.

"What are you two doing here?" Jhope asked walking over to hug them.

"This is the big reveal for us." Sarah smiled.

"But....what about.." Tae started to ask.

"I know things changed. We decided this." Jenni nodded.

"Alright let's sit down and introduce you guys to those who don't know you." Sarah pointed at the seats. The girls planned the seating ahead of time so Namjoon sat on one side of Jenni and Kookie was on one side of Sarah.

"Ok let's start with Jungkook." Jenni pointed at him.

"Ok so again since everyone can see. Do you see how much room we have. We can't be crowded here." Sarah laughed.

"Panda or Tiger?!" Jenni said holding a panda close to Namjoon’s face.

"Je....Ruby! Don't do that to Rap Monster!." Sarah quickly covered her mess up.

"Oh shush he likes it." Jenni kept rubbing the panda against his face and he started laughing. He took the Panda from her hand and made eye contact.

"Panda, I love my Panda." Jenni smiled and tried to contain how big it got on her face.

"Jungkook?" Sarah asked to get the camera away from Jenni's blushing face.

"Simple Tiger." He held out his hands waiting for Sarah to hand him one.

"Ugh why do you have to be so cute!" She said and handed him a tiger.

"Because I'm the golden Maknae. " He laughed.


"Tiger, Sorry Ruby."

"Hey if he chose panda he wouldn't be my best friend anymore." Sarah handed Tae his own tiger.

"That's ok, Jimin." Jenni turned her attention to her best friend.


"Good choice" she smiled and handed him a panda.

"Ok so we are tied right now...this is going to be intense." Sarah laughed and looked at the last 3. She had something up her Sleeve.

"Jin what do you pick?" Jenni asked as Sarah pulled out a tiger.

"Oh I want the tiger!" Jin yelled and pointed causing Jenni to see that Sarah pulled out a pink tiger.

"That's cheating!" Jenni yelled.

"No I just know he likes pink and he would want it." Sarah tossed the pink tiger to Jin.

"Suga?" Jenni held up a panda.

"A panda is closest to me so I'll take a panda."

"Yay!" Jenni clapped and handed one to him.

"Jhope!" both girls said.

"Tiger?" Sarah asked holding up a tiger.

"Be serious he isn't a tiger " Jenni said

"Yes he is, when he shows that collar bone."

"He won't kill you he's too sweet."

"Ruby that's what he wants you to think."

"He doesn't lie that's Jimin." Jenni said

"Hey!" Jimin said

"Sorry I's because your song title lie." Jenni apologized to Jimin.

"Fine you get away with it this time."

"Anyways. No J-hope plays the I'm nice card then he pounces....easiest way to get his prey. "

"Oooh, good thought but no Jhope is a panda."

"Kangaroo!" Jhope yelled.

"What?" everyone said at the same time.

" I'm not picking either. I'm not letting either of you win." He laughed.

"Oh he's evil." Jenni said which caused Sarah to bust up laughing and she covered her mouth to try to stop.

"Fine Hobi you win this time." Jenni said and started sifting through the papers in front of her.

"Alright let's have some chat and questions from some callers before we start some games." Jenni said looking at Sarah.

"Right, we have 2 more games to run through before you guys leave today." Sarah turned slightly to Kookie and smiled.

"Hello! You're on the radio with BTS and Ruby and Diamond. What's your name?"

"Hi my names Val, I just wanted to say I love you guys and hope you have a great tour."

"Hi Val!" The guys said.

"Val do you have any questions or requests?" Sarah asked

"Yeah I was hoping Jhope could wave to a camera and do hearts"

"Aww Hobi has a fan."

"Ok Hobi?" Jenni asked

"I love you!" Jhope waved and did several finger hearts and blew a kiss to the camera.

"Eek thank you." Val squealed

"Thank you for calling Val!"

"Thank you. Bye." She quickly hung up.

For a little bit longer they took calls and the guys answered some questions and did a requests. Then they took a break and listened to music for a bit.

