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Lee couldn't find her keys..again. She always seemed to lose them when she was alone at her car. She stayed late at her job to help make sure the shop would pass the health inspection.
See, Lee was the co-owner of a little cafe. Five years ago, her uncle wanted to start up a business but didn't know what to do. She had a few ideas and they started making plans.
One year later they had a grand opening that made Starbucks seem lame. They were so busy she asked friends and family to help out when they could. After a few weeks business went down and Lee began to get getting to know the regulars.
That morning she noticed a new regular and went to introduce herself. She walked up to the table he was at and smiled.
"Hello. My name is Lee Farrell. I'm the own and manager of this cafe. I judt noticed you've been here a few times and wanted to say welcome." She smiled and finally got a good look at whom she was speaking to.
He seemed tall. At least taller than her. He had broad shoulders and good muscle tone. His face was more handsome then she had realized. He wore a white long sleeve shirt, that seemed a little too big on him, and black jeans.
"Hello. I'm Kim Seokjin. Pleased to meet you." He held out his hand but Lee couldn't process thoughts in her mind. She was taken away by his look and how well he spoke english. She heard the accent in his voice. "Miss?"
Lee blinked a few times and looked to see his long arm was stretched out. "Oh! I'm sorry. Yes me too." She quickly shook his hand. "I hope you've been enjoying everything. If you need something, our cashiers will be glad to help." She gave him a smile and walked away to the kitchen.
There she grabbed a menu and began fanning herself. Oh my. What happened to me? I never- He thoughts were interrupted by one of the cashiers tapping her shoulder.
" The gentlemen you spoke to asked me to give you this."
He had written a note. Thank you for introduction. I'm here on business and will be stopping by again. -Seokjin
Lee blushed a bit and smiled. She looked at the clock. 850pm. It was closing time. While she did her work to close up shop she turned up the music. When her employees left she began dancing around the shop.
Lee lived on the 2nd floor of an apartment building so she couldn't do this at home. When her favorite songs came on she would belt out the words. At one point she looked out a window and thought she saw someone across the street. She looked again and saw no one. She began to hurry and leave.
At her car she struggled to get her keys from the endless pit she called a purse. She heard what she thought was a footstep and turned around. No one. Frantically she dug through her purse. She heard the jingle of her car keys and grabbed them. But hearing the keys made it so she couldn't hear the person walking up to her.
" Why is a woman like you out here alone this late at night?"
Lee did not recognize the voice. Her heart began to race and her body trembled. She slowly tried to unlock her car but the man quickly grabbed her keys. She refused to face him.
"What do you want?" She asked.
"I've been watching you for some time now Lee. You are just so nice and hard working. I couldn't help but fall for you." His voice was deep and harsh.
"So what do you want? " He got closer to her and started to push her against the car.
"Face me."
She wouldn't move. She couldn't out of fear. "Face me!" He turned her around and she looked him in the face. He was an older man, and he seemed familiar.
" I want you."
He began to kiss her and she fought it. He was rough and forced her hands behind her. He held them with one hand while the other found its way up her shirt. She tried to scream but he quickly punched her in the gut.
"Now now. Don't ruin our fun."
Her purse fell to the ground as he removed her shirt. Lee couldn't catch her breath. Her bra was removed. Then a group of people were heard in the distance.
"Open the door and get in. " She felt something sharp on her skin. "Do it or things will get messy." She unlocked the doors and he shoved her into the back seat. The group people walked on by making small comments about them, thinking they were a couple.
"Be a good girl and remove your pants." She took a minute to think about an escape plan. A minute too long and he struck her in the face. Tears formed and fell. She tasted blood in her mouth. "Now or I'll get ugly." She looked at him and didn't see the sharp object. He had pulled away to try and remove his belt. Now was her chance.
She kicked him as hard as she could. It pushed him away from the door. Lee got out and began to run for the side walk. As she ran she screamed for help. When she got to the side walk to ran into someone. When she looked up it was the guy from earlier. Seokjin.
He looked at her then where she came from. He let her go and told her to call the police. He through his phone towards her and ran to her attacker. She called and looked at her car. Seokjin was wrestling to keep the attacker on the ground. He had been punched but was holding his own. Within minutes the police showed up and her attacker was handcuffed.
An officer placed a blanket over Lee. She looked down and remembered she wasn't wearing a shirt. She gave her story and Waited on the ambulance.
Seokjin met her and the ambulance after giving his story. "How are you holding up?"
Thank you was all she could mutter.
Soon her father and uncle had arrived and took her home. She showered and scrubbed at her body. When she finally laid down she cried. She didn't stop until sleep washed over her.

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