Sarah put her hand on Kookie's thigh under the table.

"How are ya doing?" She asked

"This is harder than I thought. " He smiled and placed his hand on hers.

"What is?" She asked

"Not being able to touch you because of the cameras."

"Oh, don't worry you can touch me tonight at home. "

"Sarah!" She turned to Jenni.


"Don't say that, we can all hear you."

"What? It's not like you guys haven't heard it before." She said and turned back to Kookie.

There was a knock on the window and they got back into position.

"Welcome back, after that little break we are ready for a fun game."

"Oh what's that?" Jenni asked

"Hmm pong?" Sarah said out loud.

"Wait throw darts at a ping pong table that's not safe." Jenni said with a serious face. Which caused Sarah to bust up laughing.

"No I was saying either darts or ping pong. Not both together."

"oh...ok. But that be fun to watch. Although someone would end up hurt." Jenni turned to Namjoon.

"True you two would be most likely."Yoongi said pointing between Jenni and Namjoon.

"Probably you too." Jimin added

"Rap Monster rubbed off on me once!" Yoongi retorted.

"Yeah yeah." Jimin waved his hand.

"Sooooo Anyway we have the ping pong table set up on that side of the room." Sarah pointed.

"We are going to have 3 on 3 and one ref." Jenni interjected

"And we have the winning team get a prize and the losing team has penalties."

"So what are the penalties?" Jin asked

"You guys get to write them out and put them in this." Jenni set a cup on the table.

"What's for the winning team?" Tae asked

"I'm not sure. You will see after you win." Sarah laughed.

There was another break. During the break everyone set up their teams and put penalties in the cup. Yoongi ended up as the ref. Jimin, Tae and Jhope were on one team and Kookie and Jin and Namjoon were on the other team.

"This is going to be hard." Namjoon said

"It's challenging." Jenni amended.

"You can do it!" Sarah shouted and gave a thumbs up.

The game started. The girls laughed at how funny it was that on One team they were working really well together while the other side wasn't.

"Well, let's see who's the winner?" Jenni asked Yoongi.

"Well clearly it's Jhope, Jimin, and V." He used his full hand to point at the winning team.

"Yay!" Tae said and all 3 jumped in a circle hugging.

"I hope I get my penalty" Kookie said.

"I hope you get mine." Jimin said with an evil laugh.

"Alright after the break we will reveal the penalties." Sarah spoke.

They were giving the thumbs up that they were off air and the guys grabbed their penalties.

"Hey what does the Winner Get?" Jenni asked

"Oh they get something behind the curtain." Julia said pointed behind the desks.

"You can see after we get back from break. " Julia walked back out of the room.

"Jenni don't even think about it!" Sarah quickly pulled Jenni away from the cloth.

"This stinks." Jenni pouted.

The guys grabbed their penalties, they weren't allowed to look at them until they were on air again.

"Welcome back, now we get to find out what these 3 got for penalties." Jenni said pointing to the 3.

"Let's start with the youngest." Sarah said smiling. He read out his penalty.

"Tell a joke in Cookie Monster's voice." Kookie said and looked at Sarah.

"Oh my gosh that is good!" Jenni bust up laughing.

"Noona do I have to?" Kookie pouted at Sarah.

"Noooo." She whined and moved to hide.

"Ha the return of Noona!" Jenni laughed

"Sorry Kookie you need to do it." Yoongi smiled.

"Fine" Kookie quickly came up with a joke and did his best Cookie Monster impression and made everyone bust up laughing.

"I want to go Next" Jin said holding up his hand.

"Ok what's yours?" Jhope asked

"Oh Mine isn't a penalty." Jin said as he looked at it.

"What is it?"

"Kiss every person of the opposite sex in the room." Jin smiled

"Who did that!?!" Jenni asked

Jimin started to raise his hand.

"Who cares." Jin said and walked over to Jenni and Kissed her cheek then moved to Sarah and did the same.

"Oh my gosh such a sweetie." Sarah blushed.

"Oh Jin got her blushing." Jenni laughed

"No, I was thinking of something else and and....I can't say what Cuz we are on the air."

"Oh she's thinking dirty thoughts" Yoongi said laughing

"Ok Rap Monster go please." Sarah pleaded.

"Inhale helium from a Balloon and sing a line from a song."

"Oh this will be good." Tae laughed.

After Namjoon did his penalty then the girls went to the cup and pulled out the last 3.

"Tell someone in the room how much you love them for a minute." Jenni read off

"Oh I like that one."

"Trade clothes with someone of the opposite sex." Sarah laughed as she read it off.

"Dang it! That would have been too funny to see one of them in our clothes." Jenni laughed.

"Ha Who wrote this one?" Sarah asked

"Oh look at this one, "Sing I'm a little teapot with actions" Tae read off.

"Ok these penalties were funny, I wish you all lost " Jenni giggled.

"Agreed, but now the winners get something from behind the curtain" Sarah said looking at the clock. They were going to have another break and wanted to get this out first.

Jenni pulled the curtain and both the girls screamed.

"Stuffed animals!!!!"

"So we get a stuffed animal?" Jhope asked to verify.

"Yes! you get to pick anyone from the wall." Sarah and Jenni were holding back from trying to take one from the wall.

After the 3 picked their stuffed animals, then did they have another break.


"Ok so we are almost done with our first show today. We are gonna have fun with some would you rather."

"If anyone wants to call in with some that would be great"

"Ok first one, would you rather humiliate yourself in 20 bangtan bombs or crossdress for an entire tour?"

"Oh that's easy Humiliate ourselves, we do it everyday don't we?" Jhope answered

"Do you all agree?" Jenni asked and was followed by a round of yes's.

"Ok looks like we have a caller let's see what they have to say." Sarah said and pressed the button.

"You're on with Ruby and Diamond and BTS. Do you have a would you rather you would like a ask?" Sarah asked

"Yeah, Would you rather wear the same clothes for a week or go without make up for a month?"

"Haven't we all worn the same clothes for a week before?" Jimin asked

"No." Kookie quickly answered.

"Well, I don't need makeup so I'll go with not wearing makeup for a month." Jin said.

"Jin is attractive even without makeup so good call."

"I'll say make up too" Tae and Yoongi and Namjoon and Jhope And Jimin answered

"Jungkook?" Sarah asked.

"Well I hate smelling bad, but right now my acne is pretty bad and I've had issues...." Sarah interrupted him.

"Don't you dare say you look bad because of acne due to rude people. You are so attractive that any girl...heck every girl wants a piece of you."

"I agree Kookie, you hate wearing the same clothes unless they are washed right at the end of the day." Namjoon stated.


"JK you don't have that bad of acne." Jin said.

"I...fine no makeup for a month." He finally answered.

"I really thought more would pick wear clothes for a week." the caller spoke.

"Not what you were expecting." Jenni said into the mic.


"Thank you for calling." Sarah was trying to quickly move onto a different question.

"Alrighty let's do another question from a caller." Jenni said pushing another button.

"Hi you're on the air what's your name?" Jenni asked

"It's Bryan"

"Hi Bryan glad to hear a guy on the line." Jenni laughed.

"Yeah I'm a huge BTS fan."

"Do you have a would you rather?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, Would you rather drink something gross for the rest of the week or do the choreography to fire 3 legged?"

"Oh good one."

"Drink something nasty!" They all answered.

"Fire was hard enough just with 2 feet trying with 3 would not be easy at all." Yoongi answered.

"Awesome, thanks Bryan for the great question." Jenni spoke

"Thank you! I love you BTS " He said then hung up.

"Aww a cute fan boy." Sarah smiled and started flipping through the pages in front of her. For the next 10 minutes they went over several would you rather some were answered quickly while others took longer since the guys started to explain why they would do something. After the would you rather they discussed the upcoming album and they weren't allowed to give away too much besides the fact that 4 new songs were going to be revealed and that there comeback stage was going to be there concert on the 18th and 19th.

"And that looks like that's the end of this show. It went by so fast" Sarah stated

"It's kinda sad but we'll be back again with more artists this week."

"Looks like this week we are going to have Cross Gene And EXO. " Jenni read off.

"Oh my gosh I'll get to see Shin in person! And Chanyeol!" Sarah squealed.

"I know it's going to be intense." Jenni laughed.

"Ok guys let's say goodbye before we end with Blood Sweat and Tears." Sarah said beginning the wrap up.

"Thank you for having us and we hope we can come back on again." Namjoon said

"Bye!" They all said and waved at the cameras.

"Bye!" Sarah and Jenni said waving also at the camera and then the music played and the on air light went off.

"Wow that was amazing." Sarah said leaning back in her hair.

"I can't wait for the next show." Jenni clapped her hands together.

"Can we go eat?" Jin asked

"Yes most definitely. " Jenni laughed

They all quickly got up and left the studio.


"I still can't believe you guys did that, after the huge stink you made before." Yoongi said

"Hey we decided it, you two were gonna decide it on your own. But also that we were just friends...hell no." Sarah snapped and wrapped her arm around kookies.

"We didn't have it set yet." Kookie said quietly.

"If i have to come out like that, i want it know your mine." Sarah laughed.

"Agreed we were being friendzoned" Jenni said.

"Hey you friend zoned THE Rap Monster." Sarah laughed

"Wait what!?!" Namjoon said with a shocked look

"Oh come on I didnt friend zone him i was just confused." jenni laughed

"uh huh."

"It's true!" jenni whined.

"Alright well now we know there is no friendzoning between you guys." Jin said.

"Hoseok!" Everyone turned to the voice.

"Dani!" The girls yelled and ran over to her.

"Great show girls." Dani said hugging them.

"Thanks! Are you here to eat with us?" Jenni asked

"Well to be honest we had a date." Dani point to Hoseok who was walking over to them.

"Oh, well then please go on it." Sarah smiled.

"We can eat with you guys first then do our thing, if You want to Dani." Hoseok said putting his arm around Dani.

"That's fine." She smiled.

At dinner everyone was talking and having a good time. Once it was over they all split up. Dani and Hoseok went on there date, Jenni and Namjoon went off on their own, and Sarah and Kookie went off. The others headed home.

"We need girlfriends " Jimin said walking back towards the dorm.

"I agree." Jin responded


Several Months Later

"It has been confirmed that Rap Monster and Jungkook of BTS are dating. The guys were spotted with there girlfriends several times and finally they admitted that they had been dating for a while."

"What! I can't believe it! Who are they dating?" a girl said in the coffee shop.

"The girls are Radio talk Show hosts of the Show Ruby and Diamond." the man on the tv said.

"Wait what! I love those girls! How could they do this."

"You know the guys have a right to date whoever they want right." another girl said.

"Yeah but....but..."

"Just be happy that they finally revealed it to us."

"Fine!" one girl said and they all walked out.

"How crazy do you think they would get knowing you two were here?" Dani asked

"I don't know, and I don't want to find out." Sarah said as they grabbed their coffee and left.

"When are you going to come out with Hoseok?" Jenni asked

"It's only been a few months I don't think its time for us yet."

" guys go out all the time, someone is bound to see you two." Sarah smiled.

"No, not happening!"Dani shook her head.

"Ok. Anyways Namjoon is going on a show today and he said we need to watch it." Jenni remembered.

"What time?"

Jenni looked at her watch.

"In a half hour." Jenni announced.

"Then let's hurry up." Sarah started running.

"I don't live that far from here." Jenni laughed.

"She just is excited." Dani laughed as well.

The girls sat on the couch as the program began. Namjoon showed up and talked about the group and several things to come when he was asked about girlfriends.

"Well everyone already knows about my girlfriend and Kookie's. There are 2 other members that are dating as well but they still are new and don't want to reveal their relationship yet. We just hope everyone can support us."

"So is one of them J-hope?" the guy asked

"Huh?" Namjoon said playing dumb.

"Here we have a clip that was sent to us, it's several times Jhope was out with a girl. Although you can't see the girl's face."

"What!?" Dani shouted.

The clip started to play.

"Well yes J-hope is dating but again it's still new."

"So, gals you have 4 other members to figure out who isnt single anymore. " the guy laughed.

"Well Dani you gotta treat him right, if you break his'll have army's after you." Jenni started laughing.

"Now who else is dating? How come we are just learning this?" Sarah pondered.

"Yeah, Sarah you live in the dorm but haven't seen anything?" Jenni asked

"I don't know, there are 4 of them and they are all at home at different times. You try and figure it out."

"Oh I will." Jenni laughed evilly.

"Oh I'm scared." Dani said as Jenni pulled out her phone.

"Who are you calling?" Sarah asked

"Namjoon." Jenni smiled.

"Dude! He is busy." Sarah asked

"Then call Kookie."

"Fine!" Sarah pulled out her phone and called Kookie. He quickly answered.

"Baby!" Sarah couldn't help but smile.

"Hi babe whats up?" he asked

"Who else is dating?" She jumped right to the point.

"Oh so that's why you called." She could tell he was smiling.

"Well, that and I wanted to see how your day was going?"

"It's good, I'll tell you who it is but you can't tell the two you are with" he laughed.

"Ok!" Sarah walked out of the room.

"She better tell us or I’m calling Namjoon." Jenni said

"Haha I bet you anything it's Jin!"

"Why do you think that?"

"Because no one thinks about him so it's easiest to hide."

With that Sarah walked back in the room with a smile on her face.

"So?" Jenni egged

"Nope if i say I don't get the food I want."

"Seriously?" Jenni asked with a laugh.


"Ugh!" she said and called Namjoon who was done with his show. He quickly answered her and told her who it was.

"Wow Dani you were right it is Jin!" Jenni said shocked.

"Alright you tell Kookie, Namjoon told you because I want my food!" Sarah whined.

"Ok ok ok. Now it's time to work on the others." Jenni laughed.

"Maybe we should let them find people on there own." Dani said

"Well yea they will, we will just help when we see one of them not trying.." Jenni laughed again.

"I'll work with tae!" Sarah raised a hand

"Ok I'll Work with Jimin! That means you get Yoongi!" Jenni smiled

"Ok....but I think we should let it happen on its own." Dani said as her phone went off.

"Aww lover boy!" Jenni and sarah said

"Shut up!" Dani smiled and answered the call then walked out of the room.

After a few minutes Dani walked back into the room.

"Alright I'm leaving see you guys later." Dani grabbed her things then left.

"Another date with Hoseok."Jenni smiled

"Well I'm going to head out I want my date with Kookie as well." Sarah said grabbing her things.

"Well then I will just watch dramas and wait for Joonie to come home. "
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That was such a good ending. lol. love the animal wall, panda and tiger would be in heaven lol. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ So I want to say thank you to the readers and @SugaKookieV as well for enjoying the story 🐼🐼😁😁🐯🐯
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Aww, that chapter was a rollar coaster of emotions imo, I’m actually crying like I have tears coming out of my eyes. It was such a good story tho glad I finally got to finish it. It tried when you put this chapter out and the app kept crashing. Who was Jin going out with? And did those girls at the coffee shop record J-Hope and Dani? My feels 😭😭😭
Thank you so much! I enjoyed every written word in it. Hope to read more of both your writings!
Awww I hate to see it end.πŸ™ The Ruby and Diamond adventures have come to a close. I'm gonna miss all the craziness! Pandas and Tigers Forever!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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